6 Essential Dissertation Survival Skills

Assignment, homework, research and thesis papers are the most common and essential parts of education system. As new methods are being infused into the syllabus at regular intervals, the students too need to cope up with them and keep themselves updated with this fast modernizing education system.

Writing assignments and preparing thesis papers for obtaining higher degrees take up a lot of energy and time from you. In fact, at the time of dissertation writing, one needs to do an in-depth study of the subject matter, prepare a subject oriented outline as well as clear out all jumbled up thoughts and start concentrating on the methodology that needs to be followed to attain an excellent output. After all, your excellent assignments and/or dissertation writing will only enable you to achieve good grades.

6 Essential Dissertation Survival Skills

Absolutely, dissertation writing is not an easy task to do. It requires necessary steps that need to be followed in a sequential manner for students to survive the dissertation with ease. As we proceed further, you will be having a clear idea on how to manage your skills and acquire an excellent dissertation output.

Let us take up some of the factors that create problems for students and why they fail to prepare a perfect thesis on a particular topic. We will look at the problems and then learn some skills to survive them so that students can never feel withered with their assignments and research papers.

  • Problem 1: Inability to decide for a topic to perform a research on

This is one of the most common problems faced by the students while starting up with their dissertation project. Selecting a topic can be tricky.

Possible Remedy

One needs to look up for resources and available information for that relevant topic so that he or she can begin with his or her project with a solid and full proof plan.

  • Problem 2: Lack of confidence

This is another huge problem that each and every student faces in one way or the other. What actually happens is you tend to select a topic before doing a proper research for the appropriate sources. In such situations, you are unable to find proper information and tend to seek help.

Possible Remedy

Before selecting a topic, make yourself clear about the fact that you can do it and thus you need to perform. Having such a motive can certainly boost up your perspective and enable you to understand on what you are actually best at. Selecting a topic that is easy for you can give you ample resources and real life examples or references that one can use in your dissertation writing. This will definitely hold your confidence sky high.

These are the first essential steps that need to be followed so that no student ever faces problems regarding dissertation writing.

Now let us look at some of the universal and golden rules to follow that every candidate can utilize and express their vivid knowledge on their thesis papers, assignments as well as other projects.

  1. Observe

Nothing can be more important than having a proper observation skill. It is a necessary step that allows success to follow you. When you observe, you are more concerned with the happening and you tend to keep yourself updated. It helps a lot when your project or work demands references or current affairs. The more you observe, the more you can feel out the problems and remedies that can achieved by that particular situation or issue.

  1. Seek help from reliable sources

Seeking help can be tricky if not taken to the right person or source. Finding subject oriented people for help can be easily done with the help of your university professors or teachers. Also you can refer to various websites for relevant information, but again, there you need to be sure about the genuinity of the information available in that website.

  1. Join a dissertation group

The best way to seek help is to join a dissertation group who are working on the same or slightly different topic which has a close relation to the topic that you tend to work upon.

How can this help?

Let us look at some of the points that will keep you involved and concentrated with your research when you are associated with any dissertation group:

  • Motivation – When you are involved with a group of writers, your focus remains intact on the subject matter. You feel at ease while researching as you get involved with like-minded people who are working on the same thing just like you. You will not feel lonely nor will you feel isolated. 
  • Increase in productivity – You will also experience an increase in your productivity and start achieving a fantastic output as you proceed. When you remain involved constantly with writers, your research also develops and attains a varied perspective. You can start thinking out of the box as involvement with dissertation group enables you to work smart rather than panic and prepare an average quality thesis paper out of your own.

What if you do not find a dissertation group!

It is not possible for everyone to find a dissertation group and get involved. At such situations, one can refer to private tutors. In this case, private tutors can charge you with more money. If you are willing to spend some money, it is good to have a personal dissertation coach who can help you with your project and boost up the confidence in you.

What are the benefits that you can avail with a dissertation coach?

  • Self Confidence – You will have an increase in your confidence as you regularly complete your tasks before reporting to your coach and acknowledge the feedback given by him. Feedback keeps your work and research in the right track and enhances your quality of work.
  • Dedication – You will also experience an increase in your dedication as you will have a sense of accountability. This will help you survive your dissertation as you will automatically start developing skills to get a natural and well-researched project with the help of your coach.
  • Prioritizing – You will easily learn to prioritize and set up a routine for your work. Maintaining a particular routine can make things easy for you as you will be at ease as you regularly follow the routine and complete your tasks before acknowledging your dissertation coach.
  • Easy going – Whenever you are associated with a dissertation coach, you will be able to smartly analyze your deficit as regular tasks and homework enhances your knowledge on the subject matter, in turn, enabling you to score high grades from your project. It boosts your morale too. 
  1. Differentiate between quantitative and qualitative analysis

It can be a matter of concern for students to produce their work with a perspective that relates to both qualitative and quantitative analysis. While researching most of the students fail to read their sources in an absolute manner and try to pick up chunks of information that can create problems for dissertation writing. You are more prone to leave out most of the tiny bits of information that are not highlighted and rely on limited information based on your research. Thus, the problem of quantity arises as students have less of information. The quality also suffers in an overall manner. No matter how strong your vocabulary is, one cannot just put up self developed contents with a strong language. It should also follow the relevancy of your research.

How to differentiate?

Read in a detailed manner and write down relevant information. Analyze the quantity that can be achieved while keeping an eye on the quality. You can also refer to example project papers of writing a dissertation and create a strong idea. Always remember quality and quantity goes hand in hand. Maintaining a balance within the two can enable you to achieve an excellent output.

  1. Spend your time in the library

College and University libraries can be of great help if you are seriously concerned with your dissertation. Relevant books can be of utmost help even better than researching online. Libraries are always updated with newly published books and are rated accordingly. Spending some quality time in the library can take you to a strong position and also give a confidence boost as you refer to works published by various writers.

  1. Avoid Plagiarism

Many a time students unintentionally create plagiarized contents that can be found at certain parts of the thesis paper. This generally occurs when you take up references or examples of previously published work and cut-paste it in your content. It can be disastrous as plagiarism can cost you your post graduate degree.

How to avoid plagiarism?

While taking up references from various sources, remember to rephrase the reference in your own words. It will remove the plagiarism away and always keep you a step ahead.

These are the Golden Rules that every student can follow to enhance their morale and survive the process of dissertation.

With much of the emphasis on dissertation survival skills, let us also take a look at the way the chapters must be sequenced to make your thesis paper look excellent and appealing to the reader.

  1. The Title Page: This page should contain all the information keeping a close focus on the relevancy of your research work.
  2. The Abstract: This page must cite a brief summary on the adopted methodology, the background of the thesis paper and findings.
  • Contents: This page needs no introduction. It should contain the list of all the chapters available in your thesis work or dissertation writing.
  1. Background: The background consists of a description citing the principle of your thesis paper work.
  2. Methodology: This contains a description of the methodology adapted for the completion of your research.
  3. Data Analysis: This can be a tricky one! It contains a detailed description of the technique used for analyzing your data for the research.
  • Discussions: This is a support which enhances your data analysis. It contains the ultimate conclusions of your data analyzation.
  • Bibliography: Many of you might know this term, yes, it contains a list of the references that you have taken up and have mentioned in your project or dissertation.
  1. Appendices: This page contains all the additional information of the materials that you have used for the completion of the thesis paper or project.

With this, you will surely have a clear and vivid idea about how to survive the dissertation period and learn essential set of skills so that you never ever get panicked and face problems regarding your dissertation writing.

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