Dissertation Topic Ideas: List of 15 Practical Ideas

Dissertation is the final assignment you submit before receiving your final grade. It is a formal extended document based on research work. This work is carried out on an individual basis, although usually with some tutor support and direction provided. The dissertation question is established in substantial research for the project requiring the collection of primary data.

Choosing a dissertation topic is one of the crucial choices in terms of your professional career. The reason is it determines the first major piece of research for which you will be known. The topic you choose will be with you for a while; who knows may be for a lifetime. So while choosing a topic, you should keep few things in mind. Here, we are going to give you a good number of creative and innovative dissertation topic ideas in various subjects.

Dissertation Topic Ideas

Step 1 Brainstorm ideas

If you are pursuing higher studies in history, you need to think about history questions that engage you and the historiography. In order to get more ideas, you have to create a list of the books you have read previously. At this point, you should be able to think of a few possible open puzzles that inspire you. Here are few productive ideas on history that can help you in writing history dissertation.

  • Topic 1#: Military aspects as enunciated by Kautilya in Arthashastra
  • Topic 2#: Durand Line and Pakhtoon divide as the cause of the instability in Afgan-Pak region
  • Topic 3#: The failed promise of statutory protection

Step 2 Evaluate the research method

If you are carrying out a dissertation on project management, as the second step, you move on to evaluate in which kind of management research you have the necessary skills. You may have to sit in library and read perfectly legible printed books on the subject. You may also need to talk to people to acquire more knowledge on the subject. Here are few creative ideas on project management.

  • Topic 1#: Project management within the organization is necessary
  • Topic 2#: Online Property management system
  • Topic 3#: How have current trends in global supply chain management impacted risk management strategies?

Step 3 List the ideas

If you are engaged in writing a dissertation on nursing, choosing a topic can be difficult for you. After you arrange the list of books, you should be ready to shortlist possible topics. At this point, in addition to brainstorming with colleagues and teachers, you should turn your attention seriously to existing source possibilities. Here are three dissertation topic ideas in nursing that can encourage you to create something new.

  • Topic 1#: Behavioral intention and user acceptance of research evidence for nurses
  • Topic 2#: Antidepressants: Are they a safe and effective choice for the treatment of postnatal depression?
  • Topic 3#: Qualified nurses shortage

Step 4 Research on shortlisted topics

After you decide on the list of the topics, you may want to conduct a short research work on these topics. This way, you can understand in which direction you should move. This short research enables you to discover something new before you are completely committed to a topic. Here are three topic ideas on accounting.

  • Topic 1#: Financial accounting standards
  • Topic 2#: The role of foreign banks in emerging countries
  • Topic 3#: Provident is an approved fund

Where to look for Topic Ideas

Here are few suggestions where you can search for more dissertation topics:

  • Look at the other dissertation in your field in order to get a sense of the overall scope and style.
  • Find out about the job openings to see what is ‘in-trend’ in your field and what potential future employers are looking for.
  • Create a balance between passion and practicality.
  • Have appointments with your advisors and professors; ask them what they are working on. In science discipline, you may have the opportunity to work with them on their research.
  • Try to contact professionals and experts in the field to see what they are working on and what’s new.

Now, you have an understanding of how to generate topics. For further dissertation help, here are three more topic ideas on general issues:

  • Topic 1#: Provocation as defense to murder
  • Topic 2#: HIV/AIDS Micro-Insurance I Africa
  • Topic 3#: Neo-imperialism in US foreign policy

Choosing a topic needs a lot of time. So be creative, rather be a finder. Remember that the best dissertation that earn readers’ appreciation are those that fill the gaps of the subject nor the ones thought to be the next ‘hot topic’; rather they are the ones that their authors were driven to write.

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