How to Do Primary Research for Dissertation

Primary research is very important for your dissertation, irrespective of whether you are opting for a qualitative or quantitative approach. It helps you to draw an outline regarding your daily task so that you can deliver a detailed dissertation project to arrest the attention of your readers.

Before the primary research phase of your dissertation paper, you must finish writing up the literature review and dissertation methodology along with a rough introduction. This will help you to understand the nature of your project — whether it is a qualitative approach or a quantitative one. This will actually define the type of primary research work you need to conduct. Even though some students tend to complete this phase of the task in their home, it is not ideally recommended as you might face distractions at home in doing so.

Guidelines for primary research

By following the given guidelines you can easily develop a detailed analysis on the basis of your primary research data which will further facilitate your research conclusion:

  • The primary research phase demands extra care and intense reading, before compiling the information you have gathered. There is a thin line of demarcation between an average dissertation report and an exceptional dissertation report.
  • In order to achieve an exception dissertation, you have to avoid distractions and including irrelevant materials so as to attain a point where your report will comprise of only substantial amount of data.
  • While conducting the primary research, start gathering accurate reports every day.  This is important to ensure that you are not leaving out anything.
  • Clarify all the doubts from your project supervisor and confirm your understandings.  For an ethical researcher, it is important to pay equal attention on all the essential components of the dissertation project. This exercise will benefit you in the long run if you are going to present the paper elsewhere.
  • If you are planning to collect your research data on the basis of surveys or interviews, decide the target groups you are going to approach and then maintain a complete record of all the sessions separately so that you can refer to them in future. Inform the person that you are going to record the interview prior to the conversation. Try to buckle down as much as possible to find answers for your research question.

Never neglect the primary research phase just because it does not affect your grade. For obtaining a fruitful result, you need to invest ample time to ensure that the data you collected are sufficient to testify your findings.

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