The Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Dissertation

Dissertation writing is a necessary part of an academic process. After spending a few months preparing yourself for writing a dissertation, here you are. Now, you need exceptional advice by some professional dissertation editors that can help you overcome the frustration of writing a dissertation and motivate you in preparing quality drafts for your project.

So, here we are going to look at the Dos and Don’ts of Dissertation writing. Following a successful pattern for writing a dissertation is of utmost importance as it conveys the perfect impression towards the reader. We will first understand the Don’ts for each and every advice so that we can clearly understand the benefit of the Dos while writing a dissertation.

do's and don'ts for writing a dissertation

1. Don’t try to achieve a final draft at the beginning

You started with the writing. You have organized yourself well with the resources, have all the hard as well as soft copies of previously published projects, you hold your pen to write the first draft and explode your brains off. Alas! It is none less than a shitty output at the end! Excellent! You are absolutely on the correct path.

2. Do write such drafts regularly

You will eventually learn the benefits of writing on a daily basis. It is necessary to write, and practice writing over and over again, to excel in the language and tone of the writing. Do develop a sense of concentration to acutely focus on the thoughts that flows into your minds while reading certain relevant opinions as references. Write it down.

3. Don’t skip reading

Reading is important for any task that you will do. Until and unless you read properly, you will miss out most of the relevant and important chunks of information that might be of necessity for writing your dissertation.

4. Do develop a habit of reading in-depth

As reading is an integral part of writing a dissertation, it is always wise to read the subject matter in detail. It will allow you to enhance your perspective and analyze the pattern, the language and the focused tone of the material. After all, you are going to enhance the knowledge provided by references with your exceptional opinions and strong persuasive explanations.

5. Don’t isolate yourself

It is foolish to think that a dissertation can be finalized through the sole dedication of a single being. It is not possible. No matter how excellent you are with your studies, trying to do all the chores singlehandedly for writing a dissertation will leave you with all the tyranny at the end. When you will attempt to edit your writing, you will miss out unintentional mistakes committed while writing in a flow.

6. Do mix with people

Relevancy is the golden hotspot. Mixing with people who are profound with writing a dissertation can help you a lot. For any kind of work, a feedback is necessary. It is important to acquire an idea of the output and the opinions presented. Mixing with relevant people will enhance your dissertation writing skills.

7. Don’t start with typing your paper

Not all are excellent typists. It is not even necessary, to begin with, the typing session for writing a dissertation. You will lose all sort of thought threads that came to your mind while typing a sentence and then try to fill up places with chunks of words that you can recall back. Many students face similar problems and it becomes difficult to do a typing work. Leave typing for a later time.

8. Do use pen and paper and also write on a dedicated rough notebook

Use a medium sized notebook or writing pad which can be easily portable. Write all the information and opinions in it. This will allow you to never lose chunks of information and opinions that flowed into your mind at certain moments. Always keep your rough notebook with you no matter wherever you go. Also, you will be able to write freely without the tension of committing mistakes. Eventually, your final writing will be far dense in language and tone as well as persuasive opinions.

9. Don’t start with the introduction

It is difficult to write an introduction at the very beginning of the dissertation. The introduction should convey to the reader a brief idea of the contents that are going to follow. Writing an appealing introduction in the beginning and then trying to manage the body of the dissertation according to the intro is a tough as well as an amateur attempt. It will be easier to introduce something already written rather than writing for the introduction!

10. Do begin with the body of the dissertation

Collecting references and writing can happen anytime. It is wise to write down contents for the midsection. The possibility of experiencing real life examples can happen at any course of the day and prepare an opinion for that will be easier if you begin your writing with the midsection.

11. Don’t share your opinions

Your opinions and explanations will support the references given. While taking a break or talking to a friend, do not talk on accurate topics for seeking ideas and feedbacks. This can leave you with loose ends, in turn, turning your content plagiarized. Similar opinions can definitely come into the minds of your friends.

12. Do acquire ideas through discussions

You are not required to speak out your reference oriented opinions rather you can start a query through similar situations and understand the awareness and idea of the people. This will help you get an estimated idea of the type and way of writing which is required while presenting the dissertation.

13. Don’t be an escapist

While writing a dissertation you should always be ready to face and tackle difficulties. You must try to involve and immerse yourself into the density of the writing and reading in order to achieve the perfect output for your dissertation writing. There will be certain times where you will be frustrated. Your mind will not accompany your writing. You can also feel tensed with the minimal progress your dissertation has made. Do not escape the difficult phases. Concentrate on it. You will experience the progress eventually.

14. Do become flexible with your work

Flexibility is the key to managing and divides your work in a smart way. At times, when you are facing difficulty with certain phases of the dissertation, you can rest your brains from exploding and continue with other chapters relevant to your dissertation. Here your rough work will help you in achieving the best opinions that you have previously noted down and present it in a more appealing and innovative manner.

15. Don’t panic

“Panic” is a destructive verb considering your dissertation proposal writing. The more you panic, the more you leave your dissertation incomplete. It is foolish to think that you can produce the best output and when it does not happen according to plan you panic. Write and read regularly to ease your panic attacks.

16. Do feel confident

There is nothing more than believing the fact that you can do it. Keeping a faith upon oneself can help you a lot. It is because, when you remain confident, you will certainly look up for possible smart ways and also take up certain methodologies to acquire an accurate output for that task.

17. Don’t plagiarize your writing

No copy pasting guys. Always remember, submitting plagiarized contents is an offense and many times, students commit this mistake unknowingly in turn losing a year or their higher degrees.

18. Do paraphrase things

Paraphrasing is not an easy job. If you believe that it is just using synonyms for words, you are thinking wrong. Paraphrasing requires your own way of writing the same content with a varied perspective keeping the meaning same.

19. Don’t fluctuate with the writing tone of the content

It is unnecessary to think that emphasizing on a particular part of the content will make your work easy. You might have thousands of opinions for a particular situation. Hence your tone gets hyper with the explanations considering that particular situation and for the rest, you have less to write and casually leave it with minimal opinions or vividness. It is a total loss.

20. Do maintain a balanced tone

Maintaining a balanced tone for the whole output is very important. It readily presents the impression of your hard work to the reader. When you keep a balance, you actually present the whole content with well-measured explanations and support them with persuasive opinions.

21. Don’t be haphazard

Working in a haphazard manner for writing a dissertation, will enhance your skills of maintaining an amateur output. Definitely, you do not want that! So,

22. Do prepare a routine for dissertation

Preparing a routine and adhering to the dedicated time frame, will enable you to develop deadline based writing skills. Secure a time for reading and writing. Dedicate a particular time for doing the research work. Follow the routine regularly to easily get involved with all the dissertation chores and secure a fantastic output.

23. Don’t work extensively

It is found that at certain times, students work continuously sometimes becoming nocturnal beings. It is foolish to do all work and involve in nothing other than studies. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

24. Do take occasional breaks

Taking breaks is necessary. It is known that the human eye does not love to look at any particular object or thing constantly for more than 20 seconds. When the dissertation is concerned, your eyes, brain, hands, everything remains in total involvement with the work. Hence, occasional breaks can help you relax and charge yourself up to proceed further and continue your dissertation.

25. Music

Taking a music break is good and smooth. It will ease you with the boredom if any. Well, it is advised to listen to soft music like instrumentals. Head banging metals, high bass dub steps are not going to relax you, but will degrade your concentration for dissertation writing.

26. Evening walk

You might question, why not morning walk? It is because when you wake up in the morning you are fresh and relaxed. Fully charged up. Your thoughts will be clear and words will start coming with a flow. Writing in the morning and thus walking or taking a stroll at the park in the evening. Nature heals all.

27. Don’t blabber within the content

Unnecessary discussion of points and opinions in a dissertation is of no use. Your reader is extensively profound in understanding the reason of the topic. Do not infuse elements that relate to the inception of the situation and fill up pages with historic stuff.

28. Do write to the point

Writing to the point will give you more options to enhance your referral through supportive comments. Current events can be of utmost use. While writing a particular section, involve your skills in maintaining the pattern that creates an impulse into the reader for that section, considering the supportive reasons presented by you. Sticking to the point and present your explanations directly.

29. Don’t disrupt yourself

With the development of technology, smartphones and devices are a mode of distraction for today’s generations. Frequent peeks at your device to look out for notifications, addiction to social networking websites can be dangerous for the dissertation.

30. Do learn to control the urge

Concentrate and focus yourself on the dissertation. You can use a dedicated device for your online research and remain away from unnecessary notifications. It will allow you to work freely. Considering addiction towards social networking websites, it is a problem for all. Meditation can be of help if you will control the urge.

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