Top 10 Career Choices for Recent College Graduates

The world is changing every day and so are your career options. Many college graduates feel apprehensive about choosing careers. They need a stable job which has good prospects and also pays them well. Whether you are heading to college or on the verge of completing your college degree, you are really concerned about your future. Always remember, you are not alone. Almost all the students who have recently graduated are equally worried about their future.

Top 10 Career Choices for Recent College Graduates

Recently, a host of prestigious universities conducted a survey to find out the 10 best career paths for the recent graduates. The final report is based on four main criteria. They are:

  1. Current employment and stability of the field
  2. Projected growth of the profession in the next 10 years
  3. Present annual salary in the occupation and the median growth
  4. Working environment and job satisfaction.

Mainly the report is prepared for the general graduates who don’t have specialization in any particular field. Careers like medical practitioners and core engineering fields have scored well in the survey but those jobs would be unobtainable for an untrained college graduate. Hence, they were not included in the final list.

So, if you are looking to enter the professional world just after your graduation, here are the 10 best career options for you.

1. Teaching

Every one tends to think that the teachers are underpaid. But in reality, they are decently paid since the first year of joining. Moreover, teaching is regarded as one of the most stable jobs in the world. If you are a graduate then you are more than qualified to join the elementary schools. The post-graduates can apply for teaching jobs in the high schools. It is one of those very few fields which have the highest job satisfaction. You will definitely enjoy working with the younger generation. Regular perks and vacations (at least two times a year) will always keep your morale high.

Average Median Salary

In USA: $43,000 per annum

In UK: £30,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$40,000 per annum

(It will depend on your geographical location and the subject you teach)

2. Software Developer

Software developers or commonly known as software engineers are one of the smartest choices for any graduate. Analysts comment that in the recent years to come, the demand for software developers of applications and systems will increase manifolds. A bachelor’s degree in computer science with strong programming skills is ideal for this field. However, the students from other science fields can also become a strong software professional with a little training. You will start with an exciting package with the opportunity to climb the ladder to senior positions within few years.

Average Median Salary

In USA: $78,000 per annum

In UK: £ 33,050 per annum

In Australia: AU$ 48,000 per annum

(It will largely depend on your geographical location, company and the softwares you develop)

3. Market and Financial Analyst

The need for market research analyst and financial analyst has boomed especially after the economic recession of the 2008. The projected growth of this field is about 40 percent by 2020. The field of finances and marketing are especially enticing for the people who love to study numbers in the forms of sales, profit and annual reports. If you love challenges and you are competent to handle deadlines, then it is ideal for you. As a graduate you will start low but with experience you will start earning the highest salaries in the industry.

Average Median Salary

In USA: $55,000 to $95,000 per annum

In UK: £26,000 to £40,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$55,000 to AU$78,000 per annum

4. Accountants and Auditors

Becoming an accountant or a junior auditor is the most obvious career option for the commerce graduates. A traditional occupation, accounting and auditing still enjoys a respected growth rate every year. As an accountant or an auditor you can make your career in the financial, corporate or government firms. You can also make a career for yourself as many auditors have their own firms and offer service to different offices, groups and clients. But you should be open to flexible working hours when you choose this profession.

Average Median Salary

In USA: Around $65,000 per annum

In UK: £30,000 per annum to £50,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$54,000 per annum

5. Network Systems Administrator

Today, even the smallest firms hire networking and computer systems administrator. They are indispensable for the maintenance and resolve the networking problems and enable the proper functioning of the company. These technical administrators also ensure the security of the company from cyber threats and works to improve the performance standards of firewall protection. If you have a natural flair in technical abilities and it is your passion since your schooling days, then you are the right person for this field.

Average Median Salary

In USA: $62,000 per annum

In UK: £25,000 to £30,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$56,000 per annum

6. Web Designing

In the age of technological advancement, all the companies and brands are becoming more and more dependent on their websites. In this stage, if you are innovative, creative and a tech-geek, then a career in web designing will be right for you. Most of the organizations have their own team of in-house web designers. Graduates of computer science are ideal but the students of other academic fields are also equally eligible to become web designer provided they have the necessary training. If you are interested, prepare yourself by working in different projects and working as an intern before taking it up as a profession.

Average Median Salary

In USA: Around $55,000 per annum

In UK: Around £24,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$68,000 per annum

7. Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist or manager is responsible for creating and maintaining a favorable public image of their firm or client. They are required to write press releases, organize press release programs, raise funds etc. It is an evolving field which is expected to grow 25 percent by the year 2020. It can be a really exciting field to work for the students who are mass communication, media studies and advertising graduates. However, there is no specific educational qualification requirement to become a specialist public relation manager. If you are enthusiastic, confident and possess excellent communicative skills, then you are the right person for this field.

Average Median Salary

In USA: Around $45,000 per annum

In UK: Around £32,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$60,000 per annum

8. Internet Marketer

Since the 1990s, the internet has not only grown and developed but it also created millions of job opportunities. One such interesting profile is of an internet marketer. Internet marketing refers to the form of marketing and advertising to promote the goods and services through the online medium. It includes search engine optimization, web analytics, affiliate marketing and many more. If you have an IT or a business background and you are able to adopt new technologies & marketing challenges, then you can surely become a successful internet marketer.

Average Median Salary

In USA: $56,000 per annum

In UK: £35,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$48,000 per annum

9. Pharmaceutical Representatives

Pharmaceutical Representative, also known as medical representatives, is a lucrative career option for the fresh graduates. The students of science with good communication skills can become Med Representatives in different pharmaceutical and drug companies. They always remain updated with the latest changes in the medical science and work to persuade the doctors to prescribe their medicines to the patients. Basically a sales job, sometimes this occupation can be quite demanding. But medical representatives are entitled to unlimited perks on the basis of their success, stature and designation.

Average Median Salary

In USA: $58,000 per annum

In UK: £36,000 per annum

In Australia: AU$65,000 per annum

10. Insurance Sales Agent

In the world where the population increases every day, the demand for insurance agents increases every day. The survey puts the figure to at least 22 percent by the year 2020. The insurance sales agent is assigned the job to sell policies to individuals and then collect the monthly, quarterly or yearly payments from the policyholder. The insurance policy may be on self, family, house, car etc. The best part of this job is it does not require any specifications and offers handsome salaries with perks. But you should possess good communicative skills, a decent personality and the ability to influence people.

Average Median Salary

In USA: $35,000 per annum

In UK: £25,500 per annum

In Australia: AU$ 52,000 per annum

When you successfully complete your graduation, you have a variety of options open for you. For those who look to start their professional career, these are the best job options for you. In this uncertain job market, these top 10 jobs offer you stability and growth. According to your qualification, passion and preference, choose any one of the fields and ensure yourself a booming career ahead.

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