8 Exciting Traveling Jobs and How to Find Them

Have you been thinking about traveling again every since you returned home after completing your course abroad? What if now you get paid to follow your dreams? It is always hard to resist the wanderlust inside you. So it is time to relive the moments you experienced while studying abroad by choosing a job that actually pays you to see your ‘dream’ places and cities.

8 Exciting Traveling Jobs

Follow the list of jobs described below and select a profession that compliments your skills and abilities. This will help satisfy your wanderlust as well.

1. Tour guide

Let’s say you are a tour guide in Paris leading hordes of American tourists through Bastille, Louvre and Eiffel Tower. It is like dream come true to anyone who loves traveling. It is a lucrative option for those who want to see the world’s most iconic and historic places. The possibility of getting bored with your job will never exist because it offers variety all the time.

Pros: It is the best way to experience new culture and traverse though exotic landscapes.

Cons: Guides who are likely to work in freelance capacities may face irregular pay and lack of job security as well. In addition, one has to take a lot of mental and physical exertion of trying to manage a group of cranky tourists for weeks at a time.

How to become a tour guide:

  • There is no set entry requirements to become a tourist guide, but it will help if you have some GCSEs (A-c).
  • You can look for openings through Google search. It is a good way to start.

2. Teaching English as foreign language (TECL)

The demand of English teacher is immense in the entire world. There is always a need to hire teachers with or without experience. Typically, countries that are in need to hire English teachers are willing to train and pay for visa.

Pros: You don’t need tons of experience to land in your first position. You don’t have to know the native language of a country in order to teach there.

Cons: It is true that you don’t need huge experience but you need a TEFL certificate.

How to become an English teacher:

  • There are few organizations that offer certification online in United States and/or abroad including International TEFL Academy.
  • Many websites constantly post job opportunities. Keep a tab on them.

3. Researcher for travel guide

There are not many jobs as romanticized as writing travel guidebooks. The most exciting part of this job is that it takes you hundreds of places to taste the local culture, food and hotels. You can earn enough for the living. Sometime it is not believable that you are being paid for what you love to do.

Pros: For many it is the kind of job that they dream of because the money is good.

Cons: Most guidebooks researchers and writers have to work under unrealistic deadlines and work 12–14 hours a day. They must churn out reports, articles and make maps of the areas they visit on a daily basis.

How to become travel guidebook writer:

  • You can follow the details on most guidebook publishers’ websites.
  • You may be asked to submit some of your work. If you look promising, you will be asked to complete a project.

4. Work for a cruise line:

Similar to any travel jobs, cruise jobs also gives you the opportunity to see exotic locales. There are numerous jobs on cruises, some of them are better than others. It can be a gift to you if you are not sea-sick.

Pros: Many cruises make frequent pit-stops on their journeys which could allow you to see new cities and countries. Some cruise companies also sponsors these kinds of excursions.

Cons: Jobs come with long duty schedule and comparably poor pay.

How to apply for cruise jobs:

  • Simple Google search can land you with great resources that post jobs all over the world.
  • Search for cruise companies separately and go through their websites too.

5. Work for airlines

If you don’t mind traveling full time with a 9 to 5 job, then flight attendant can be a perfect option for you. They get free travel benefits for themselves as well as their families.

Pros: The working hours of attendant is only 80 hours a month

Cons: Flight attendants normally make between $25,000 and $50,000 a year, the pay might sound low.

How to become a flight attendant:

  • You don’t need to require completing an online program.
  • You just need to be prepared for the interview. Once you get selected you will be trained by your airline.

6. Work for NGO without borders

If you have the intense desire to do something useful for someone, how about working for an NGO? These organizations mainly run as non-profit ventures and typically work for community development or human rights projects. If you are medical student, this is an ideal opportunity for you to pursue your career and follow your dreams. In case you are not a medical student, you still have chance to find a job in NGO as they hire people from different fields. This may suit you if you are looking for a summer volunteer opportunity.

Pros: If you are determined to do something good for humanity, this can be your perfect chance to do it.

Cons: To attain patients and underprivileged children, you need to go to remote places that are higher in risk in terms of safety.

How to get a job in NGO:

  • There are a lot of job boards that give the list of organizations across the globe.
  • You can also search on specific NGO websites that interest you and review what opportunities they have.

7. Au Pair or nanny:

This is pretty satisfactory job for those who love be surrounded by children. Imagine you are playing with cute children and getting paid for it. Pretty exciting!!

Pros: Families that can afford nannies are typically wealthy which means you may experience gourmet meals, private butler and free vacations.

Cons: Not much glamorous, you have to do many things that you don’t want to do in your dreams like scooping soggy poo out of bath.

How to apply for au pair:

  • Many websites help you find potential families who need au pairs.
  • Networking is very helpful in these types of positions. If you know someone oversees, he or she can recommend you to a family who like to have somebody come and babysit and teach their kids English during the summer holidays.

8. Become destination wedding photographer

If you have an artistic temperament, you can try wedding photographer; to be more specific a destination wedding photographer. The pay is around $10,000 for a wedding, plus travel fares and meals.

Pros: You can enjoy the wedding, exotic locations and good cuisine along with decent pay and travelling free.

Cons: Needless to say you have to be a talented photographer or at least a well-practiced one.

How to become a wedding photographer:

  • To commence your journey as destination wedding photographer, you need to build a portfolio. Take some family wedding photographs to start with.
  • Join any wedding photography groups or forums and focus on building relationships with other wedding photographers to understand the situation of the market.

These are only handful of options that the big and wide world has to offer. You just have to broaden your view to see the world. If you have a passion for traveling then it is the best chance to combine it with your skills set. Look around, you will get something worthwhile.

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