Accounting Dissertation: Popular Topics for Each Category

Accounting is one of the most essential subjects for management students. You will come across the basics of accounting in your early days. But, some students choose this subject for their higher studies and learn the subject in detail. A dissertation is a crucial type of project. You need to look into different aspects to write a good dissertation. Similarly, an accounting dissertation will require you to look into all the elements of the topic. The subject is not only about calculations and profit and loss statements.

Accounting Dissertation Topics

You need to know the popular topics of each accounting category. It will help you be prepared for the project. The following sections will help you know the popular types of accounting and some dissertation topic of each.

Financial Accounting Dissertation Topics

Choosing a dissertation topic for financial accounting can be difficult. You need to be particular with the audience and select a topic that attracts them to read the paper. Following are few popular topics for students of financial accounting.

  1. Health finance during Covid-19
  2. The IFC (International Finance Corporation) and Covid-19
  3. Global accounting considerations due to the Covid-19 pandemic
  4. International accounting standard board and Covid-19
  5. Auditor’s job with the clients and third parties
  6. Relation between earning management and discretionary accruals
  7. Corporate disclosure and governance
  8. Expected returns in finance and accounting
  9. Effect of digital currency on finance and accounting
  10. Market analysis and perspectives of Cryptocurrencies
  11. The intensity of interest rates in finance and accounting

You can choose any of these topics while writing a financial accounting dissertation. There are other categories of accounting, and it is essential to know the popular topics of those categories.

Management Accounting Dissertation Topics

Management accounting is very different from financial accounting. This category focuses on accounting from a managerial perspective. Hence, the topics are also different for this category. Some popular topics are:

  1. Risk analysis in project accounting
  2. Analysing how activity-based costing add value to a project
  3. Research on the allocation of indirect costs  to externally funded projects at schools in developed economies
  4. Strategic management accounting in the hotel industry
  5. Comparing strategic management accounting practices between developed and emerging economies
  6. The increasing importance of strategic management in enterprises
  7. A systematic review of cost accounting in museums
  8. Challenges and limitations for implementing cost accounting in the oil and gas sector
  9. Process banks follow to manage risks
  10. What is a country risk?
  11. Budgeting under uncertainty

Choosing any topic from the list will help you get the readers’ attraction. You need to have a sound knowledge of the subject and gather relevant information to write on any topic.

Auditing Dissertation Topics

Auditing is an integral part of accounting. You will come across the topic during your course and write a dissertation on the topic. Some important auditing topics are:

  1. Effect of internal auditing on financial reporting: internal bias or total compliance
  2. Review of audits  of public limited companies
  3. The globalisation of auditing standards- an investigative analysis
  4. Comparing the quality of audit disclosures between developed and emerging countries
  5. Impact of auditing on the ethical behaviour of senior management
  6. Finding a common thread between different global accounting and auditing scandals
  7. Prospects and challenges of fraud detection in a digital environment
  8. Auditing challenges in fair value measurements in the UK
  9. Impact of continuous auditing on organisational functioning
  10. Studying the differences in auditing between public and private enterprises
  11. Impact of global legal environments on the behaviour of an auditor

You will come across many more topics, but these are most popular and will help you grab the attention of your instructor.

Tax Accounting Dissertation Topics

Taxation is an essential chapter in accounting. Many students take this up as their career option. So, when you are asked to write a dissertation on this chapter, you can consider choosing one from the following topics:

  1. Analysing the taxation system concerning growth and promotion of underdeveloped countries
  2. Studying the effects of intellectual capital on the growth and development of huge enterprises
  3. Critical analysis of the effects of small business budgeting effects on tertiary institution management
  4. Exploring how income tax affects start-ups and small businesses
  5. Critically analysing how to deal with expenses to allow smooth flow of money in the budget of the country
  6. Tax legislation for the freelance market. Steps and policies to ensure fair taxation for freelancers
  7. Critically analysing the effects of effective taxation on the welfare of the country
  8. Identifying and rectifying the loopholes in the present taxation system of the UK
  9. Comparing and evaluating the taxation system of the USA and China
  10. Analysing the peculiarities in the USA’s taxation system
  11. Critically analysing how accounting and taxation knowledge among leaders can benefit a country

The topics will also help you dig deep into the subject and learn different things about it. You need to learn a lot about this chapter to be a successful tax practitioner.

Bookkeeping Dissertation Topics

Bookkeeping is one of the primary concepts of accounting. You will learn this concept when you start with the subject. To write a dissertation, you can consider the following topics:

  1. How has a market and public information affected the market share index?
  2. Risk-taking in business from an accounting perspective
  3. Factors to consider while investing in the financial market
  4. Benefits of sensible investing: Studying its effects on business growth
  5. Studying the benefits of business accounting concerning modern technology
  6. Analysis of asset and liability management in the banking sector
  7. Issues of accounting ethics pertaining to nuclear and radioactive industries
  8. Emerging economies and audit firms: studying the consultancy patterns and audit assurance services
  9. Comparison between external and in-house auditors
  10. Discussing the impact of electronic bookkeeping on past accountants
  11. Comparing single and double-entry bookkeeping

The chapter is essential for students pursuing accountancy. You need to know the subject in detail, and the project will help you do so.

E-accounting Dissertation Topics

The internet has taken over almost all sectors. You will find the use of the internet while studying accounting as well. It is important to know the different topics if you are asked to write on e-accounting:

  1. Role of modern accounting in the economic development of emerging economies
  2. Institutional ownership composition and accounting conservatism
  3. Accounting conservatism, debt contracts and financial institutions
  4. Elements of global accounting
  5. Effects of accounting information on cost of capital of a firm
  6. Environmental accounting measurement: Issues, challenges, and prospects
  7. Relevance of auditing and financial reporting to corporate governance
  8. Bank audit in COBIT using corporate governance auditing method
  9. Analysing the difference between  double entry and single entry system
  10. Comparing capital expenditure and revenue expenditure
  11. Significant factors for understanding ratio analysis

There are many such ways of approaching an e-accounting dissertation. You can choose one of the above topics and write well to get good grades.

Online Accounting Dissertation Topics

Online accounting is a vast subject. You need to know and understand the impact of the internet on accounting. The topics given below are popular among students, and you need to relate them to the effects of the internet:

  1. Analysing the importance of audit for big corporate houses
  2. Analysing the tax system of your country
  3. Risk-taking in business from the perspective of the account
  4. Suggest ways to bring circular debt to control a business firm
  5. Studying the various accounting procedures essential for all businesses
  6. How is a chartered accountant responsible for debt management in a business firm?
  7. Ways to monitor liquidity levels using financial accounting tools
  8. Major factors in determining the valuation of mergers and acquisitions
  9. Studying if taxation is a human rights policy. Detailed research
  10. Why are the non-profit organisations exempted from tax? Rationales and ethics
  11. Development of accounting information system, and limitation of the same in developing countries

You can understand the impact of online accounting when you write on any of the above topics. It is essential to learn the lesson in detail to keep yourself updated with the subject.

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Accounting information concept

It is essential to manage time effectively to be ahead in the race. While you try to make full use of the time by doing the projects, a company also needs to have the information faster. An accounting information system allows them to get the information quicker and is also considered cost-effective. The following are few topics for the dissertation on this chapter:

  1. Using accounting information system for decision making
  2. Characteristics of a company using the accounting information system
  3. Evolution of accounting information system
  4. How is the information displayed in the system?
  5. Implementation and impact of accounting information system
  6. Qualitative traits and essence of accounting information system in trade entities
  7. Analysing the risk of using an accounting information system
  8. Impact of accounting information system on business quality
  9. Impact of accounting information system on business processes
  10. Needs of an employer from an accounting information system
  11. Design and analysis of the accounting information system

It is essential to gather relevant information to make the project a good one. You will be unable to achieve good grades if your project lacks the necessary information.

Project Accounting Dissertation Topics

You will find the need for accounts management for specific projects. It is essential to maintain a proper cash flow if you want the project to be successful. Mentioned below are a few dissertation topics related to the chapter:

  1. Evaluating the success of green accounting policy within finance departments of two major UK universities
  2. Analysing the value relevance of accounting information within the UK post-adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards
  3. Financial reporting requirements of non-profit accounting
  4. Analysing the extent to which intellectual capital is considered a hidden value in company financial statements
  5. Evaluating the role and effectiveness of audit committees
  6. Role of auditors since the global crisis
  7. Understanding the future of second-generation family-owned businesses with respect to governance
  8. Comparing the methods in international accounting
  9. Analysing the effect of accounting ethics and their role in decision making processes and cultural issues
  10. What are the growth options for mortgage-based securities?
  11. Analysing customer satisfaction in relation to online banking systems

There are many more topics to choose from. But, the ones mentioned above are used widely and grabs the attention of the readers. You can expect good grades if you can explain the topics adequately.

Mortgage Loan Dissertation Topics

You need to understand the various types of loan that people take and the ways to repay them. The mortgage loan is where people keep something as security while taking the loan. The bank has all the rights to take over that thing if the person fails to repay the loan. If you have to work on a project on this chapter, consider choosing anyone from the following topics.

  1. Role of micro-loans in the modern finance
  2. Interest rates’ impact on loan repayment in microfinance banks
  3. Analysing the impact of risk management on  a bank’s profitability
  4. Competitive strategies and changes in the banking industry
  5. How has electronic payment systems affected the behaviour and satisfaction level of customers?
  6. What are the problems faced while granting a loan and recovering it?
  7. How do banks treat off-balance sheet activities?
  8. Impact of online currencies like Bitcoin on flat currencies
  9. Analysing the impact of internet banking on the society
  10. Can technology replace the role of retail banking? Discuss
  11. Evaluation of credit management and bad debt issues in commercial banks

It is essential to understand the topic properly before selecting one. You will not be able to score well if you cannot impress your instructor or find the relevant data.

Diluted Earnings Dissertation Topics

There are a lot of things to understand in finance and accounting. You might have heard about shares, but you will get to know the topic in detail during your course. The diluted earnings per share is the profit shared with the stockholders of a company. Some dissertation topics related to the chapter are:

  1. Effect of earning per share on share price and firm value
  2. Impact of earning per share on the share price in a country
  3. Studying the computation of earnings per share: Theoretical and Empirical study
  4. Influence of earning per share
  5. How earnings per share affect the capital structure?
  6. Forecasting earnings per share and stock price: Comparative study
  7. How are earnings, dividend, and the value of the company related?
  8. How dividend policy impacts the market price of a stock?
  9. What influences the dividend payout decisions?
  10. How dividends affect the price of ordinary shares?
  11. Impact of dividend payout on the wealth of a shareholder

Shares and dividends happen to be an exciting chapter in accounting. There are a lot of calculations, and you will enjoy doing them once you understand them clearly. The diluted earnings per share are related to shares and dividends. You can use any of the topics to write your dissertation.

Dividend Dissertation Topics

The concept of dividend is fascinating, and students love it once they understand it well. The term refers to the payout offered by the company to its shareholders. The calculation, the policies and theories play a significant role in this chapter. You can quickly write the dissertation on any of the theories as mentioned below:

  1. Miller and Modigliani theory
  2. The bird in the hand theory
  3. The agency theory
  4. Signalling theory
  5. Effect of tax preferences theory
  6. Life cycle theory
  7. Catering theory
  8. Lintner’s model
  9. How the increase in dividend payout affects the firm’s market value?
  10. Different variables that influence dividend payout
  11. Various methods of calculating dividend payout

The theories can be explained from different perspectives. You need to provide a proper suggestion for the theory you choose and explain why it is best suited for the firm. The correct explanation can fetch you the suitable grades.

Accrual Basis Accounting Dissertation Topics

The accrual basis of accounting helps you learn the effectiveness of adding up the different investments over time. You will need this lesson to convince a customer to invest in a particular scheme or help him make a good portfolio. The dissertation will majorly focus on different aspects of accounting, and you must consider choosing from the list below:

  1. Analysing the claims and freight payable
  2. How financial planning affects small and medium sized companies?
  3. Impact of portfolio management on an individual
  4. Importance of understanding tax deductions in accrual basis of accounting
  5. Future benefits of having a good portfolio
  6. Correct investment opportunities for a specific market
  7. The essence of risk management while creating a portfolio
  8. Key account management and its need in the banking sector
  9. Strategies of making the correct investments for accrual benefits
  10. Points to analyse while making an investment decision
  11. Activity-based investment and its impact on an accrual basis

This chapter of accounting has a lot to teach. You can aspire to be an investment banker if you study this topic well and clearly understand the same.

Accounting Methods Dissertation Topics

You will not be able to earn your spot as a good accounting professional if you are unaware of the correct accounting methods. There are many calculations, and you need to have a clear understanding of each to be on top of the subject. The dissertation topics must revolve around the basic accounting principles, and the following are some examples:

  1. What are the impacts of seamless cash flow management on an organisation?
  2. Identify and discuss the alternative income sources for a bank
  3. How to create and gauge a shareholder’s value?
  4. Analysing and identifying the best way to measure the equities of a bank
  5. Fundamentals of budget and budgetary control
  6. Discuss the different cost accounting systems
  7. Is there a relation between conventional and modern methods of accounting?
  8. Process of improving cost and controlling the same in a medium-sized business
  9. Review management accounting in the technology sector systematically
  10. Analysing the different models for performance management in the manufacturing sector
  11. Studying the need of risk management in risk management

It is essential to understand the various elements to be successful in the subject. You should not ignore any lesson and put in your effort to learn each topic.

Convention of Conservatism Dissertation Topics

You need to possess excellent analytical skills and foresee the different possibilities to plan the future well. The convention of conservatism in accounting is a study of analysing and anticipating future losses. Following are few topics with respect to this lesson:

  1. Advantages of accounting conservatism
  2. Limitations of accounting conservatism
  3. Accounting conservatism and acquisition decisions: value-destroying acquisitions and risky acquisitions
  4. Accounting conservatism, debt contracts and financial institutions
  5. The effect of accounting information on the cost of capital of a firm
  6. Case study on accounting information capital market efficiency
  7. Is it possible to measure accounting conservatism?
  8. Comparing fair value and conservatism in the mining industry
  9. How effective is a convention of conservatism in disregarding future profits?
  10. How has accounting conservatism benefitted the US oil and gas sector?
  11. Relation between trading in securities and the application of the convention of conservatism

The above topics will also help you learn more about the topic and succeed well with the subject. A dissertation is a massive project, and you must be very cautious while writing one.

Fund Accounting Dissertation Topics

It is essential to have an idea of each element of accounting if you are pursuing this subject. Fund accounting is one such element that is important for you to learn. Attempting a dissertation on this topic can be easy if you choose anyone from the following topics:

  1. Analysing the different fund accounting policies
  2. Practical implications of accounting for pension funds
  3. In-depth research and discussion on fund accounting in non-profit organisations
  4. Differences in theory and practice in multinational fund accounting
  5. How is the accrual bases system important in fund accounting?
  6. Ways a firm choose accounting methods
  7. Analysing fund accounting in the government sector
  8. Importance of financial statements in valuation for mergers and acquisitions
  9. Reviewing the different financial analysis models
  10. Is it possible to predict financial distress and imminent bankruptcy by following the cash flow models?
  11. Analysing fund accounting policies of different companies

You should not ignore any of these lessons while studying accounting. It is essential to have an understanding of each of these topics. The projects and assignments will help you gain better knowledge of the topics.

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