Top 210+ Unique Topics for Informative Speech

Have you got into a situation where you were staring at a blank sheet of paper, with stomach churning and anxiety hitting you hard? That’s probably because you got stage fright due to a loosely prepared speech, lack of compelling ideas, and of course, a not so talked about subject matter.

Talking of picking informative speech topics, the trick lies in choosing an affirmative topic for your informative speech. Your effort can be futile if you do not concentrate while choosing your topic. The main motto while giving a speech is to hold the audience’s interests and that stays till the time your arguments are logical. Today, we have come up with a list of brilliant informative speech topics.

210+ Most Desired Informative Speech Topics of 2019

In an endeavor to help you get the hang of the best speech prompts of 2019, we have included some of the most sought-after topics. Invest some time to take a look at the list below. Get inspired to draft the perfect speech paper on Communication, Education, Media, Animals and more.

Today, we have come up with a list of brilliant example of informative speech topics.

Creative/Vital Informative Speech Topics on Communication

  1. Students should consider art as a way of life.
  2. Painting in schools should be a vital subject.
  3. Students should embrace music and dance as an important activity.
  4. Textbooks in schools and colleges should be replaced by iPads and digital resources.
  5. The government should limit advertisements aimed at violence, ragging, body shaming and the likes.
  6. Music is more effective than medicine. How do you choose to justify the notion?

Good Informative Speech Topics On Education In 2019

  1. Should schools support vendors selling candies and soft drinks to students?
  2. Should schools and colleges have separate classrooms for boys and girls?
  3. Should the government give alternative education its due recognition?
  4. Kids learn most and in an easier way from young and fun teachers.
  5. Discipline in schools and colleges should be a part of the grading system.
  6. Is there no place for religion in education?
  7. Is there a lack of innovation in education these days?
  8. Should bullies make public apologies in school?
    9.The significance of arts as well as languages concerning education
  9. Is there a need for stricter background checks while hiring educators?
  10. Are term paper mills good or bad for students?
  11. Incorporating cultural events into the school curriculum.
  12. The internet does not make students smarter; reading books does.
    Reading comic books makes kids smarter or is it the other way round?
  13. Second languages in each of the academic institutions around the world should be made compulsory
  14. Psychological screening should be taken before a student gets admitted to a college.
  15. Businesses around the world should not have a say in the education process.

2019’S Unique Informative Speech Topics About Animals

  1. Do we need to protect dolphins?
  2. Is vegetarian diet healthy for dogs and cats?
  3. Is it true that a natural disaster caused dinosaurs to become extinct?
  4. The difference between venomous and non-venomous snakes.
  5. The breeding process of hippopotamuses and elephants.
  6. Are modern zoos keeping animals psychologically healthy?
  7. Should we say No to palm oils and save the orang-utans?
  8. Are venomous looking spiders mostly harmless?
  9. Animal extinction caused by humans should be banned.
  10. Are fishes great for relaxation? Should everyone own aquariums?
  11. Since most of the spiders are harmless, we should not be afraid of them.
  12. Is the process of animal dissection justified as an ideal learning tool for the students?
  13. Why Africa is considered the cradle of mankind?

Informative Presentation Topics For Businesses

  1. Should we always trust our instincts when it comes to business?
  2. The impact of globalisation on businesses across the world.
  3. No one should stay at a company that offers limited growth.
  4. Apprenticeship programs are valuable for the young adults.
  5. Will poor leadership eventually bankrupt a business?
  6. How can we take negative reviews in business and turn them around?
  7. Should companies observe same set of rules for everyone?
  8. What are the advantages of performance-related pay in offices?
  9. Are strong union in office necessary in times of economic growth?
  10. You should never be afraid of your competitors.
  11. The role of customer surveys in improving business.
  12. Why is it important to turn your passion into a business?
  13. Is location always the key for a successful business?
  14. Your business needs to be actively present on social media.

Trending Informative Speech Topics On Economy

  1. The connection between Efficiency, Supply, Demand and Market Clearing.
  2. Is trade balance an endogenous variable?
  3. The relation between portfolio theorem and efficient markets.
  4. Why should environmental economics become the centre of research and policy?
  5. Free markets v/s Controlled markets as the cause for World War II.
  6. Dollar as a global currency and its immediate competitors across the globe.
  7. Social growth, mathematical growth models, wealth and poverty in a particular country.
  8. Determine opportunity cost, profit, and comparative advantage in association with a country’s economy.
  9. The monopoly of developed countries, foreign trade and the role of foreign investment.
  10. The future of economic growth and market expansion for a developing nation.

Essential Informative Speech Topics On Environment

  1. Should we be concerned about ozone depletion in the Earth’s stratosphere?
  2. The only efficient litter prevention method is forced recycling.
  3. What are green jobs? Are they really green and environment-friendly?
  4. Construction plans must comprise a separate environmental section.
  5. How natural disasters stimulate growth in an economy?
  6. Are hundreds and thousands of species really going extinct by 2060?

Informative Speech Topics On Family

  1. Family game nights are fun and important for recreation.
  2. Parents should refrain from over-scheduling their kids.
  3. Parents should always avoid smoking in front of their children.
  4. Should children be taught to donate what they no longer use?
  5. Parents should invest enough time in teaching their children about sexual abuse and its negative impact
  6. What makes siblings our true best friends?
  7. Effective ways to deal with a child who is a bully.
  8. Parents should teach their children about physical and emotional abuse.
  9. Is the middle child syndrome a real thing? Present your views for or against the topic.
  10. Educating children about good hygiene should start at an early age.
  11. We should let our children do things on their own.
  12. Is it good to assign age-appropriate chores to children?
  13. Allowing children to play outside makes them more creative.
  14. Kids should respect their elders and elders should respect their kids.

Useful Informative Speech Topics On Health And Awareness

  1. Should people care more about getting a sound sleep?
  2. We should reduce meat consumption after 30.
  3. The advertisements for drugs should be permanently banned.
  4. The advantage of making healthy food affordable.
  5. Do we need more resources to prevent infectious diseases?
  6. Compelling reasons why we should love every day.
  7. Are we in need of encouraging organ donations?
  8. Why is essential to sleep?
  9. Advantages of taking tea
  10. The ditinct varieties of birth control
  11. Ways of ceasing memory loss
  12. The outcomes of alcoholism
  13. Ways of putting an end to obesity
  14. Ways of dealing with mental diseases
  15. Ways of averting adolescent gravidity

Interesting Informative Speech Topics On History

  1. The history of immigrants in the British workforce.
  2. The role of Helen Keller and her contribution to the world of history.
  3. Scandals and assassinations associated with the life of John. F. Kennedy.
  4. The fire at the Yellowstone national park in the year 1988.
  5. The history of dinosaurs and how they left the face of the earth.
  6. The history behind the Wall of the Kaaba and the Black Stone in Mecca.
  7. The origin of the Tricorn hat of Jack Sparrow.
  8. A speech on the historical landmarks and monuments in your country.
  9. How did the Columbine massacre happen?

Easy Topics for an Informative Speech On Media

  1. The connection between Propaganda, Media and Censorship.
  2. The impact of freedom of speech on media.
  3. Are social networks the main way of communication in today’s world?
  4. Should media censor violence and controversy?
  5. Discuss the media policies and regulations observed in different countries.
  6. What are the hidden messages in media that are meant for entertainment?
  7. The never ending conflict between single bloggers and media companies.
  8. Why are people reverting to newspapers again?
  9. The relation between media psychology and communication.
  10. Rules and regulations associated with mass communication in different countries.
  11. Can video blogs be called the new age diaries?
  12. What makes the concept of exclusive materials so important in the field of media?
  13. Is there a connection between mainstream media and art house media?
  14. Changes brought in the media during the time of World War II.
  15. Is virtual reality the future of media? What perspectives do you hold?

Entertaining Informative Speech Topics On Music

  1. How has music evolved over the years?
  2. What are the different ways that can help us promote music?
  3. The history of music in TV commercials and radio jingles.
  4. Problems faced by a young musician while making a name.
  5. The history of Jazz music as a reflection of important social phenomenon.
  6. Does the choice of proper music improve the learning process?
  7. What makes basic music education important for students?
  8. The positive impacts of music on our mental health.

Contemporary Informative Speech Topics On Religion

  1. Have Christians practiced religious revolution through the ages?
  2. Are fanatic religious movements dangerous for people?
  3. Are religious people no more tolerant to other religious people?
  4. Dalai Lama, Panchen Lama and Tibetan Buddhism.
  5. Should religious wear be made allowed in colleges?
  6. There is no harm in practicing prayers in schools.

Creative Informative Speech Topics On Medical Domain

  1. What is the best way to treat Multiple Sclerosis?
  2. Is there a thing called obesity gene?
  3. Screening for breast cancer. Does it really work?
  4. Is eating the right food as effective as consuming multi vitamin pills?
  5. What makes the flu virus change every year?
  6. Do female athletes face more problems in getting pregnant later?
  7. What is the impact of competitive sports on women’s health?
  8. Can venoms from spiders and snakes be used to ensure medical treatment safety?
  9. Do we really need fish oil supplements?
  10. Adult stem cells help us to stay strong.

Informative Speech Topics on Other Biology Topics

  1. GM Crops ; Are they better than traditionally grown ones?
  2. Can we achieve food security in near future?
  3. Is climate change a serious threat for food crops?
  4. Are we developing new strains of antibiotic resistant viruses?

General Informative Speech Topics On Academics

  1. Effective Methods Of Communication
  2. How To Get The Best Grades While In College
  3. Best Online Jobs For All College Students
  4. Simple Ways For New University Students To Earn Some Cash
  5. Simple Methods Of Managing Your Limited Student Budget
  6. How To Study For End Of Semester Examinations

Creative Informative Speech Topics On Entertainment

  1. Should We Blame Reality Shows For The Poor Quality Of Television Viewing?
  2. How Far Should We Go With Special Effects?
  3. Why Is The Paparazzi Invasion Becoming A Bit Too Much?
  4. Best Hollywood Actors Of The Last Decade
  5. How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Movie Production
  6. Most Influential Female Actors

Informative Speech Topics  On Sports

  1. Should The Female Students Play On Sports Teams Meant For Males?
  2. The Growth Of Professional Wrestling
  3. The History And Growth Of Field Hockey
  4. Where Did Soccer Begin?

Best Informative Speech Topics  For College Students

  1. Why Is It Rude To Judge People According To Their Appearance
  2. How is The Society Affected by Human Behavior?
  3. Do Left-Handed People Have An Advantage Over Others?
  4. The Consequences Of Racism And Discrimination

Good Informative Speech Topics On Gender Studies

  1. Tracing The Developments In The Women Liberation Movement
  2. How Does Feminism Affect Men?
  3. Are Mothers Better Parents?
  4. Why Should We Keep Educating The Girl-Child?
  5. Have We Neglected The Needs Of The Boy-Child?
  6. Why Are Women And Children Mostly Affected By Terror And Crime?

Funny Informative Speech Ideas

  1. How to get rid of a boring person?
  2. Women are not damsels in distress
  3. Being too rich makes people miserable.
  4. Why we should all have a twin.
  5. Lying well is a talent.
  6. Men need to stop wearing skinny jeans.
  7. Mistakes can be profitable
  8. Family reunions are too stressful.
  9. Never ever ask a woman her age.
  10. All is not fair in love and war.
  11. You can become famous for doing nothing.

Topics For Informative Speech On Marketing

  1. How Have Global Corporations Influenced People’s Decisions?
  2. Simple Techniques Of Avoiding Marketing Errors
  3. Best Marketing Tips For A Shoe Company
  4. What Should You Consider While Arranging An Ad Campaign?
  5. Negative And Positive Effects Of Online Marketing
  6. Unethical Advertising Content
  7. The Essence Of Having An Analytical Section In Any Business Essay
  8. Use Of Social Media In Business Marketing

Best Informative Speech Topics For Current Developements

  1. American towns that are expanding at an incredibly fast pace.
  2. The purpose and impact of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
  3. The phenomenon of poverty occurring in Los Angeles.
  4. The overall level of contentment of the people residing in a specific country.

Analytical Informative Speech Topics On Psychology

  1. The advantages of saying hello to people
  2. An optimistic mindset is essential to a harmonious existence
  3. The significance of dreams
  4. The psychology of child geniuses

Best Informative Topics On Relationships

  1. What it takes to have a cheerful and pleasant relationship
  2. How to get into a good relationship
  3. Ways of having a pleasant relationship with your roommate
  4. Rules regarding army matrimonies
  5. The key to a successful long-distance relationship
  6. What is the right age to get married?
  7. How believing in oneself helps?
  8. Adolescence and drugs
  9. What winners do differently?
  10. How to develop positive attitude in life?

I hope the aforementioned hacks of choosing the perfect speech topic along with the myriad of informative speech prompts will help you to come up with appreciable papers.

Remember, as famously said by the American writer Audre Lorde…

“Your silence will not protect you”.

Go ahead, pull up your socks, choose the perfect slant and make a striking impression on your audience with a killer speech.

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