Time for UK to Take Financial Education Seriously

Finance is quite a broad field of study which is studied by several students around the world. If you are planning to enter the sector of financial services in the industry of UK, it is mandatory for you to attain a higher degree in Finance. Some of the perks of studying this subject can be in the form of better salary and job security. Thus, if you are looking for great job prospects after graduating, studying Finance can indeed be a great decision.

Financial education in schools

Let’s take a closer look at studying Finance in the UK and the opportunities that come with it:

You can study both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Finance. These degrees will help you to acquire both theoretical and technical knowledge. These degrees usually cover additional subjects like Economics, statistics, accounting, etc. Usually, at the end of the program, you will be provided with optional modules. You can choose the subject or area in which you want to do your specialisation.

Bachelor’s degree- This degree is three to four years long. When in the UK, you will find the bachelor’s degree in finance takes up to three years. While in Scotland, you have to spend four years to attain an undergraduate degree in Finance.  

Masters degree- A Masters degree in Finance usually takes one to two years. After opting for this course, the students are taught a range of subjects which help them to have an understanding of today’s business.

In both the degrees, the teaching method consists of practical seminars as well as lectures. The assessment is done through group project works, module assignments and written examinations.

Finance Degrees and the requirements at the entry-level

The requirements for getting admission into the courses related to the branch of Finance depend on the institution you are getting into. You will need good academic records, strong aptitude in communications, accounting, English, mathematics, etc. to get admission in any Finance related course.

Now, let’s have a look at the opportunities that you can receive after obtaining a degree in Finance:

The financial industry of the UK is in need of skilled employees. The areas in which a Finance degree holder can make a career are as follows:

  • Financial analyst- To be a successful financial analyst, you have to integrate your knowledge of different subjects such as economics, accounting and mathematics. Your job will be to collect and analyse financial data to help your employer make better investment decisions. Apart from this, you will also have to provide the best suggestions or recommendations regarding taking the best action when challenges occur. For this, you need to stay updated with all the investment opportunities and market trends. In order to get this job, you should at least have an undergraduate degree in finance, statistics or economics. Apart from this, another quality that you need to have is great strategic thinking skills.
  • Investment banker- This is one of the most high-profile jobs in the finance industry and is also the highest paid one. If this is your dream job, your responsibility will be to give financial advice to the employers. Along with this, you will also be responsible for the buying and selling of assets in the financial markets for the purpose of raising money. Individuals in this profession need to be very watchful of the trades that can give lucrative returns in both long term and short term. As this field is very competitive, it is necessary to have great communicative skills and a good understanding of industry ethics, along with excellent academic performance.
  • Accountant- There are multiple vacancies for the position of accountants in the UK. You will be a financial accountant in charge of reporting and managing the accounts of a business. If you join as a managerial accountant, you will be taking care of things on behalf of your company. You can work in a for-profit or a not-for-profit company as an accountant.
  • Financial manager- As a financial manager, your responsibility will be to develop and manage your company’s financial goals. Your task might vary from gathering and organizing accounts to being involved in the strategic analysis. Overall, you have to manage budgets, pay attention to the finance department employees, analyse the investment results, review the financial reports, develop financial contacts and networks, and examine the market trends. In order to get this job, you will need a higher degree with great academic results, skills like problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, etc. should be paired with numerical and analytical skills.
  • Financial auditor- Given that the public and corporate financial affairs of Britain have been brought under immense scrutiny due to various tax reform measures, the need for auditing employees has increased largely. As an auditor, you must be very organized and observant. Along with this, you should be able to work under pressure and have extensive knowledge of the industry. Apart from this, you have to be qualified and trained by a proper regulatory body. You can expect to get much higher salaries as you climb to the higher positions.

These are a few of the areas for you to make a great career after acquiring a degree in finance. If you want to enjoy an abundance of scopes and opportunities in the UK, you must start your preparations right now.

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