Dissertation writing proposal: why it is important?

Dissertation proposal is the first step to write your dissertation. It is a formal document presenting your research in support of your qualification for an academic degree. Dissertation proposal is very similar to other research proposals which introduce and summarize one’s research goals and propose methods of investigation.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the significance of the dissertation proposal.

Purpose of dissertation proposal

  • Dissertation proposal is a blueprint for research to follow
  • It convinces the committee that your research question is worth pursuing
  • It reflects the possibility that you are well qualified to tackle the topic
  • Every dissertation proposal possesses an explicit research question, testable hypotheses and detailed plan for testing the hypotheses
  • The research question is created with the purpose of convincing the readers that it is likely to enrich the field in general and feasible to pursue

Functions of the dissertation proposal

You already know that the dissertation process begins with the development of a proposal that usually contains material supporting the importance of the topic selected and appropriateness of the research methods to be employed. Now you will get to know how dissertation proposal plays a significant role in your research.

Dissertation writing proposal


It is the significant outcome of writing dissertation proposal. How? Let’s explain. When you bring forward your proposal, your proposal serves to communicate your research plans to those who provide consultation, give consent or disburse funds.

The document of the dissertation proposal is utilized as the primary resource on which the dissertation committee places its final approval for implementation of the research project. It also helps the funding agencies to give their final confirmation. The quality of assistance, the economy of consultation and the possibilities of getting financial support all depend directly on the clarity and thoroughness of the proposal.


Your proposal represents your future plans that you are going to implement in actions. All empirical research in the proposal is carried out carefully, systemically, incorporating the preplanned observations of some restricted set of phenomena. On the basis of the supporting arguments and explications that you mention in your dissertation proposal, your dissertation will be judged accordingly.

When you present your proposal, it explains the plan in step-by-step detail. If you have the detailed plan that incorporates the most careful anticipation of problems, your dissertation methodology becomes smoother. The characteristics of good dissertation are level of thoroughness and details sufficient to permit another investigator to carry on with the study in the future.


When you complete your proposal, you need to get approvals from the members of the sponsoring committee. An approved proposal indicates that if the study is completed competently and thoroughly, it should provide the basis for a report that would meet all standards for acceptability. Once you get the final confirmation, a contract is signed by you and the sponsoring committee. Once the contract is made, only minor changes should occur.

Proposal should be in final form prior to the collection of data. Once the contract is finalized, neither the students nor the sponsoring faculty members should be free to alter the fundamental terms of the contract by unilateral decision.

How to write a dissertation proposal?

If you want to know how to write a perfect dissertation, dissertation proposal is the introductory step. Your dissertation proposal should revolve around the significant problem or issue that is of interest to you, your committee and the research community at large. It allows the advisory committee to offer constructive suggestions for improving your dissertation project before you are underway. To make it more effective to the dissertation committee, your dissertation proposal should answer the following questions:

  • What problem are you going to pursue?
  • Why is it a problem?
  • What is the importance of the problem?
  • Where are you going to look for answers?

When you are composing a dissertation proposal, it should inform about who will get the benefits from the research and what practical applicability your findings could have. It should consist of the intention of your research.

Structuring the dissertation Proposal

Dissertation proposal follows a specific form for each subject, but at least some form of the following sections is generally included in the proposal. Here we are going to discuss the common framework of the proposal.


Title Page:

The title page should include the personal information about the author.


This section is dedicated to make the readers aware of the domain of the study and provides a general overview of the circumstances, issues, and background leading up to the problem under investigation.

Research Question:

Your proposal should consist of a clear a statement of the research objectives, including the questions the research seeks to answer.

Research Methodology:

This section is crucial for perfect dissertation proposal. Here you describe the general means through which the goals of the study will be achieved: methods, materials, procedures, tasks, etc.

Research Chapters:

In this section, you mention a brief description of relevant chapters that you plan to include in your dissertation writing.

Bibliographic references and Appendices:

All studies cited in the dissertation should be included in the section, using standard citation methods. You may also want to include references that will be cited in the dissertation itself.

Words of advice:

It is not mandatory to stick to everything as one has presented it in the proposal when completing the dissertation.

Now, you understand what importance dissertation proposal carries in your dissertation writing. It can be the hardest part of writing a dissertation. But if you do it correctly, you land on excellent quality dissertation. In creating a proposal, you are crafting something out of nothing. So understanding an issue, identifying, reading and summarizing the relevant literature are most essentials. If you want to know how a dissertation proposal should be written in the proper manner, you can refer to a sample dissertation proposal online written by our professionals.

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