How to Plan your Time for Completing Dissertation?

Completing dissertation is your first priority during graduate level studies. To do it perfectly, time management plays a key role in the process. But we all know how easy it is to waste time, procrastinate and be inefficient. You may consider dissertation as your priority but in actual scenario, story is different. You have already started procrastinating. It happens with most of the students. They think of carrying out with the dissertation work on daily basis, but fail to execute their plan. Faulty time management is the chief cause of this problem. To help you tackle this unwanted situation, our experts have prepared some feasible ways to manage time for completing your dissertation.

How to Plan your Time for Completing Dissertation

Time management for completing dissertation

Devising a plan to manage your time is the excellent way to start your work. First you need to estimate the total time required to complete your dissertation on the basis of its expected length or the number of pages you plan to write. Then divide your estimated time into smaller chunks to complete different stages of dissertation. You can discuss your work plan with the peer group of your program to come up with a concrete time table.

Here is a sample time table which has been made by breaking down the work.


The rise and fall of British peerage system in the 20th century

Page Numbers


Topic search and proposal submission

3 months

Prior research

1 months

Final research and analysis

5 months


4 months

Proofreading and editing

2 months

Total time taken

15 months (1.3 years)

This time table sheet can be further broken down into manageable parts in the following manner:

1. Create work sheet for each week:

When you have already decided how many months you will devote to finish your work, start drawing plans on weekly basis. This will encourage you to move forward easily. Make a list of the hours when you are awake. On the left side mention the time and on the right side write down the dissertation activities and non-dissertation tasks you intend to do. Hang the list somewhere where you can see it.

2. Figure out daily schedule:

If you are done with monthly schedule, you should start with weekly and daily plan. Some students prefer to dedicate two hours a day for dissertation writing, some plan to write two pages per day. Find out which one of them suits you better and create your own plan according to your necessities. If you are not comfortable with daily routine, you can skip dissertation work for one day in the week. But adjust those hours that you missed out with other days.

3. Utilize every single minute:

Do not ignore the fact that you can accomplish a lot within 5 minutes. You can read a whole page in order to make edits. If you are planning to work until 5 pm, stick to the plan. Do not end your work at 4.55 pm. You will be amazed to see how much you can do in those remaining 5 minutes.

Tips to manage your time

Here are few effective tips that will definitely help you to come up with a perfect time management plan.

If you think your disorganization is costing you time and trouble, then you should invest extra time to reorganize your folders and files because flipping through the archives can be very time-consuming. So you better be organized with your paperwork and electronics files. Try organizing your folders by topics or by chapters in alphabetical order.

Prepare your plans according to set goals. Then type your plans in word document or note them down in a planner. This will help to keep you on track. You can also modify the plans as and when required.

  • Start writing as early as possible:

Some topics require immediate start after completing the research work. But there are others that need to be written and researched simultaneously. Research can be time-consuming; you need to decide where you should stop. Keep in mind that you need at least one year to finish your dissertation, sometimes even more. So you should divide your time accordingly.

  • Allot time for submission and feedback:

When you finish one chapter, you need to submit that to your advisor, members of the dissertation committee and other readers to get feedback. The most important person for your work is you advisor and you should prioritize getting feedback from him or her.

  1. Manage your time accordingly as it is not unusual to wait one month or more to receive feedback from your advisors or committee members.
  2. Don’t try to enforce every comment in your work. You will be confused which direction to take. So follow your advisor as he or she has expertise in the subject, but do crave for second opinion.
  3. You can join a writing group; some people will find it very effective. A writing group will provide you a supportive community in which you get the chance to discuss your work and nurture each other’s work throughout the dissertation process.
  • Save time for proofreading and editing:

You should devote time for copyediting and formatting according to the school’s guidelines. Maintain your timeline as finalizing dissertation would take several months.

  1. You require investing a lot of time to make several edits, insert them and read your work loud.
  2. You need to double check your spellings. You may have misspelt some of them in the first go. It will be exposed when you go through your writing for the second time.
  3. Avoid the risk of delivering plagiarized work by placing footnote in proper manner.
  4. Do not wait for the last day to submit the dissertation. Create your own deadline and plan ahead to complete your work within the time limit that you decided.

As experts say, all that matters is the finished product. You can have great ideas in your dissertation, but what counts is how you ultimately produce them. Be confident with the work that you present, but don’t forget to maintain guidelines when it comes to time management. You can have your rules, but these guidelines will assist you to get your job done within the given time limit.

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