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Perhaps the hardest part of dissertation writing is the proposal. Think of dissertation proposal as a written statement explaining in details the research that you are going to undertake. This has to be submitted to the graduate committee for examination. The committee will call you for an interview and after you have successfully defended your proposal, you can start working on your dissertation. Hence, a dissertation is the blueprint of the research that you are going to undertake. Fortunately, there are dissertation writing services that provide quality help to students who need assistance in dissertation proposal writing.

Get dissertation proposal templates

What are the components of dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal, as mentioned before, is a blueprint of the research that is about to be undertaken. Once you have your dissertation topic idea, you can start writing your proposal. It must consist of the following components:

1. Research question:

It is the central question that summarizes your dissertation. If anyone asks you to explain your dissertation in short, this will come in handy. Think of it as a one-liner that defines your dissertation.

2. Research methodology:

Next in importance is the methodology used in dissertation writing.  Dissertation Methodology means the method to write a dissertation. You can use umpteen methods to carry out your research. You may use:

  • Oral interviews
  • Surveys
  • Theoretical analysis
  • Archival research
  • Laboratory research
  • Field work
  • Logical reasoning

No matter which method you chose, be true to the requirements of that particular method. Methodology will largely depend on your chosen field of study. So a marketing research is not complete without marketing survey.

3. Research Chapters:

Chapters divide the research topic into several relevant sections. Each section contains one particular sub-topic.

These were main components of writing a perfect dissertation proposal.

Sample Dissertation Proposal

Sample Dissertation Proposal

We now give you a sample dissertation proposal written by professionals in order to clarify the doubts you have had about dissertation proposal writing.

1. Title:

Financial policies of global banking service companies with special reference to investment banking

2. Name of student:

John Burges

3. Name of Supervisor:

Prof. Matthew Sheppard

4. School:

Harvard Business School

5. Date of dissertation submission:

9.12. 2016

6. Research question:

This dissertation proposes to analyze the various ways in which global banking corporations raise investment capital for multinational corporations for future projects. In particular, it looks at the new development of investment banking, where banks act as the underwriter or the financial agent in order to raise money either from individual investors or financial markets. It argues that in recent times, investment banking has become more important than other areas of finance for the banks to earn their revenue.

7. Research Methodology:

I shall mainly try to base my findings on the annual and quarterly financial reports of these banking companies. I shall cross check their findings with those of governmental auditing reports of those companies. I shall also take into account, independent reports by non-governmental agencies and oral interviews of top bankers.

8. Research Chapters:

The dissertation will be divided into three chapters:

  1. The first chapter will look at the global banking industry and its corporate clients. It will look at the major sources of revenue for these banking corporations and will argue that garnering investment capital and earning commissions are the main sources of finance for these corporations.
  2. The next chapter will look at three major investment banks: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. Together they control a major share of global finance.
  3. The last chapter will demonstrate as to how the overemphasis on corporate capital is forcing these banks to ignore other areas of finance like micro loans to small entrepreneurs which significantly contribute to the strengthening of the economy.

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