UCLA Acceptance Rate: SAT, ACT Scores and GPA Requirements

Do you dream about getting into University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)? While it is tough as the UCLA acceptance rate is 12.3% to 14%, but it does not necessarily mean you can’t make it. However, you should be aware of the cut-off marks of UCLA ACT scores and SAT SCORE for UCLA. Only if you achieve the required marks, you will get direct entry into this prestigious public university.

UCLA Admission Requirement

What are the UCLA Admission Requirements?

As far as the UCLA admission requirements are concerned, you have to focus on the following aspects for UCLA applications:

  • High school grades and GPA
  • Completed personal insights question
  • Average ACT scores for UCLA
  • Social security number, citizenship status, credit card information, etc.
  • Personal attributes, extracurricular activities, and achievements
  • Obstacles you have faced and overcome
  • Types of classes attended and the respective difficulty level

All these factors will be checked and verified by the UCLA admissions office. The UCLA acceptance rate by major is exceptionally high. Thus, you have to meet and exceed all the SAT and GPA requirements to be considered.  

What do the UCLA Admissions Statistics Have to Say?

If you look at the UCLA admission statistics, you will get a detailed insight into the requirements. Moreover, you will know what your chances of getting into UCLA are.

  • The UCL A SAT score is around 1365 on a scale of 1600.
  • The UCLA GPA is 4.31 unweighted, based on the average of the admitted students.
  • The UCLA ACT score is 29.
  • The UCLA acceptance rate of 2019 is 14%, which is better than that of previous years.

The admission decision rate depends on the scores as well as the extracurricular activities, coursework difficulty level, etc. A clear representation of the figures will help you out. If you achieve:

  • 80-100%, you have a strong chance of getting in
  • 50-80%, you have a good chance of getting in
  • 20-50%, you still have a chance of making the cut
  • 5-20%, you don’t have a chance, but you cannot rule yourself out
  • 0-5%, there is no chance of getting in

Hopefully, the statistics will come in handy.


What SAT score is required for UCLA? Let us delve into the answer in this section.

If you are only submitting the SAT score, you will have to take the Essay section in the test. Although many schools state that they do not consider the SAT score cut-off, they do. It has been seen that the SAT SCORE for UCLA subject average is:

  • Mathematics- 715
  • Reading and Writing- 690
  • Total- 1405 (25th percentile- 1290, 75th percentile- 1510)

As per the research, it was observed that the safe number of tests to submit is 4-6. And, the score policy is “all scores”, which signifies that every time you take the SAT, your score is being recorded by the UCLA.

UCLA ACT Scores that You Must Earn

If you are only submitting your ACT scores, you need to know that the average score accepted at UCLA is 31. The 75th percentile UCLA ACT score is 34, whereas the 25th percentile ACT score is 27.

If you are wondering, “What is the acceptance rate for UCLA?” then you should know that there is one advantage that ACT has over SAT Scores. You can choose the test you want to send and the ones you do not. For instance, you can take seven tests, and send the one that is the highest.

GPA Requirement You Have to Fulfill

If enjoying the campus of UCLA has been your lifelong desire, you have to know the GPA requirements. The average GPA that you need is 4.0 or higher. This means that you have to be the cream of the crop.

You would require A in all the classes you take, and you should also take challenging classes like IB or AP courses. If you are wondering what GPA do you need to get into UCLA, your school average should be above 3.9. Otherwise, you will have to secure exemplary grades in the SAT or ACT.

Now, the question is – Can you get into UCLA with a 3.5 GPA? Well, you are most likely to get a negative response. This is because the competition out there is fierce nowadays. You only can afford a narrow margin of error.

What is the UCLA Acceptance Rate of 2019 for International Students?

The freshman profile at UCLA is extremely helpful. If you are wondering about the UCLA acceptance rate of 2019 for International students, read along.

In 2019, 18,578 International students had applied to UCLA. However, only 1,560 students were accepted. Thus, it can be estimated that the UCLA acceptance rate was around 8% for International students.

35% of the admitted international students got enrolled at the UCLA and the rest to the other schools under UCLA. As far as the slots are concerned, international students only get a handful, as compared to the domestic students.

The UCLA out of state acceptance rate was around 24%. Out of the 21,004 applicants, only 4,873 made the final cut.

What are the Notable UCLA Schools and How to Get Accepted?

The UCLA has a wide array of different departments, schools, institutes and divisions. However, only the significant ones have been listed out here:

  • Anderson School of Management
  • Henry Samuell School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Herb Alpert School of Music
  • School of Dentistry
  • David Geffen School of Medicine
  • Fielding School of Public Health
  • School of the Arts and Architecture
  • School of Theater, Film, and Television
  • School of Education and Information Studies

However, each of these schools has different admission requirements which you will get to know from the portal. Moreover, you must write four personal questions, 350 words each, out of the eight. Hopefully, you now know all about the popular UCLA Schools and how to get accepted in them.

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