25 Rules for Surviving First Few Week of Freshmen Year

Move-in Day — the day when you first step into college — is nearing. You are excited, nervous, scared, thrilled – all at the same time. It is a commotion of emotions. Each student, who came before you, also experienced the same fluttery feeling in their stomach.

Students move in with a blank expression on their faces, the parents look perplexed, and there are enough student orientation leaders and staff members to create the perfect imbalance of confusion and assistance.

So, how to keep yourself on track?

This article is meant to prepare you to survive the first few weeks of freshmen year and make you adopt to the necessary skills and habits to get success in college freshmen year. So what are you waiting for? Let’s roll down.

25 Tips to Help You Survive Your Freshman Year

The first few weeks of freshmen year are the most critical because during this time, you take critical decisions that have a cascading effect on the rest of your life. Some of these 25 tips given below are useful during the first few weeks of the freshmen year, while the rest helps you to survive in the long run too. These suggestions are not meant to confine you in any way, but to help you to enjoy your college years to the fullest.

When it comes to college….

1. Be an extrovert:

You may be an introvert, but college days are a good way to open yourself. Everyone in the freshmen year is new. So you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to walk into a hall room when the door is open, and introduce yourself to your hall mates.

2. Attend every soccer game:

If you don’t go to games in freshmen year, you will definitely regret it. Once you graduate, you will hardly get the chance to attend a match. And even if you do, it won’t be a similar experience that you usually have cheering as a student. So don’t miss the chance.

3. Study harder for first major test in class:

Studying intensely for the first major test in class will always be worth it. You may think this is the time for making bonds, having great experiences. But don’t forget the main purpose of taking admission to the college. Invest time to accomplish little work like finishing assignments, arranging study material. This will help you avoid so much stress at the end of the semester.

4. Chose between sleep, fun times or good grades:

It is an untold rule of academic years that you need to sacrifice one out of three things in order to keep the rest two. Like, if you are enjoying long hours of sleep and staying in dorms for studying, you may not have much time for hanging out with your friends. On the other hand, if you are partying late at night and sleeping throughout afternoons, you will hardly get time to complete your academic tasks. But that does not mean, you will stop enjoying parties and/or company of your mates. The mantra of succeeding in college is to make the right decision at the right time. That’s it!

5. Make plans:

Once you meet a solid crowd, make plans for weeknight and weekend. For example, you meet some people at the party on Sunday, you can invite them over for a movie on Tuesday. Ask them if they are free to have coffee after class. Stepping up and coordinating plans for everyone is a way to ensure that you are included in all the plans.

6. Always be ready with supplies:

You don’t want to go through a struggle only because you are missing a pillow or a container. Get the supplies online and get them delivered before you need them so that you face no hassle. Organize your college supplies as well because you want to avoid asking people to give you a pen or pencil. Awkward!

When it comes to making friends….

7. Head to the dining hall:

Everyone is new; they are also dying to meet someone who steps up. When you know some of your hall mates, take the initiative to ask them to head to the dining hall. And everyone in college loves to eat. Thus, it is a golden chance to start bonding with others.

8. Knock on the doors and leave your door open:

Don’t be afraid to knock on the doors of your neighbors if you are living in dorms. You can also invite people to play video games, or any indoors games that you play. Don’t hesitate to leave your doors open to let your neighbors know that you are interested in hanging out.

9. Meet people in your class:

Many schools promote Residential Academic Programs for freshmen. If you sign up for this program, you live in the same hall or building with people in your major. It is a great way to meet new people and make new bonds with those who share a common interest with you.

10. Step outside your comfort zone:

As we mentioned earlier, even it is uncomfortable for you at first. You need to leave that shell. You need to take the initiative to start conversations, and you never know you may find your BFF from a chance of conversation.

11. Attend all the freshmen events:

You school will organize a bunch of events that will help you to meet new people –parties, fairs, Bar-B-Qs, movie nights, etc. Make sure you attend all of those. Even you meet a couple of people on the first night, don’t narrow your options by hanging out with the same group. Don’t spend first weeks in your dorms; you will have plenty of time to hang out in your dorm. But first few weeks of college will come and go quickly.

When it comes to fun…..

12. Go partying:

You have been invited to your college first party. It does not matter if you don’t know anyone, grab your roommate and go. Interact with other freshmen and upperclassmen, try your hands at playing some games like ping pong beer. But remember, these people are not your best friends yet, they are not responsible for taking you back to the dorm room. So keep that in mind.

13. Nothing happens after 2 am:

If you are going off to bed early, thinking there is not much you can do, you will regret it. You can always experience something or the other so that you have excellent stories to share in the comings years of your life. But, yes, do always keep your safety in mind before doing something after 2 am. It is better to keep the cut off time to 2am.

14. Notice what your are becoming:

You will adopt the habits of your friends just like your friends adopt yours. It is important that you notice what attributes you are picking and how they are influencing your life. Make sure you are becoming someone that you’d be proud of.

15. Have fun but be responsible:

You would be very proud of yourself if you have a good time and still be responsible. Your friends will not hold a grudge against you if you schedule a taxi for them to return or ensure he safely reaches home.

When it comes to classes…..

16. Attend introductory lectures:

You think astrophysics is your area to excel? It may turn out that it is not your cup of tea. So it is always safe to attend the first class because it probably gives you enough time to drop that course and sign up for something new and interesting.

17. Sit in the middle rows:

Many college students sit in the middle rows as they are the best position to enjoy the whole ambience of the classroom. Professor will not spot you chit chatting with your buddy, nor will ask you questions now and then. Moreover, you can hear the professor clearly and see everything on board. So the best seat in the house is the middle rows.

18. Don’t skip a class:

It is advisable that you do not skip a class during the first month of the freshmen year. It is the time when you introduce yourself to your professors as well as classmates. So you don’t want to miss that opportunity.

19. Become an expert on course requirements:

Professor spend long hours in preparing course syllabi and calendar so that you can clearly understand what is expected of you. One of the lamest excuses that students can give a professor is, ‘I have no idea it was due today.’ The best you can do is to mark the important dates on a calendar and hang somewhere in your dorm room so that you can quickly check it.

20. Get to know your academic advisor:

This person will help you with your course conflicts, adding and dropping courses, deciding majors. This person is a key resource for you in academic years. Don’t be afraid to request for another advisor if you don’t click with the first one assigned to you.

21. Don’t make hasty decision with career/major:

Don’t feel pressurized if it seems everybody knows what they are doing with their lives. In reality, they don’t. College is the time when you discover who you really are, what interests you, what you enjoy doing, what you are good at and how do you see yourself in the future. Take your time to weigh your options and make the right decisions.

When it comes to life and culture….

22. Save money:

Did you really need that dress from the Vintage shop? Did you have urgent requirement of a fresh set of make-up? Do not buy stuff that is not necessary at the moment. You will thank yourself in the future that you saved a large emergency fund. Your future self would be more happier if you save even more.

23. Ready to hear the words, ‘economy is terrible’:

You probably don’t understand how this works. It means you won’t be able to a find a job that you aim for after college years. But don’t worry, this will make you focus on your passion and push you to pursue your career that you truly love.

24. You will not figure out everything at 25:

And it is completely fine. Your life will experience various stages in which you will be broke, struggling to make enough money, not sure how you are going to organize everything that you planned for. As the time grows, you will become good at making a wise decision (or not) and secure a bright future at the end.

25. Five years of college will go fast:

Yes, five years. You will understand from your freshmen year. What is more interesting about college is majority of what you learn in college does not come from the classroom. It comes from every moment when you feared to do something, regretted what you could have done or felt the pain of failing in something. Remember, all these moments will shape you into a person you choose to be.

You toiled hard to reach the college. While the freshmen year may seem intimidating, it can be a wonderful experience too. Congratulate yourself for doing the marvelous job. Get ready to start the new college life. Remember one thing, hurdles are part and parcel of life, they will come and go. What matters most is you never give up.

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