Good dissertation proposal outline

Dissertation is that particular academic project which marks the phase when a student is about to become a scholar. Thus, it must be handled with delicacy. When you are writing a dissertation for the first time, it is important to confirm whether you are creating a proper outline of your proposal.

Outline of a Good Dissertation Proposal

Referring to a good proposal outline will help you to organize the scattered form of concept in your head. In case you are unable to access the standard dissertation proposal formats from seniors, you can follow the outline below:

Introduce the backdrop of the problem.

  • The Project or Research Area:

Mention the project briefly along with the research area and the research question in this section.

  • Understanding and Significance:

The subject of the study and what are the effective contributions you intend to do in the genre you are working on and why.

  • Core Concepts and Groundwork:

This area is to posit your research within the theoretical premises, revealing the keynotes with the aid of which you intend to answer the research questions. Start off with the fundamental elements related to existing theories and use your own summation in the concluding part to ensure a perfect transition to your research.

This is the part to pen down an overall research approach, including the sites you aim at visiting, the target group you intend to approach, the instruments or tools you want to use. In case of qualitative research, this part will be of a shorter length for obvious reasons.

In case of qualitative research approach, you need to mention the reliability and trustworthiness of the source information you are using.

  • Timeline or Research Schedule:

This section is mainly required to finish the dissertation project within the deadline of submission and in order to defend your proposal among the committee members.

This section may include the fundamental elements of your chapters and the outlines. However, if you have not yet obtained this, do not include it.

Enlist all the references you have used following an accurate citation format.
Remember, dissertation writing is enormous and self-governing, allowing you to ponder upon your future in academics. Hence, it is very important to come up with a good dissertation proposal.

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