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From a politician to a business leader, presenting a persuasive debate or argument is very important for everyone. Debate is the means of portraying one’s ideas or viewpoint to a bigger audience in an unambiguous way so that, the listeners are convinced of the speaker’s argument. But to do so, the debater first needs to prepare him/herself for this. And the first step to this preparation is the selection of debate topic on which the argument will be constructed.

Why do you need to put immense importance upon the selection of debate topic?

In order to present yourself as a convincing presenter of a subject and also to produce a debatable speech on it, you must understand the debate topic inside out. You should be able to do an analysis on the subject and critically think about it at any point in time.

During the debate, several austere questions will be thrown at you from the opposing party or the individual or even the audience. Hence, you must be able to deal with all of them on the spot.

Top 50 Compelling Debate Topics

You have to select a debate topic, which will give you an abundance of information on it. So that, apart from forming your own argument, you will also know the opposing positions that the other party or the audience may hold. Thus, you can counter the arguments made by your opponent and show that you have a powerful and reliable point, which can persuade the audience.

With the wrong selection of debate topic, you may get stuck midway in the debate, and neither counter the viewpoint of your opponent nor show the audience why they should believe in your argument.

How to select a debate topic?

You must consider at least three factors while choosing the subject for your debate:

  • It must be something that seems interesting to you
  • You must have some background knowledge of it
  • There must be a lot of accessible information on it

In order to help you in this quest of finding an appropriate debate topic, here we mention some excellent ideas you can use for your next debate.

50 Best Debate Topics:

Below are some interesting topics for debate with which you can super impress your audience:

  1. Should the death penalty be banned or not
  2. Should Gay marriage be made legal?
  3. Should the international borders of Australia be opened?
  4. Should compulsory voting be eliminated?
  5. Should the non-sporting programmes be included in the Olympics?
  6. Should the unification of New Zealand and Australia one nation happen?
  7. Should there be equal pay for women in every profession?
  8. Are social networking sites helpful or harmful?
  9. Is it justified to drug test the athletes?
  10. Is it effective to have detention in high schools?
  11. Should the sharing economy’s rise be regretted
  12. Should the nuclear energy be supported or opposed?
  13. Should all the permits granted to Iran be eradicated?
  14. Should schools allow the use of phones in the class?
  15. Are we becoming more reliant on technology?
  16. Are the superhero figures misleading for the children?
  17. Should the immigrants especially the Muslims be allowed to enter a nation without bettering the screening process for detecting terrorists?
  18. Should a bill of rights be there in Victoria?
  19. Should schools be sponsored by corporate organisations?
  20. Should there be an inheritance tax?
  21. Should there be a widespread basic income in Australia?
  22. Is the rebellion of Google worker against the military project viable?
  23. Should there be less homework and more tests in the academic system of Australia?
  24. Should Catalonia get independence from Spain?
  25. Was UK’s separation from the European Union the right decision?
  26. Which is more harmful? Debit or credit cards?
  27. Is the reality TV shows harmful for children?
  28.  Should the same-sex couples be given the permission to adopt?
  29. Can humans be considered as the reason for the extinction of specific animals?
  30. Should the rate of corporate tax be increased or decreased?
  31. Is there any justification for terrorism?
  32. Should women be allowed to serve in the battlefield?
  33. Should there be any ban on the violent video games?
  34. Should bitcoin be banned from every country?
  35. Are the social media effective enough to bring change in the society?
  36. Should there be any censorship on the internet?
  37. Should there be any regulation on the ownership of gun in the USA?
  38. Who is responsible for the war in Syria?
  39. Should the media be controlled by the government by some extent?
  40. Should the UK have a written constitution?
  41. Is there any other motivational factor other than money in the workplace?
  42. Does the government have a right to store the biometric data of its citizen?
  43. Is there any justification for euthanasia?
  44. Is it ethical to clone animals?
  45. Should dual citizenship be given to the immigrants in Australia?
  46. Should a system of single-payer healthcare be supported?
  47. Should alcohol be banned?
  48. Is America’s war on terror good or bad?
  49. Should the Australian public directly elect the political leaders?
  50. Does science pose a threat to humanity?

So, these are some debate topics on which you can create and present a powerful and convincing argument. Choose one and begin your preparation.

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