The Ultimate Dissertation Checklist: Pro Tips and Suggestions

One of the most daunting challenges in the pursuit of higher studies, dissertations send many a shiver down the spines of students because of the elaborate and long-winding processes involved. Requiring the ability to conduct in-depth research and sharp analytical skills, a dissertation is one of the most prestigious scholastic papers in academia. It is thus no surprise that thousands of students seek expert dissertation help on the Web every day, looking for expert guidance and assistance with framing their dissertations.

The Ultimate Dissertation Checklist Pro Tips and Suggestion

The standards of academics in case of higher studies has been on the rise for quite long now, and with technological advancements in the digitised era, the learning resources and teaching methods have also changed drastically. Nowadays professors have very high expectations from their students in every sphere of academia. Whether you are pursuing an MBA or a graduate of music, turning in impeccable assignments is a must for every discipline these days. Learning how to compose an impressive dissertation is now a part of the coursework in almost every university and college for the fulfilment of degrees. That is where many students falter for most of them lack the necessary finesse needed to draft a dissertation all by themselves and sometimes conducting hours of research at a stretch takes a heavy toll on them too.

Panicked, the students at times search everywhere they can to find able assistance with their dissertations. Coming to the help of those students in need of expert guidance, the following are some foolproof tips from experts in academia about how to compose the perfect dissertation.

The structure forms the backbone of a dissertation and is one of the first things that you should learn about it. Planning ahead in the initial days of writing your dissertation, you should prepare an outline of the structure, so you know what goes where in the large academic paper. The following is a structure that most universities and colleges follow for a dissertation. The number of chapters may vary according to the specific scholastic requirements of your educational institution, but the format remains more or less the same all over the globe. As custom writers from leading dissertation writing help websites opine, an excellent dissertation should ideally follow the general structure that is described below.

  • Title page: The first page of your dissertation that has the title and other specifications about your dissertation (such as the name of the author and supervisor as well as the degree for the partial fulfilment of which you will be turning in your dissertation)
  • Acknowledgements: The acknowledgements page should contain the names of the people you are grateful to for aiding you in the completion of your dissertation. This should ideally contain the professors in your department, the respondents of your research and the stalwarts of your discipline.
  • Abstract: In this part, you need to outline the purpose of your research, a summary of the study, and the findings in brief.
  • Table of Contents: As the name suggests, the table of contents contains all the chapters with relevant page numbers as well as the list of figures and graphs that you have used throughout the dissertation.
  • Chapter 1: Introduction – For the introduction, include the background of your research by carefully detailing the rationale behind your dissertation. State the objectives and your thesis statement of the dissertation and introduce the readers to your topic briefly.
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review – In this chapter, you will need to summaries the works of eminent thinkers in your discipline and beyond that is relevant to the topic of your dissertation. Do not forget to include the summary of all the works that have been instrumental in supporting your dissertation in this chapter for this forms the foundation on which you will need to carry out your research.
  • Chapter 3: Research Methodology – Describe the research methodology for your dissertation in this chapter. The techniques and tools that you have used to conduct the research on the topic of your choice should be included in great detail in this chapter.
  • Chapter 4: Data Analysis & Interpretation – The interpretation and analysis of your findings are to be described in this chapter along with the graphs and diagrams that are needed to explain the data that you have collected through your study.
  • Chapter 5: Conclusion – Based on the findings, discuss the primary results that you have found by conducting the study. The conclusion should mostly be an in-depth discussion of your findings and what it might mean for your discipline having a universal significance.
  • Bibliography: A list of all external sources that you have used in your research should make their way into the bibliography section of your dissertation. Several academic formats are followed for composing this particular section, and it is best to take note of the accepted format in your college or university before you compose this part.
  • Appendices: All the additional material used for your study such as questionnaires or interview schedules are to be included in the appendices of the last section of your dissertation.

Following the structure outlined above, you can plan the various stages of composing your dissertation to perfection. Be careful to check the academic requirements of your college or university well in advance before you proceed to plan your dissertation, so you do not miss out on any critical detail and follow all the guidelines to the T while composing your dissertation.

It is no secret that writing a dissertation needs a good command over writing skills. As academic writing requires special attention towards your writing skills, it is best to brush up on your grammar, punctuation and sentence structure in the days ahead of drafting the first copy of your dissertation. There are many ways to go about this one. You can complete the first rough draft of your dissertation and send it to your supervisor or professors for their feedback, so you work to improve the areas that they highlight. If the writing centre at your college or university offers a writing tutorial to help you compose your dissertation, then you can contemplate about enlisting for availing efficient dissertation writing help. Alternatively, you can enrol in online tutorials to improve your English writing style through exercises and concise writing tasks set as practice worksheets. At this phase, make good use of the libraries (both offline and online) to read up on academic journals, papers, and magazines to learn more about the academic writing style and practice writing regularly to sharpen your skills that you will need for turning in a dissertation that is sure to impress your professors, peers, and even publications alike.

  • Keep a check on plagiarism

Perhaps an academic sin of the highest order, plagiarism is to be avoided at all costs while writing your dissertation. The remedial actions for plagiarised papers will not bode well for your degree, so it is best to learn about ways to avoid plagiarism in your dissertation at the very outset. Always state the sources whenever you are including information that you have collected externally and are not your original ideas and, keeping the meaning intact, paraphrase them so that they bear very little, or o resemblance to original sentence structure. If you are keen on inserting quotes in your paper, then do so with proper punctuation in place and always cite the sources following the academic formatting guidelines as specified by your professors or supervisor. Another way that you can make sure of turning in an original dissertation is by running the final copy through a trusted plagiarism scanner online – you will be able to find quite a few of those scanners on the dissertation writing help websites might come in handy after you finish writing your dissertation.

As you proceed along the path of higher studies, you will gradually come to appreciate the importance of learning how to reference like a pro for all your academic papers. Organising your references for the bibliography section is imperative for having a well-referenced dissertation that follows all the academic guidelines of your college or university. It is best if you create a database of all the readings, authors, publications, and the date that you sourced the information all marked clearly in spate sections along with a summary of bullet pointers to help you keep track of what you sourced from where. The pre-writing phase of your dissertation is the best time to invest in a referencing guide if you do not have one, so you know all the referencing styles in academia and follow the one that is accepted at your educational institution. Using digital tools such as EndNote is also an effective way to go about reference management for your dissertation because it has advanced features that help you keep track of all the external sources and publications with ease.

  • Revise and proofread like a pro

The only task that is left to do after you wrap up your dissertation (after many a stumble along the way, that is) is the revision, editing, and proofreading stage. This is the final stage before you turn in your dissertation, and make sure that you finish this with equal enthusiasm for it can determine the fate of your academic paper to a great extent. After you finish writing the final draft of your dissertation, take a few days off and unwind with friends or family. After a few days, start revising your dissertation with a refreshed mind and fresh outlook. You will be able to find out all the typographical errors that have unintentionally crept in your copy, and correct the misplaced commas and other punctuation errors. Filter out all the grammatical and factual mistakes to streamline your dissertation and finally, proofread it a few more times to ensure that the writing style is absolutely top-notch. Rewrite the bits you feel need rewriting and edit once again before you turn in your dissertation. Remember that this stage is crucial in fetching you those extra credit points for a well-formatted and flawless dissertation.

By paying heed to the expert tips and suggestions above, you can turn in a dissertation that is sure to get you superb grades. However, if all else fails, then it is best to look for trusted dissertation help online, and the scholarly writers and professional dissertation helpers in those websites can help you compose your dissertation from scratch. Whichever way you wish to go, have a well worked-out plan, and you are sure to emerge as a champion at the end of it all. Happy writing!

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