Collection Of 140 Best History Dissertation Topics

One of the most challenging and exciting aspects of an academic career is writing a dissertation. Completing such work necessitates typically a significant amount of time, bravery, and mental effort. As a result, each step in the work process is critical.

Choosing a thesis subject is an important part of the process. If you choose the wrong topic for your manuscript, you could experience a lack of interest in writing and motivation to write the report or references to back up your claims. Choose the right subject and take pleasure in the thrilling research process that will result in a fantastic article that will help you receive higher grades.

History Dissertation Topics

How do you come up with a thesis topic? There are three options for achieving success:

  1. Make a list of all that interests you in your field of research.
  2. Use the internet to conduct research and study potential subjects.
  3. Make use of a list that other writers have compiled.

Here you can find a lot of topics for a history dissertation where you can choose one according to your choice.

Medieval History Dissertation Topics

  1. Cultural Exchanges During the Middle Ages
  2. The Spiritual Change of Rome in the Middle Ages
  3. Feudalism and Manorialism’s Evolution in the Middle Ages
  4. In the fourteenth century, the Catholic Church and the Black Death
  5. Medieval Spain’s Jews and Muslims
  6. A Critical Overview of London in the Roman Age
  7. The 1095-1099 First Crusade’s Causes
  8. The Twelfth-Century Renaissance, and how Franciscans responded to and benefited from it
  9. Business and Empire, the British Dream of an Orderly World 
  10. The Black Death, Late Medieval Demographic Crisis, and the Standard of Living Controversies
  11. The Church’s Position in Middle Ages Life
  12. Siege Warfare in Medieval Times. Investigating Middle Ages defensive methods may be a fascinating research project.
  13. Women’s Lives in Medieval India, Hindu and Islamic
  14. Why Did the Crusades Fail?
  15. Ibn Al-Mechanical Haytham’s Water Clock, as well as his theory of empire rise and fall
  16. Cultural, Political, and Economic Influences of the Renaissance
  17. The Dark Ages as European History’s Golden Ages
  18. Japan’s Development Under the Edo/Tokugawa Shogunate 
  19. Byzantine Iconoclasm in Historical and Theological Context 
  20. Medieval Convivencia: Document Analysis

Modern History Dissertation Topics

  1. Franz Ferdinand and the facts about the roots of WWI 
  2. Industrialization and the fall of the once-mighty Ottoman Empire
  3. A Caribbean Assault: How the US Invaded One of the Caribbean’s Smallest Islands
  4. The History of Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century
  5. Decolonization: The propagation of independence and republicanism through the Commonwealth.
  6. Strange Bedfellows: During World War II, how the Japanese and the Nazi-led German government became political allies
  7. The story of America’s loss in Vietnam: Losing the War That Couldn’t Be Lost
  8. The Other Side of the French Revolution: How Haiti benefited little from France’s current anti-humanism stance
  9. Neo-colonization: Russia’s attempt to annex Crimea and its hostile actions toward Ukraine
  10. Land possession and the commons: The evolution of land ownership and its effect on the European poor
  11. The Effect of the Industrial Revolution on Western Civilizations
  12. Liberalism’s Principles and Their Relationship to Enlightenment and Conservatism
  13. A Cuban Revolutionary History
  14. Royal Inbreeding: How the Hapsburg jaw went from a distinguishing feature to a handicap
  15. Myth and Fact: Distinguishing actual events from fictionalized ones in Chinese history records
  16. Silent Indigenous Genocide: How Australia’s aborigines were almost exterminated to establish a more Europeanized society
  17. The Historical Importance of Abraham Lincoln
  18. Women’s Position in the Spanish Civil War
  19. European Countries’ Conquest and Colonization of America
  20. Restoring balance between Asia and the West by birth rates and manufacturing

Art History Dissertation Topic

  1. An in-depth look at Ancient Greek art
  2. How important is art in terms of historical study and learning?
  3. A look at one of your favourite expressionism artists.
  4. How did Cubism emerge, and what was its influence on the art world?
  5. Techniques for preserving ancient artworks
  6. A look at the Dadaism art movement, which was short-lived.
  7. Who is history’s most influential artist?
  8. A study of Western and Eastern artworks from the eighteenth century
  9. Modern art’s beginnings
  10. A look at the masters of the Dutch Golden Age.
  11. How did the mediaeval Cathedral reflect humanity’s need to touch God?
  12. In mediaeval architecture, how does the Gothic relate to the Romanesque?
  13. A comparison of Byzantine and Egyptian artistic production.
  14. How does modern feminism open up new perspectives on Egyptian art forms?
  15. Examine how the human body evolved in Egyptian art and architecture.
  16. Consider how the worship of the virgin inspired Golden Age art and style.
  17. Place the Spanish Golden Age painters in the light of what was going on in Europe at the time.
  18. How does Picasso’s portrait of Gertrude Stein represent a step forward in his career as an artist?
  19. During the Cold War, was Russian art an extension of the communist state?
  20. Is sculpture being used for political purposes?

European History Dissertation Topics

  1. British Euroscepticism and its Effect on EU Integration
  2. The Lisbon Treaty and the EU’s Current Aspects of Institutional Change
  3. Examining the Consequences of British Colonization
  4. The Role of Nationalism in World War II
  5. The Industrial Revolution’s Effect on World War I 
  6. European Economic Integration and Its Consequences for Today’s Welfare State
  7. Greece’s Economic Integration Challenge in Europe
  8. Is the Eurozone facing political or economic difficulties?
  9. What factors contributed to the abolition of slavery?
  10. The historical significance of ancient achievements in ancient European history
  11. What negative impact did the Second World War have on European countries’ economic development?
  12. What contributions did the Soviet Union make to the European countries’ unity?
  13. In European history, there are significant variations between ancient and modern political systems.
  14. What was the status of women in ancient Europe in relation to the current system?
  15. Did the Soviet Union’s member countries accomplish their objectives?
  16. Early and Middle-Century European Perceptions of Islam
  17. European Countries’ Cold War Consequences
  18. Third Reich Doctors: Mutated Medical Professionals in the Third Reich
  19. Was the Holocaust a failure of modernity or a result of it?
  20. How did early modern Europeans’ lives change because of the use of print?

African History Dissertation Topics

  1. The Colonial Office and the creation of the British West African National Congress
  2. Transformational politics: indirect rule in Mendel and Abuja
  3. World War II’s effect in Kenya: Ex-role servicemen in Kenyan nationalism
  4. The roots of Northern Nigeria’s indirect rule
  5. Slavery on the Guinea Coast; Dutch involvement in the African slave trade
  6. Between 1985 and 1989, there was political violence in South Africa
  7. Did the discovery of diamonds and gold mark the beginning of modern South African history?
  8. The Paradox of Christianity, Slavery, and Colonialism
  9. Southwest Africa’s Colonial War
  10. Relationships between Africa and Europe between 1800 and 2000
  11. Slavery and Slave Trade in Africa: Their Impact
  12. African Communities in the United States
  13. A Kenyan experiment with African coffee cultivation: the Gusii
  14. Land politics: the Kenya Land Commission (1932-33) and its effect on Kenyan land policy
  15. Christianity and the gunboat: a look back at Malawi’s lake and river transportation
  16. Malawians before and after the Great War
  17. The Igbomina’s effect on missionaries
  18. Lord Salisbury’s Anglo-Egyptian Connections
  19. In the first quarter of the sixteenth century, the Ottoman Empire and the Mamluk Empire had a diplomatic relationship
  20. The Rwandan colonial economy

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Writing a dissertation is the ideal challenge for someone with high hopes and a strong will to succeed. It’s like running a marathon, and it all begins with picking the right subject. We hope you’ll find something on this list that you like. Best of luck! Share this article with someone who may need any guidance or ideas for history dissertation topics.

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