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Maintaining the role of a leader comes with a mountain of responsibilities. As a result, when you have no personal statement examples to depend upon, it can be pretty challenging to compose the statement without getting sidetracked and losing your main objective. Furthermore, according to the Leadership Development Trends 2019 by Mercer |Mettl, almost 80% of organizations face leadership talent shortages.

This alarming statistic shows the dire need to re-evaluate what it means to be a proper leader. Fortunately, a leadership statement can help you define your purpose and avoid the pitfalls you will most likely face in your leadership journey.

What Is A Leadership Statement?

A personal leadership statement is a crucial piece of writing that helps you refresh the role of a leader, along with your goals, purpose, and values. The process of writing this visionary statement aids you in becoming more aligned with your core values and principles. Furthermore, it helps you focus on your long-term personal goals and identify the kind of leader you wish to become.  

What Is The Importance Of A Leadership Statement?

Leaders are an intrinsic part of any organization. Therefore, you must avoid situations that can distract you from your role and derail the entire task force. Your leadership statement is not an opportunity for you to brag about your leadership skills but to put them into perspective.

The thing that you hold most valuable impacts the way you interact with people around you. In fact, your vision plays a crucial role in inspiring and motivating the people around you to give their best. According to LinkedIn’s research,74% of LinkedIn members prefer to work in n environment that delivers a sense of purpose. Hence, such personal leadership statements act as a reminder of what you want to do to inspire others and redefine the intention of your role.

Such statements are the best method to remind yourself of your role as a leader and its impact on other people in your organization.

What Should You Include In Your Leadership Statement?

When writing a personal leadership statement, you need to remember that there are no wrong answers. Every statement varies from one person to the other and reflects your current goals and values. Over time, your account would change, depending on your personal growth as a person and your changed views on leadership.

However, when you go through multiple leadership statement examples, you’ll notice a few recurring components that are present in every statement:

1. The theory behind leadership

The theory in your personal leadership statement determines your attitude towards the role and the kind of leader you hope to become.

2. Your attitude towards leadership

The way you define and view your role as the leader is another crucial element in your leadership statement.

3. Your leadership guiding principles

As a leader, you need to prioritize the values you’d like to uphold in such a demanding role. Writing it down makes it easier to ensure you don’t stray from them.

4. Your behavior as a leader

A good leader guides others with their values and attitude. Hence, these qualities play a crucial role in the actions you take to reach your leadership goals.

Even though the task might seem challenging, there are many leadership statement examples that you can consult if you’re struggling to figure out how to incorporate these components in your statement.

How Should You Write Your Personal Leadership Statement?

Now that you have understood the importance of writing a personal statement, it’s time to figure out how to accomplish this task easily. For this, you’d need to go through the five following steps in great detail:

1. Understanding your core purpose as a leader

Before you take the plunge into developing your statement, go through a few personal statement examples and see how the writers have highlighted their priorities and values as a leader. It is best to create a list that focuses on your core values so that you can rank them according to importance.

Most leaders have grand schemes but do not clearly state why they wish to achieve their goals. As a result, this lack of a clear purpose affects the leader and douses the entire organization in confusion. So, before developing your personal leadership statement, figure out your core purpose as a leader to guide your employers in the right direction.

2. Outline the objectives you wish to achieve

When writing a leadership statement, it is always helpful to have a list of goals you should and would like to achieve as a leader.

The best way to make the most of this section is to follow the SMART way to achieve your goals:

  • Specific – Having clear and tangible goals makes it easier to focus on how you can fulfill them.
  • Measurable – It is impossible to achieve your goals if you cannot measure the progress you make. So ensure that your personal leadership statement includes quantifiable milestones.
  • Achievable – A leader needs to create achievable goals, keeping in mind the budget, skills, and experience they have under their arsenal.
  • Relevant – Going through some leadership statement examples, you’d notice that most of them align perfectly with the views and overall objectives that the leader sets to achieve.
  • Time-based: It is crucial to ensure that your goal has a specific deadline to help you prioritise your work.

3. Figure out the impact of your goals on other employees

When creating your personal leadership statement, you should keep in mind that your goals and beliefs directly affect the people that you’re leading. So, before setting your goals, take time to figure out how it impacts the people working under you.

4. Ensure your statement is concise

It is best to keep your leadership statement concise, especially within two to three sentences. This ensures that you won’t have any trouble recalling it later while providing the opportunity to expand on the statement when required.

5. Revise the statement over time

Your personal leadership statement is bound to evolve as you grow as a person and change your priorities. Hence, you need to revise your message over time to reflect your present goals.

Personal Leadership Statement Examples

Even though a leadership statement varies from person to person, here are a few examples that would guide you on the right path:

Example 1:

“Without proper communication, it is impossible for an organization to reach excellence. Therefore, as a leader, I would prioritize improving the methods of communication among employees and provide the necessary support to my staff.”

Example 2:

“Without a good team, it is impossible to reach the heights of what the organization can achieve. As the leader, I will focus on cultivating a positive and healthy work culture that helps everyone achieve their best potential through effective encouragement.”

Summing it up,

A leadership statement provides you the opportunity to re-focus on your priorities and define your goals to achieve a positive outcome. With the help of this blog, you can figure out what you need to prioritize in your statement to implement your vision successfully.

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