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We live in a world that is scheduled according to speed. Most of the working populace of the Anglophone (English-speaking nations) and Europe live their lives in the fast lane. This kind of life begins from childhood with its related homework burdens and continues up to the day the person retires. From K-12 schools, GCSE and GCE levels to higher education at doctoral and post-doctoral standards, students are continuously pressed for more original and innovative standards by their peers, teachers and professors.

Online Dissertation Writing Help

This desire for innovation and quest for originality in thinking and writing takes a high toll on students both mentally and physically. Often, students at the best schools such as Ivy League and Ox-Bridge nexus of top universities have to resort to “unorthodox” methods in order to maintain their place in the competition in both academics and related job markets. The intensity of the competition which pushes for and demands post-human performance and instantaneous results is often so fierce that students are compelled to go against the grain and take assistance of variety of online writing services.

Reasons for online dissertation writing boom:

The flourishing of dissertation writing services on the internet might be ascribed to some prominent reasons. A few of them are:

  1. The increasing momentum of everyday life places the yoke of both study and work on students. As they begin to support themselves from an early age, many students in developed nations have the dual burden of studying and working at the same time. Although many students have part-time jobs, some students also work full-time and study simultaneously. In order to study and work at the same time in a post-recessive economy, many students get their term papers, Master’s and PhD dissertations written by online academic writing services.
  2. The online dissertation writing boom can also be ascribed to a post-recessive economy and its related funding cuts for academics, especially at public and community college levels. Funding has been drastically cut in the Anglophone nations especially for liberal arts and sciences. As scholarships at undergraduate levels are difficult to come by, many students are soon weighed down by student debt and have to work, even at post-graduate levels. All this requires students to receive a degree with minimal effort and time and hence many of them resort to online dissertation writing services.
  3. A major reason for students’ resorting to online dissertation writing services is their inability to ignore their term and research papers, their Master’s theses and Doctoral dissertations. Students cannot afford to ignore these vital research parts of their degree because their credit scores depend on them. Besides, intensive research also has its own rewards. However, as many are unable to devote full-time to intensive or extensive research, students resort to online dissertation writing services.
  4. Neoliberal economies exploit every niche market of demand. Online dissertation writing services quickly flourished after the great recession as a counter-market was created when many of the economy’s promises for the Academic world failed. The conditions were just right for the online writing services for dissertations and theses to flourish and they did.
  5. Due to the recession, many adjuncts and tenure-track professors lost their jobs as liberal arts departments and colleges closed down (many still are in the process of losing). Nevertheless, many of them made their living through writing as freelancers for major websites and companies that offered online dissertation services.
  6. Many of these dissertation writing services provide handsome allowances for professors and offer the same for students at reasonable tailor-made and discounted rates. This market strategy, in trying times, led to the dissertation writing boom.

Why is the current educational system failing?

There are some reasons why the contemporary model of education is failing. Although some of these reasons are inclusive of the academic system, majority of them are exclusive and based on the economic models that the neoliberal state follows.

Inclusive or Academy-Centered Reasons:

  • The university curriculum places great emphasis on histories and details. Although this process is helpful in locating the original research, it also is often counter-productive and becomes a rehashing of theories and their details. Very little space is left for original research.
  • The universities place too much worth on utilitarian models of scholarship. The end justifies the means and little or moderate emphasis is placed on classical models of education that usually led to original, innovative and interdisciplinary scholarship during the post-Renaissance and Enlightenment periods. This is not to imply that there is no interdisciplinary research in the current academics; on the contrary, our era demonstrates the greatest interdisciplinary scholarship that has surpassed itself. It is only in pedagogy and mass access to genuinely interdisciplinary higher education that our era has failed miserably. Weighing utilitarian education as the dominant and hegemonic discourse of modernity, our era has only taught, precisely, how to deal with symptoms and not the origins of causes.
  • Much that is taught in colleges or universities becomes counter-productive when utility is the major goal and knowledge and pedagogy is fragmented and de-contextualized. A holistic education is denied to the masses and many students emerging as professionals often fail to imbibe classical models and hence are lesser flexible in different job markets.

Exclusive or Socio-Economic Reasons:

Our neoliberal times are also to be blamed for the denigration of our education system. Some of these exclusive reasons are:

  • Neoliberal economies of the 1980s placed weight on utility. Hence, this became a deviation from the classical norm of holistic education that was present even in the 1950s-60s. Utility, and not classical pedagogy, became the norm.
  • Economic models that failed the academic system continue to run unabated despite the lessons of the recession.
  • The proliferation of populist knowledge, often sedimented with a smattering of academic knowledge, led to our knowledge economy. Besides, the internet has opened up knowledge for all and one does not necessarily have to study at top universities to develop individual skills via extensive learning.

How online dissertation writing market is helping students?

The Internet is rife with possibilities. As the creative commons and piracy networks opened up for the masses, knowledge became available for all and was never for the privileged alone. The online dissertation market is sustainable and symbiotic. It offers some ways in which new sectors of employment and assisted pedagogy can be created.

  1. The online dissertation and essay writing services assist underprivileged students to make maximum of a sustainable market. The rates for working students are reasonable and discounted.
  2. These services are also symbiotic: they assist both student and professors to come in active contact and create a knowledge base and pedagogy.
  3. These services are also sustainable in the long run as they provide unique project related skills with minimal use and consumption of exhaustive and vital resources.
  4. In a utilitarian economy, plagued by fragmentation and partial knowledge, this system of symbiotic mentoring assists students in their unique queries and provides due scholarly reference.
  5. In an era moving through the fast lanes of life, this mode of pedagogy and mentoring provides dissertation assistance to registered students. Underprepared students can now both research in their spare time and also carry on with their full-time jobs. They can depend for their dissertation on the writing services and also get mentored in the process.

It might be said in conclusion that the academy has suffered a lot due to reckless neoliberal policies. However, this and many other factors have also given rise to a niche market that has boomed into the online essay and dissertation writing services. Serving both professors and students in a unique symbiotic and sustainable way, the online dissertation and essay writing services have found their way and place in a fast paced and neoliberal economy. also provides online dissertation writing help to students

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