The Top 5 Mental Health Challenges for College Students and Their Remedies

Mental health issues are common among college students, especially for freshers. With every passing year, college students and mental health issues are becoming a growing concern. Such problems have the power to impact lifestyles, academic growth, relationships, and behaviour inside the school and outside. If these mental health issues go unnoticed, then it can have a severe effect on their career andcorporal health.

Mental health issues must be considered serious, like physical health problems, if not more.Since mental health issues can affect concentration levels, energy, productivity, self-confidence, and optimism, proper guidance is required to push the college students.

psychological problems faced by students

While can take care of their academic needs, more needs to be done before they slip into the pit of anxiety and depression. Here is everything you need to know about vulnerable college students and the mental health issues that prey on them. Read on.

Types of Issues that Affect College Students’ Mental Health

Mental health issues differ from one person to person. The symptoms you see in one person do not necessarily mean everybody will have the same kind of mental illness. Every student is unique in their way, and thus each has different coping mechanisms.

Here is a list of the most common types of mental illnessesseen incollege students:

  1. Stress and anxiety

High level of stress and anxiety are seen among college students. The most common symptoms are nervousness, rapid heartbeats, shivering hands and legs, uneasiness, restlessness, inability to focus.


People having chronic anxiety tend to avoid social activities, and visiting placesor meeting people can trigger them. However, students can combat anxiety and stress by exercising, meditating and spending time with family and friends.

  1. Self-injury

You will be surprised to see the cases of students who have tendencies if self-inflictiondue to bouts of anxiety. They tend to harm themselves deliberately without the intention of dying. When they get overwhelmed with their emotions, they feelthat self-hurtingwilllessen the pain within. Such thoughts can often build up and create a far more grim picture of suicides.  


To put an end to such thoughts, family and friends must help such students overcome the difficult phase they are going through. They can also be enrolled in rehab centres or undertake weekly counselling sessions.

  1. Suicide

College is a turning point in every student’s life. Some students take time in adjusting to thenew environment. Some find it challenging to make friends. There have been severe cases of bullying that have led students to take their life. Even the mounting academic pressure, academic failure, and staying away from home have led to mental disquietude and steered them onto the path of suicide.


To help students overcome suicidal thoughts, parents, acquaintances and college authorities must pay closer attention and make them talk about their problems. It is also advisable not to leave them alone and encourage them to see a mental health professional.

  1. Eating disorders

College life can be challenging for a lot of students as they face increasedacademic workload paired with peer pressure. The complicated world of college oftenleads to students developing eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.  

According to Dr Baker, who is a child and adolescent psych-pharmacologist, “College can be a time of a lot of excitement and stimulation and a lot of stress…It asks young people who are not yet adults to act in a very adult way, especially if they’re contending with mental illness and suddenly have to begin managing it on their own.”


Students suffering from eating disorders must have someone who supervises their meals. Psychological therapies should be made mandatory for improvement. Another option is to see a registered dietician who can educate college students about nutrition and meal planning.

  1. ADHD

College life can be exciting where the student can explore themselves. But it can also be overwhelming for students diagnosed with ADHD. Unlike other students, ADHD students take longer time than usual to learn everything. They face difficulties mainly in time management and organisational skills.


For ADHD students, proper exercising/physical activity and medication are a must. There are various therapies they can join like behaviour therapy to transformnegative thoughts into positive ones. Again, cognitive behavioural therapy can help them control their thoughts or feelings, and social skill groups can improve their interaction skills.

  1. Psychotic disorders

According to eminent researchers, psychotic disorders are caused when nerve cell receptors with a brain chemical glutamate do not work properly while interacting. This can lead college students to develop abnormal perception and thinking. This can be genetic. Again, a loss in the family may trigger such thoughts.


It is important to notice the early symptoms so that they can be given necessary treatment. There are mental health centres to help with the process. The mental health centres can provide them with medication to calm their nerves and improve their condition.

Depression in college students: Statistics that matter

According to depression in college students’ statistics, 19% of students contemplate or commit suicide each year.

Here are a few statistics we have uncovered:

  • More than 39% of college students found themselves dysfunctional during 2016-2017 academic school years. Ref link:
  • Around 31% of students have seriously thought and considered suicide.
  • According to a survey, 41.6% of students today suffer from severe anxiety, and 36.4% are affected by depression.
  • According to NAMI, 80% of the students feel too overwhelmed with responsibilities, 50% of then end up getting anxious due to the struggle they face in school, and 40% of the college students feel hesitant to take any kind of help

College students often feel embarrassed to talk about their problems. But hiding these problems can worsen the condition. This is why we have to take the initiative to stop the rapid growth of college students’ mental health issues.

How to Identify the Problems Faced by College Student?

When a student enters college, stress and anxiety become a part of their life. But you have to keep in check whether they are experiencing more than that. Earlier notice can help the parents or the teachers understand the root of their problem and what the students can do to overcome it.

Students who are staying far from home need to identify their symptoms as soon as possible. Every college has a counsellor, and the students can visit them whenever they need to.

Here are a few ways one can identify problems faced by college students:

The inability to sleep or even after lying down, if one is constantly moving sideways can be a sign of depression. Check whether it stays for an extended amount of time.

In some cases, it has been seen that physical symptoms start to show as they face depression. These cannot be resolved with usual pain medicines.

Students having severe depressions can have a hard time making decisions, focusing on work or completing work on time.

The outside world may seem dry to college students with mental health issues. They will face a sense of hopelessness or despair and lose their appetite too.

Every person feels sad at some point in time. It is entirely normal. But when a person shows symptoms like feeling depressive for most of their days, then it is pretty serious.

Sometimes, depression can also cause annoyance even at the slightest disturbances. They feel frustrated in life and lashes out from time to time.

These are a few ways you can identify problems faced by college students. If you ever have any of these symptoms or see any of your close ones going through the same, take help immediately. This is not something to be taken lightly. If you do not want your mental illness to hamper your tomorrow, make sure you take care of it.

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