Three Effective Ways to Develop Skills and Knowledge

Learning does not end with student life, it is a lifelong process. But as students, you need to learn certain set of practical skills that you can implement in real-life situations. Developing abilities, skills and knowledge are imperative for both personal and professional success. Skills and knowledge are combined as a defining factor for professional success. One can achieve the desired goals or a variety of tasks by developing the required skills and knowledge.

how to Develop Skills and Knowledge

Ways to develop skills and knowledge

Here are three effective ways to improve your skills and knowledge:

1. Through extra-curricular activities:

Extra-curricular activities involve many things, like sports, drawing, writing, acting etc.

  • Teamwork – When you play any sports, you have to coordinate with your team members successfully. According to reports of The Sport Industry Research Centre, an average graduate who engaged in sports during studying years earns £5,824 (18 percent) more than those who did not. Through sporting activities, students can advance their skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership.
  • Problem-solving skills – In student life, you undergo rag week to raise money. As a result, you come up with innovative ideas to solve monetary problems.
  • Writing – Writing for the student newspaper provides you with opportunities to interact with society.

2. Through course:

Colleges and universities involve projects, writing exercises (like dissertation writing, extended essays) and discussions to help develop variety of skills and abilities in students.

  • Analytical skills – You can develop this skill by analyzing data to make arguments for a case.
  • Expressing thoughts – You learn to communicate your thoughts, using language with precision and consisting of constructive and logical argument.
  • Verbal communication – Entering into discussion or debate during academic years makes you confident and enhances your ability to think quickly.
  • Investigating power– When you conduct research, gather information for essays, compare sources of information and use them properly in your writing to support your argument, you develop your investigating power in the process.

3. Through home-life:

An individual best learns from personal experiences. When you have to handle multiple things at a time, you acquire knowledge on how to meet the needs of the situations.

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