How to Organize Your Friend’s Visit While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a delightful experience. In the first few weeks you will remain completely engrossed with the excitement and thrill of the new ambience around you. In the college campus, you will always be surrounded by new people along with their varied customs, cultures and habits. It is always interesting to interact with new people, but there will come a time when you will start missing your friends and family. Every international student dreams to meet his/her childhood companions while staying abroad. Friend visits can add enormous joy and exhilaration in your monotonous academic life. It is also a great way to beat your homesickness and share your new life with your age old friends. But there are few things you need to take care of before you arrange for your friend’s visit. Here is a quick checklist.

Organize Your Friend’s Visit

Talk to your building managers

Most probably you are residing in hostels or any other form of residence provided by the college authorities. It is necessary to find out whether you are permitted to host your friends in your room. Talk to the respective people or the building managers before organizing the friend visit. All these student residential complexes follow certain rules which you need to abide by. So, it is better to have a talk with the concerned authority and then plan your friends’ visit. You may need to get a special permission from them stating the duration of your friend’s stay. In case you are not allowed, you have to find a good and reasonable accommodation for your friend near your residence.

Plan your term time differences

Term times vary significantly from country to country. It may so happen that when your friend is scheduled to visit, you have your examinations. Then it may ruin all your anticipated plans. It is necessary to do a little planning with your friend well in advance so that you have sufficient time to enjoy with your friend. When both of you are completely free from all the academic worries, it adds more delight to your ecstatic heart!

Check your academic schedule

Skipping important lectures to have a good time with your friends is probably not a good idea. Of course, you need to provide a healthy time to your friends but not at the cost of your studies. Check all the due dates of your pending assignments, make a list of the important lectures which you need to attend and the practical classes that you can’t afford to miss. You can also have a chat with your lecturers and professors to make sure that you don’t have a big assignment during the time when your friend visits.

Make concrete plans

You might have started making your schedule to show your friend the most spectacular places of the city! But do not make any vague plans. Rather prepare a comprehensive schedule. You friend will be coming from the distant home country. She/he can be suffering from jet lag. Give them sufficient time to relax and rest before taking them to any event. Besides taking your friend to all the outings, she/he can also accompany you to the university and college events. It is definitely fun to share your new life with your friends!

Become a tour guide

You are staying in the new city for quite some time. You know all the popular attractions of the city. Though you might have visited the place a million times but it is completely new for your companion. Become a tour guide for your friend and make the outing more engaging with the little anecdotes (we hope you know about it!) about the place. No one knows your friend better than you. So, plan the whole trip according to the preference of your companion and allow them do the little touristy things.

Do not ignore your new friends

Well, it’s natural when your childhood companion visits you, you will spend more time with him or her. But do not exclude your new friends. When you are alone, they are the only source of compassion in this foreign country. Try to arrange a social event where everyone can meet each other and interact. Don’t make it too big. You can go out together for the pizza or have a little party in the dormitory.

Following these suggestions will help to organize your friend’s visit without affecting your studies and academic life. It will also ensure that your dear friend will leave the country with the finest memories of the trip which will remain fresh throughout the life!

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