8 Ways to Achieve Your Goal Faster With Less Effort

The word ‘goal’ is deeply associated with football and life. The difference of just one goal in a football match decides the winner and loser. In actual life too, people are pronounced losers if they fail to reach their goals. Different people have different ambitions in their life. Though their goals are different, every one of them tries to create a new identity for themselves.

You too have your own goals in life, isn’t it?

Achieve Your Goal Faster With Less Effort

It may be increasing your customer base, getting a promotion in office, better health or simply making money. Reaching your goal does not come in one day; rather it is a process.

Definitely, in the current situation, there is a difference between reality and your dream. Reality refers to your present condition – what you have, what you know and what you can do. Your dream or ambition is someplace else where you aspire to be in the near future. It means the change in your health, financial condition, stature or working condition. The difference between the two is called the belief gap.

The reason for referring it as a belief gap is it is significantly different from one person to another person. While you can perceive your dream to be a reality someday, for your friend it may be impossible. Obviously making unrealistic expectations from life will always result in failure. But following a definite process will always help you to accomplish your dreams.

So, the most important aspect is how earnestly you are working to bridge this gap. Respect your ambition and work on these ideas to achieve your dream and that too without using exhaustive efforts.

1. Assess your commitment level

Before starting to work, you should be clear about the objective of your life. There should not be any form of ambiguity concerning your commitment and diligence. The level of commitment in a person is always important to attain success. If you don’t feel that dedicated or true to yourself, then you might need to re-consider your goal or ambition.

Bottom Line: Always ask yourself before beginning the task, “What if I don’t achieve my dream?” If the answer does not frighten you a little, then you are still not ready to start your expedition.

2. Challenge all the assumptions

Human beings always assume various things about the life. It is a common trait which binds people from takings risks. Either they lack confidence or they anticipate failure which prevents them from attempting the new step. It is important to discard all these unconscious negative assumptions. Everyone needs to start working with the right mind set as you can make your own destiny.

Bottom Line: Just because you have failed in the previous attempt doesn’t mean that you are going to fail again. Remove all your thoughts like ‘I can’t do it’, ‘It is too hard’ and devote your complete self to make a stronger effort.

3. Believe in yourself

In anything you do, self belief can be regarded as the foundation of everything. There is a subconscious thought process called Afformations. It refers to the process of empowering the mind with invigorating questions that change the thought patterns of a person from negative to positive. It helps to create the right ambience that can keep you encouraged and focus on the goal. A challenging goal definitely becomes easier with belief in oneself complemented with the right environment.

Bottom Line: Counselors often use the word self-talk. Talking to oneself gives you the confidence to deal with even with the most difficult situations. Remember that even if you do not succeed, you always improve as a person. Always keep trying rather than accepting defeat.

4. Identify a specific and measurable goal

Vague goals are very difficult to achieve. It also means that the person is not clear enough about achieving targets. Always make your goal specific and measurable. For example, ‘becoming a better person’ is an extremely vague objective as no matter how good you become, the scope of improvement always remains. But specific goals like ‘volunteering for social service once in a fortnight’ are specific and measurable too.

Bottom Line: Always make realistic objectives. As you are aware of your capability and resource availability, make all your preparations accordingly. It will help to reduce the chances of failure.

5. Think about the process to reach the goal

Everything in life requires planning. Your goal, no matter how small it is, requires full proof planning. If the goal is very important for your life, research about all the aspects of it and then chalk out a precise plan to reach the objective. Planning also ensures you that you don’t leave or forget anything on the way. When you have a definite plan, you can also tackle the obstacles more easily.

Bottom Line: If your ambition as a whole frightens you, try breaking the process into simpler objectives. When you divide the process into smaller parts, it increases your confidence and helps you to maintain the motivation.

6. Set a definite deadline

When you have prepared a plan, set yourself a definite time frame within which you look to reach the destination. A given timeline will always keep you accountable and focused as it adds a certain amount of urgency in the task. But if you could not complete any part of the objective within the time do not get disheartened. Rather than revising the deadline, you should continue with the process and devote more effort in the next stage.

Bottom Line: If you are so fascinated with your goal, start visualizing the steps whenever you are free. Visualizing often gives a practice about what you do or about to do. You will stay motivated every time which will help you to finish the job within the deadline.

7. Strive and fight for your goal

Reaching the goals doesn’t happen overnight. It requires firm determination, effort and striving attitude. Everyone has to overcome various barriers and obstacles in their path to achieve success. These obstacles should make your belief and intentions stronger rather than discouraging you. Always have a substitute plan ready and focus on solving the issues which are hindering your path.

Bottom Line: Though you cannot sense every problem which you might face on the way still you can perceive most of them in advance and prepare yourself accordingly. Planning in advance boosts your confidence even when you will face unexpected problems.

8. Talk to experts

Taking opinions and views from experienced people always helps to make the approach more systematic and effective. Whenever you are thinking something new discuss your goal with relevant people. Their insight, knowledge and suggestions will make the process convenient for you. Sometimes their sturdy opinion will also assist you to skip a few steps. Sharing the tangible goals of life with parents, teachers and counselors will also exhibit your gradual improvement and show how much you are working hard to achieve your objective.

Bottom Line: Keep a track of the progress of your work and then consult your objective with the experts. Their suggestions will keep you motivated and help in understanding the positive consequences of pursuing your personal goal.

Every person in this world lives on aspirations. An athlete dreams to get the Olympic gold medal, a student dreams to score the highest grades in the exam and a poor farmer hopes to make a better crop next year. You too have your own goals of life. These eight ideas will help you to reach your destination no matter how difficult it is.

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