200+ Unique Nursing and Healthcare Dissertation Topics to Explore in 2021

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Nursing Dissertation Topic

Now, how about referring to some of the most sought-after health and nursing dissertation topics for fairer insights on the go? Take a look here and unlock more than 200 new dissertation topics to explore this semester.

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COVID-19 Nursing Dissertation Topic

  1. The incredible role of nurses during the ongoing criticalities of the COVID-19 catastrophe
  2. The mental health and psychology of nurses as they observe and experience COVID-19 death cases on a daily basis
  3. How can nurses engage in interactive games and therapeutic activities with COVID patients in an attempt to cheer them up?
  4. The role of holistic nurses in treating and healing aged COVID-19 patients in home isolation
  5. The history, role and contribution of nurses, and how are they still relevant in today’s world of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  6. Do you think the nursing profession is still underrated? State your opinion based on the present-day scenario
  7. Nursing perspectives on the future impacts of Covid-19 – State case study-based opinions
  8. What nursing resources and knowledge should come into play during these trying times of the pandemic?
  9. How do you look at the future of nursing post-pandemic? What role will the nurses play once the pandemic is over?
  10. Is nursing more important than medicine for a person suffering the wrath of mental dilemmas due to the ongoing crisis?

Critical Care Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. The role and significance of critical care nurses during these trying times of the Covid pandemic
  2. How are nurses treated under emergencies? Are they given their due respects during the critical hours of the pandemic?
  3. What is critical care nursing? How is it executed and what key components of a critical care nurse determine his/her success?
  4. How do you look at the world of critical care nurses in this era of the pandemic? Is it possible for the nurses to fight off the odds single-handedly?
  5. The increased number of risks among critical care nurses treating covid patients these days
  6. How do nurses plan to take care of patients in ICU, and dealing with Covid-19 at the same time?
  7. Is your country in dire need of increasing the critical care nurse capacities? If yes, then come up with constructive justifications
  8. What do you mean by critical care nursing? State historical case studies to support your opinions
  9. Do we have enough nursing resources and the right infrastructure to support or take care of more of such unprecedented mishaps such as the Covid-19?
  10. How do critical care nurses keep up with criticalities such as scarcity of medical resources, instant need for oxygen and the likes?

Mental Health / Psychiatric Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. The importance of mental health and awareness in today’s date of the ongoing pandemic
  2. What role do the nurses play in the matter of keeping Covid patients mentally strong and positive
  3. The significance of mental health nurses in helping young depressed adults happy and positive in life
  4. How do nurses treat older people dealing with mid-life crisis, depression and other odds?
  5. What are the key attributes that define the true potential of an able and focused mental health and psychiatric nurse?
  6. Is there an equal possibility for a nurse to develop depressive syndromes while treating people with depression?
  7. The role of nurses in cheering up adolescents dealing with mental traumas and other form of psychiatric odds
  8. Is it better to seek resort to psychiatric nursing or sign up for a mental awareness course?
  9. How do you plan to teach nursing ethics in terms of treating patients with mental disorder or depression?
  10. Why do you think mental health/psychiatric nurses should come forward to make this planet 100% depression-free in every aspect?
  11. What academic qualifications and real-life knowledge should come into play for a psychiatric nurse practicing for the first time?

Paediatric / Child health nursing

  1. What are the root causes of autism? How do nurses approach this disorder and treat the same?
  2. What is congenital heart disease? Can the right nursing practice at the right moment save people from this odd?
  3. What are exercise and sports medicine in nursing? Is the nursing infrastructure of the country resourceful enough in this matter?
  4. What do you mean by ADHD syndrome? Can an able nurse help the victim lead a better life in the near future?
  5. What is genomic medicine? What is its role in the field of paediatric and child health nursing?
  6. The history of child health nursing? What essential facets and background data describe the journey of child health nursing in the best way?
  7. How should nurses ramp up their practices and approaches to treat youngsters dealing with paediatric issues?
  8. Develop a thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge of the essential medications one must suggest to treat child health issues
  9. Should holistic nurses upgrade their practices and come up with better child healthcare treatments at home?
  10. How are paediatric nurses dealing with the ongoing upheaval in the form of COVID-19 massacre across the globe?

Geriatric / Older adults nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Analyse and talk about the impact of mobility limitations on health and well-being outcomes among older people
  2. What are potential impacts of Alzheimer disease on older people? How can nursing professionals help patients with the needful, timely assistance?
  3. How Covid-19 is being spread among most adults these days? The role of diligent nurses in this matter
  4. The nurses’ attitudes towards older people suffering ailments – Do you think that the nurses should improve their conducts further?
  5. What is dementia? What is its impact on adults? How nurses can come together in an attempt to treat such ailments better?
  6. The effect of self-compassion and nursing care among adults struggling with chronic insomnia
  7. How are older adults different than younger adults in terms of embracing certain medications, as offered by nurses?
  8. The role of older patients in participating in physical exercises to keep their body and mind strong
  9. How nurses can make a difference in the lives of people dealing with mental trauma and depression?
  10. The role of nursing professionals in creating a sustainable environment for older adults around the globe
  11. Why do some people find ageing depressive? Can a medically well-equipped and sound nurse help these people in changing their perspectives towards ageing

Obstetrical / Prenatal Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. How does Vitamin D supplementation in during pregnancy change the consequences or the medical outcomes for both mother and child?
  2. The history of gestational diabetes and medical interventions – How do you choose to define this phenomenon from nursing perspectives?
  3. What are the possible effects of hormone therapy in early menopause? What nursing instance would describe this phenomenon best
  4. What enzymes are related to gestational diabetes? What are possible remedies one should embrace to treat gestational diabetes effectively?
  5. List out and elaborate on the different contraceptive methods – Establish a comparative analysis and talk about the ones that are better than the rest
  6. What is high risk pregnancy? What nursing care and treatments should come into play in this context?
  7. How to prevent thyroid disorders among young adults? The role of nursing care
  8. What is Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding? How should nurses come to the rescue? Establish a constructive understanding
  9. What treatments should be embraced to treat Malignant Ovarian Tumours During Pregnancy?
  10. List out all potential effectiveness of Cloposcopic Cervical Screenings – State examples as well
  11. What is Hepatitis B? How to treat this ailment? Showcase past instances to prove the role of nursing care in treating Hepatitis B

Palliative care/ Hospice care Nursing Dissertation topics

  1. What do you mean by hospice nursing? What instances or past practices would describe this nursing type best?
  2. What is palliative nursing care? How is it different from holistic nursing? Draw comparative analysis and differentiate it from the other one
  3. How far has the sector of nursing and medicine succeeded in keeping up with the global standards for Palliative care for cancer?
  4. An exploratory study on the history, application and achievement of palliative and hospice care nursing
  5. What is home-based palliative care nursing? Is it relevant and effective in today’s pandemic-stricken world?
  6. Why is palliative nursing care gaining an enormous importance among higher education sector? Elaborate on the topic with relevant examples
  7. Is hospice nursing an effective remedy, especially when it comes to talking about some of the best nursing practices?
  8. What are professional burnout and compassion fatigue in palliative nursing? Include relevant case studies in support of the topic
  9. Who are terminally ill patients? How can palliative nursing help them lead a better life?
  10. What is the relative importance of self-care in palliative nursing care teams in your country?
  11. Do we need to provide better nursing infrastructure for palliative/hospice nursing?
  12. A constructive evaluation of the core competencies and attributes one must develop to be a part of palliative nursing care chain in your nation
  13. Caring for children in palliative nursing care units – What medical remedies and newer treatments are being introduced these days?

Clinical management dissertation topics

  1. What is clinical management? What are its key components? Explain each one of them with relevant examples
  2. How should nurses prepare themselves to meet, acknowledge and get over all forms of clinical adversities down the road?
  3. Clinical management and psychological treatment of drug addicts in the hands of nurses
  4. What strategies in clinical management should nurses embrace to treat patients with mental disorder and other depressive syndromes?
  5. What are the issues and risks in the clinical management? How can nurses overcome the odds and embrace seamless practices?
  6. What remedial steps and managerial decisions nurses should take to confront medical challenges related to the Covid-19 criticality?
  7. Clinical management of patients and the present medical infrastructure? Is there a scope for further improvement? Elaborate on the topic
  8. What are the different clinical management approaches in nursing? Which one is relevant and most effective in today’s world?
  9. What are various clinical management approaches in surgical cases? Explain this topic with references to some of the recent nursing case studies

Public health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. What is community nursing care? How do nurses plan to execute the same in these critical hours of the pandemic?
  2. The history of nursing communication and community health services – Explore the meaning, application, potential and reach of this topic
  3. What are the best practice standards in community health care industry in your country? Form an evaluative analysis of the topic
  4. Come up with a couple of evidence based public health nursing case studies and explain the bigger picture in this context
  5. What is ethics in community-based nursing practices? What ethical parameters should essentially define the true potential of a nurse?
  6. Is there a need for developing the present nursing and medicine infrastructure, keeping in mind, the well-being of different public communities?
  7. What is community-based health care? Come up with an investigative survey to highlight this particular context of the discussion
  8. How do you plan to change laid-back nursing infrastructure and turn it into something more functional and effective in all aspects?
  9. What could be potential loopholes in public health nursing? What are the ways to fix them?
  10. The role, significance and future scopes of nurses serving the public community health sector?
  11. How can nurses reach out to the people in remote sectors and serve them with the best medical assistance?

Community Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. What is community health nursing? What are its scopes and opportunities if we are to talk about the scenario, five years down the line?
  2. The role and significance of nursing education in backing up and establishing community health nursing services
  3. What are the potential loopholes spotted in community health nursing treatments? Elaborate on the same and come up with remedial measures
  4. What are the major deciding factors behind introducing a new norm or approach in the domain of community health nursing?
  5. How do you plan to come up with instantaneous solutions to unprecedented community nursing criticalities, as a nurse?
  6. State nursing perspectives on older patients seeking community health nursing assistance
  7. How are nurses keeping up with the tough time and helping their community dwellers with anti-covid medical assistance?
  8. Elaborate on the idea of serving the poor and helping them to gain seamless access to the key features and benefits of community-based nursing care
  9. Is your country resourceful enough to support state-of-the-art community nursing care? Throw some light on this topic with relevant examples and case study citations
  10. The role and scopes of traditional nurses in adapting to the new-age norms and advancements observed across most community nursing care institutes
  11. Is community nursing care the only solution or there are other similar alternatives as well? Draw comparative analysis based on the topic
  12. Come up with a theoretical analysis of community nursing care standards in your area and what suggestions you would add to improve things further

Midwifery Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. What are the emerging trends in midwifery nursing? Is the current medical infrastructure well-equipped to be a part of the globally emerging trends?
  2. The significance of natural childbirth environment – Elaborate on this context with analytical reference to midwifery nursing practices
  3. Evaluating the role of perinatal care -Analyse and talk about the pros, cons and other notable aspects related to this phenomenon
  4. Are frequent miscarriages directly related to the higher anti-cardiolip antibodies? State examples and other supportive explanations
  5. Examining the impact of Hepatitis B in pregnant women – What is the role of midwifery nursing in it?
  6. How amateur midwifery nurses should rank up their expertise and deal with all forms of fractalities thereafter?
  7. How midwifery students should plan their careers? Conduct an evaluative survey and come up with a critical analysis of this topic
  8. Evaluate the different stages of honing midwifery nursing skills and explain the same with relevant examples
  9. Observing and evaluating the relationship between physical activity levels and perinatal mortality rates
  10. Can nurses recommend effective strategies to stop the spread of Zika virus among the new born babies?
  11. What could be the potential impacts of delaying the process of umbilical cord clamping after birth?

Health Organisations Dissertation Topics

  1. What is the present condition of different health organisations dedicated to treating Covid-19 patients? Is there are need to improve things further?
  2. How do you look at the future of emergency health services and wards, ten years down the line? Provide a constructive overview
  3. Is the present government funding sufficient for the country to run health organisations seamlessly? State your opinion, for or against the notion
  4. Improving health care services for older adults – Place your suggestions and draw comparative analysis
  5. Ensuring healthy and safer living standards for mothers and babies – The role of global health organisations in this matter
  6. Addressing the devastating pandemic – What roles should health organisations should play to keep the spread of Coronavirus in check
  7. Are health organisation staffs well-paid? Is there a need for further revisions to be made in their individual pay scales?
  8. Workplace safety and well-being – The presence, role and pivotal responsibilities of various health organisations in this context
  9. Are health organisations across all remote locations well-equipped to address and eradicate the odds of Alzheimer’s disease? Come up with constructive, research-based slants
  10. What are the global health organisation standards? Are we yet a part of it, or there are still scopes for further improvements?
  11. Should health organisations support the notion of mutually settled decision of abortion? State your opinion for or against the topic

Evidence-based Nursing practice Dissertation Topics

  1. Refer to a couple of nursing case studies and talk about the health infrastructure that was prevalent a decade ago and the scenario in today’s world
  2. State real-life instances to highlight and talk about the dire consequences of the remote areas and their health/medical infrastructure during the time of the pandemic
  3. What is cost containment in the domain of healthcare? Use relevant examples to elaborate on the same
  4. Present strong and relevant evidences on some of the best nursing practices over the past decade? Is the present-day nursing infrastructure as efficient as that of the older days or is it the other way round?
  5. The importance of home-based nursing treatment – Show real-life examples to support the notion and establish its significance in the right manner
  6. Is cell-free DNA screening helpful when it comes to identifying genetic problems in babies? Cite case studies and other real-life instances to prove that the process is efficient
  7. Modern trends in healthcare and nursing – State the present-day scenario and compare the same by mentioning relevant case studies
  8. What is clinical expertise? How are nurses coping up with the pandemic with “clinical” expertise “? State a couple of practice-based evidences in support of the topic
  9. Show how holistic nurses have upgraded their practices and evolved as better healthcare providers over the past decade. State real-life elaborative examples
  10. What is evidence-based nursing practice? How relevant is the idea in today’s world of the COVID-19 criticality?

Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

  1. How to control air pollution in metro cities? Talk about useful, proven strategies in support of the topic
  2. What are the factors that determine the criticalities of air pollution? How can healthcare practitioners take care of such adversities?
  3. How can healthcare workers raise more awareness regarding the adversities and odds in terms of the increasing number of death cases due to water pollution?
  4. What are environmental hazards? Explain the role of nurses and other healthcare practitioners in keeping such odds at bay
  5. The impact of climate change on the young generation? What role environmental healthcare workers play to make this planet for sustainable for the young ones?
  6. What is exposure assessment? In what way is the phenomenon related to environmental threats and hazards?
  7. What steps and strategies should medical practitioners embrace to make this planet more sustainable in the near future?
  8. What are epigenetics and genomics? Explain these terms in relation with the aspect of environmental health
  9. What are your views on occupational health and medicine? Explain these terms on the basis of examples and case studies
  10. The role and significance of frontline healthcare workers and nurses in setting up a sustainable and safe environment for the young generation
  11. What advanced technologies we have discovered so far in an attempt to confront and eradicate all forms of environmental hazards?

Occupational health and safety Dissertation Topics

  1. What precautionary measure should you take to keep the odds of occupational health and safety hazards at bay?
  2. Should the government introduce new schemes and insurances to support further advancements on occupational health and safety protocols?
  3. The role of nurses and other healthcare providers in ensuring utmost occupational health and safety
  4. How to train frontline workers in the matter of ensuring utmost safety standards while dealing with critical on-job essentialities?
  5. Do we need better infrastructure and other instructional features to upgrade the present occupational health and safety standards?
  6. The effectiveness of first aid treatment in case of attending someone who is critically affected by occupational hazard
  7. How nurses can treat victims of a sudden factory burnout? What preliminary medical assistances would come into play in such cases?
  8. Come up with a comparative analysis of the occupational health and safety standards observed a decade ago, and the scenario which is prevalent these days
  9. Post-pandemic, what would be the condition or the infrastructural standards observed by practitioners dealing with occupational healthcare and safety parameters?
  10. What are the potential physical risks for surgical nurses, especially the ones treating Covid-19 patients?
  11. Fatigue of frontline healthcare workers – What interactivities and motivational moves can charge them up?

Models and Theories in Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. What are nursing models and theories? Elaborate on each one of them with strong references to real-life nursing case studies
  2. What attributes and expertise best describe the role and significance of hospice nursing?
  3. Elaborate on the key aspects of the Roper Logan Tierney model
  4. What theories and concepts are best applied during the criticalities involved in holistic nursing practices?
  5. What is critical care nursing management? Explain this term with accurate references
  6. How relevant are the nursing theories and models in real life? Do nurses apply all theories while attending real life adversities?
  7. What is the theory of diversity in healthcare? Explain this phenomenon with references to relevant nursing models and case studies
  8. What is the adaptation model of nursing? How do you choose to relate this topic to real-life instances?
  9. What nursing theory you would apply to treat people suffering from acute mental disorder?
  10. What are the four most common concepts in nursing theory? Present an analytical evaluation of each one of them
  11. What are artificial hydration and nutrition? Elaborate on them with references to nursing theories and models

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