Top 11 Techniques to Improve Your Studying Process

Do you often wait until the last moment to study for the next class or to prepare for exams? Don’t worry! We are all guilty of that sin. But last minute preparation only gives us time for memorizing the textbook and course material. Memorizing texts is, however, an outdated form of study. Moreover, if you only spend a day to cram it all, the results will be not very promising; a blockage of mind and forgetting vital details are amongst the side effects of memorizing. Thankfully, there are more rewarding and effective study techniques that you can adopt. Being a responsible writing service provider,’s experts have created a list of 11 ways to give your learning process a boost. Let us go through them.

Techniques to Improve Your Studying Process

1. Pomodoro:

It is the most ancient time management technique invented by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. As you already know that time management is the essence of effectiveness, without mastering time management skills, you cannot take a successful step.

How Pomodoro works?

  • You need to first decide on a task to do
  • Set a timer on Pomodoro for X amount of time (let’s say it is 25 minutes)
  • Try to finish the work before the time lapses
  • Then take a break of 5-7 minutes whether your task is finished or not
  • After the break, continue the same cycle.


2. Writing down the main points of the lesson:

This technique significantly helps you with your exam preparation. It can also help you remember the most significant ideas and understand them when you summarize them in your words.

When to note down the main points of the lesson?

After taking the classes, when you return to your dorms or home, you should invest a few minutes of your time to recall the lesson that you attended. While recalling, you should write down the main points that strike you the most. You can even explain those points in your words so that you can test your learning knowledge.

3. Practicing is the mother of learning:

When you try to understand and memorize something, why not rewrite or paraphrase in order to make the learning process easier?

Is copying notes a good way to learn?

Copying notes you did in the class is a good way to initiate your learning because you get the chance to revise the most important concepts. Rather copying straight from notes, you can paraphrase your notes in your own words. This way, you can enhance your knowledge and give your writing skills a test.

4. Location finder:

A location is a vital key when you try to concentrate on your studies. Find a place where you can be most productive and focused. The place should be fairly quiet, away from any distractions and temptation (social media sites).

How to utilize the spot in studying?

When you find a place that is ideal for studying, try to study in the same spot on a regular basis. When you get accustomed to this place, your brain will respond. This means when you visit the place, your brain will know it is time to study.

5. Sitting in still chair:

Find a comfortable chair and see how still you can keep yourself. You need to center your attention on sitting still. Watch and see how often you are making any muscular movement. By a little practice, you will see that you can sit still without any muscular movement. Start with 5 minutes and then increase the time according to your feasibility. It is an effective way to relaxing.

 How will this exercise help you?

When you have dozens of irrelevant thoughts wandering in your mind, you can hardly concentrate on your studying. But when you practice this exercise, you can increase your focus. When you are relaxed, this can directly elevate the quality of your studying.

6. Breaking down in small chunks:

When you are managing a large task, you always feel like it is now time to arrange your sock drawer, do the dishes or check Facebook. This is not an ideal situation for you. To make an effort, you can break down the work into smaller chunks.

How to break down a large task?

Let’s say, you have an assignment to finish. Your task might comprise a number of chapters. You can concentrate on writing each chapter on time rather than trying to complete the whole task. Set short-term goals that are achievable.

7. Mnemonic technique:

The mnemonic device helps you to translate into a form that your brain can retain in the better than the previous form. It is most useful when memorizing list and set of facts. There are many ways to use mnemonic rules and they differ from person to person.

How to use mnemonic rules?

Many types of mnemonic exist, and you need to see what works best for you. Here is an example of a mnemonic rule:

Name mnemonic: In this mnemonic rule, the 1st letter of each word in the list makes up for a name, sentence or thing. For instance,

Roy G. Biv: Colors of the spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)

Pvt Tim Hall: Essential amino acids (Phenylalanine, Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Isolucine, Histidine, Argenine, Leucine, Lysine).

8. Organization of study:

This is the most often overlooked study technique that can bring assured success in your academic life if used properly. It is an effective study skill that you can adopt.

How to organize your study?

Create a time-table. By doing so, you will have clear goals and have enough time to achieve them. You can create a manual planner or take help from online tools to create your own study time-table. It is highly motivating when you achieve your set goals. Moreover, it becomes extremely easier for you to fulfill your study goals.

9. Starting with the hardest subject:

You probably don’t like this idea but it is the most effective way to improve your preparation. Our mind works in a very peculiar way. It will not support if you leave the hardest job for later.

 Why start with the hardest subject?

This is because you will need more concentration and strength to understand the toughest lesson. As time goes, you power will come down compared to what it was in the beginning of the learning process.

10. Sitting in a comfortable chair is really important:

Place yourself in a comfortable chair; one on which you feel most relaxed and soothing. Making yourself comfortable while studying is the least you can do.

Why comfortable chair is needed for studying?

It readily hastens your blood circulation and elevates your energy level. If you have bad posture or lower energy while studying, you cannot reach the levels that you are expecting. You need to give privilege to your body like mind. As you need a relaxed mind to understand, you also require a relaxed body to support it.

11. Exercising is beneficial:

If you are thinking exercise only brings physical well being and fitness to your life, then you are wrong. Exercises can also boost your mental strength. Exercising will keep you calm during pressure like exams. You will feel more energized and refreshed just after 15 minutes of workout.

What exercises are ideal for students?

You don’t have to take a special visit to gym or sports center, include these very simple exercises in your daily routine to witness the changes:

  • Walk instead of getting buses to college. If you stay on-campus, then you should take the stairs instead of the lift
  • If you have a bike, ride to your classes or arrange a bike ride with your friends
  • If you are hanging with your friends in nightclubs and pub, you should dance. It is a great way to meet friends and keep yourself in shape
  • Take a brisk walk of 15-20 minutes with your friends before going into lectures or between the classes
  • Go for a jog for 15- 20 minutes in the morning.

Chances are that the above-mentioned techniques will seem futile to you in the first place. But it is important for you to practice the techniques so that you can train your senses to react in the proper manner. Today, new technologies have altered the ways in which we used to study. We advise you to adopt all those positives ways in your academic life.

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