Significant guidelines to write an excellent movie review like a professional critic

“I do not like movies”- said no person ever. Say, you are an ardent movie lover. You show up early at the theatre, and take the best seat to enjoy the movie. As the movie begins, you start noting each turning points of it and analysing them in your mind.

If it happens every time you are at a theatre, you might already be a film critic at heart. However, discussing your views on the movie, and structuring your thoughts for an insightful movie review is not the same. 

Movie Review

If you are curious to learn how to write a complete movie review, then you have found the right blog. Here, we will walk you through the intricacies of movie review format, crucial elements and examples that will enable you to nail your movie review like a champion. 

Movie Review: A Brief Overview

Even though every student in the world watches movies, only a few of them know how to write a movie review essay. A movie review is a well-balanced synthesis of the personal opinion of the film. It is a critical analysis of its technical and thematic content. 

The film review is classified as a creative review. It signifies that every movie is considered to be an artwork. Therefore, it is crucial to pursue both analytical and creative approaches while writing your review. 

How to write a Movie Review Essay- Significant Steps to Know

Knowing how to write a good movie review can help you hone your ability to think critically. It also helps watch movies with a response that goes deeper than “that movie was awesome!” 

It’s never too late to know how to write a movie review essay. Here are some significant guidelines for writing a killer film review that people will want to read with utmost delight:

Watch the Movie 

Before you can review any film, it is crucial to watch it. For success, watch the movie at least twice. Remember; do not watch the movie like you are a movie buff or movie enthusiast. Be focused and conscious throughout the film. Take notes if necessary. 

Conduct thorough research 

A look at how to write a movie review template will reveal that watching the movie isn’t just enough, conducting extensive research is equally significant. Find details such as the name of the filmmaker, his/her motivation to make that film, locations, plot, and characterisation that served as the inspiration for the movie. Basically, your research should help to collect information that provides more depth to your review. 

Write down initial thoughts 

Initial thoughts can cover anything and everything from performances to the story, and the visual effects. Say, while writing a review, your initial statements could be something like this: 

Despicable Me is an amazing movie with a relevant message that was never too heavy-handed in its delivery. The story was a nice mix of family comedy and action that would win the heart of all.

Draft an outline 

Outlining the review will help you determine what order the information will be presented in. Take a look at the following points to learn how to write a movie review on your own:


  • Introduction and Synopsis of the Film
  • Write about the actors’ performances and who they have portrayed.
  • Strengths and weaknesses.
  • Discuss whether or not it was family-friendly.
  • Give a rating.

Provide a captivating Title

The title should be eye-catchy. It can be a playoff a quote from the movie or the title of the movie. Ensure that the title makes it clear what movie is being reviewed for the benefit of the audience.

Write a compelling Introduction

If you are asking, “How to write a movie review introduction for college”, then it is crucial for you to understand the segment. Make sure the introduction not only captivates the attention of readers but is also appealing enough to be read further. Provide a summary of the movie you are going to discuss. Remember to provide a strong thesis statement. It should be authentic and based on the analysis. 


Most animated film comedies use variations of the same scenario: the primary characters have to overcome obstacles to accomplish their goal. Often there is the main antagonist to defeat. But, what if the antagonist was the central character? If you ask me, if it’s possible to combine a family comedy genre with a story of a fatherly-acting ultimate criminal mastermind in a film, my answer would be: Definitely. Just watch “Despicable Me”.

Write informative Main body Paragraphs 

The main body paragraph should present all your analysis. This part of your review should be dedicated to the movie’s accomplishments and fails along with your own opinions. Discuss all aspects like soundtracks, actors, cinematography, acting, and the likes. 


Stories about an evil genius cannot be funnier than this one. “Despicable Me” is hilarious from the beginning and until credits start rolling. The director managed to create credible and convex characters. Nasty-looking, but kind Gru; open-hearted and smart Margo, Edith and Agnes; sinister Mister Perkins; and of course the minions. 

The outstanding characters in the movie are neither Gru, nor the girls, but the minions. They are hardworking, utterly devoted to their master, and incredibly fun to watch. Though most jokes will be funny only for kids, nevertheless it is compensated by the perceptible atmosphere of the spy movies of the 1960s with their stylish gadgets and secret weaponry. 

Technically, the movie is excellent. The graphics and animation are of supreme quality. All characters and objects are superbly detailed. It can be observed that designers and animators have worked hard. Sound and voice overs are perfect.

Provide a Recommendation

The recommendation should be necessarily added to any movie review. It provides an opportunity to express his/her opinion about whether a specific film is worth the time and money. 

End with a strong concluding note

The conclusion is the last thing you should incorporate in your movie review structure. In this part, analyse all the points and draft an end. Keep in mind to draft it compellingly and entertainingly to achieve ultimate success. 



“Despicable Me” is a brilliant example of a family comedy animation. It narrates the story of a villain’s gradual transformation to a loving father. Although the plot is secondary, it is still intriguing to watch due to its high quality humour, convex characters, beautiful computer graphics and after-effects. And, of course, ‘BANANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” – the minions! 8 out of 10; an excellent job, a must-watch for everyone.”

Now, perhaps you have developed a clear idea of how to write a film review. Click to discover some more exemplary movie review examples. 

Wrapping it up, 

No matter whether you choose a rotten tomato or a masterpiece to express your emotions, the structure of your movie review should be perfect. Give this blog a thorough read to get answers to all your queries like how to write a movie review and other. Understand the guidelines, comprehend the format, and execute these steps to nail your movie review assignment like never before. 

Happy writing, mates!

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