20 Tips to Get Hired Fast

Landing a job that you’ve always wanted is like a dream come true, isn’t it? Every difficulty faced until that moment gets validated by getting hired to do what you wanted. Well, it won’t be a dream any longer! Our expert advisors have come up with this comprehensive list of tips to land your dream job. Read on to find some known, and even lesser known tricks to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by recruiters.

20 Tips to Get Hired Fast

Nothing guarantees success, but this list will help you get closer to it surely!

  1. Avoid sending your resume randomly

Send CVs only for jobs that you are qualified. Do not keep on sending resumes to every other job that becomes available. Target an industry, study it and then look out for openings. Also, provide cover letters along with your resume to show that you are genuinely interested in working for the company.

  1. Use professional photos for the resume

Photos in non-formal attire show a casual outlook towards work. Make sure that your CV’s photo has you in formal attire. Ensure that you are smiling in that photo. Dull faces also deter recruiters because they need enthusiastic workers who will love their jobs. Presentation is vital, look sharp in the photo that recruiters will see first.

  1. Register on job sites

Most recruiters now select candidates who have their profile and resume uploaded on job sites. So register on sites like Indeed, Careerone, Applynow, Adzuna, Seek, etc. to be visible to recruiters. Write your introduction paragraph in such a manner that it emphasizes the qualities required by relevant recruiters. Recruiters do not have much time, so grab their attention with the beginning of your resume.

  1. Have an informal chat with a professional

Invite a working professional out to lunch or for a cup of coffee. He/she could be an acquaintance too. It is extremely useful to know about the ground realities of the professional world. That person will help you to understand what it is like to be working at the place where you are likely to apply. This understanding will be helpful in selection of a job.

  1. Increase your network

Make as many professional contacts as possible and let them know that you are seeking a particular job. Keep in touch with your contacts and meet their acquaintances as well. You can never tell who will be your next employer or a reference to the next job.

  1. Include references and recommendations

Do include a reference or recommendation paragraph in your resume. Any recommendation can be useful as it speaks of your personality as perceived by superiors, colleagues or subordinates. It helps the recruiters by letting them know of your character without having to do research. If they have less work to do, they will focus more on you. So make it easier for them and increase your chances of getting hired.

  1. Look for jobs that match your skill set

Search for a company that will benefit from having you in its ranks. Do not alter your skills according to a job you want. You can also find success and pleasure in a job that you did not even want in the first place, but it was always meant for a person with your skill set. So don’t change yourself for the job, look for a job that suits your talents.

  1. Keep your social media profiles clean

This is an age where details about a person are available through one social media platform or another. And it is common practice for recruiters now to check your profiles. All platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. are searched to provide personal details that you would not have spoken about in the interview.

In such a scenario, it is best to keep your profiles clean and focused. You can think of keeping your profile private, but that’s not going to help. You cannot keep a track of every platform. One or the other will let you down. Keep it simple and clear.

  1. Dress smartly for an interview

It shouldn’t be pointed out to you that dressing smartly is necessary. It’s highly necessary! It shows that you are serious about the job and the work ethic that comes with it. Casual dressing is a big turn off for employers because it smacks of non-interest.

  1. Complete tasks given by prospective employers on time

Reach the interview venue 10 minutes before time. Remember, the first impression is very important. Provide appropriate documentation as soon as they are asked for. Late submissions are not taken lightly by recruiters. Complete tests within the stipulated period.  If you don’t do these, they will think that either you are disorganized, lazy or that you just don’t care about the job.

  1. Do not lie or boast

If there’s anything that recruiters hate, it’s being lied to. Never lie about your achievements because it will be seen through sooner rather than later. Also, do not boast about a particular achievement because that is highly annoying. You may highlight the accomplishment and even mention it once, but do not go on a loop about its greatness. Let your work do the talking.

  1. Know at least one fact about the organization

It is good to know about the workings of the organization before sitting for an interview. It shows that you have done some research on your prospective employer and are eager to work there. You can bring this up in a conversation with the interviewer as well. For example, if it’s a hospital, you can mention the fact that they have a large number of beds or that form-filling isn’t necessary for critical and emergency situations.

  1. Do not flatter the interviewer

During an interview, it is natural that in your quest to impress the interviewer, you may involuntarily compliment their attire or their looks. Do not do that! If you really want to compliment something, say something nice about the workplace and its organization. For example, you can say that you admire a particular painting on the wall or the color combinations of the office walls are great.

  1. Be firm with your handshake

A firm handshake is a display of professionalism and also shows that the candidate is energetic and is raring to go. A low-energy loose handshake cries out laziness. The last thing you’d want to show your prospective employer is that you are lazy. So be enthusiastic but keep in mind that you don’t tear the interviewer’s hand off. Keep it simple, firm and classy.

The next 6 tips are a bit unorthodox, but are still effective for landing a job. It’s healthy to think out of the box!

  1. Make a job out of nothing

You can’t just wait for a desired job to open up. You have to do something, right? You can start by studying the industry that you want to land a job in. Learn about the problems being faced by it and become a specialist in solving those kinds of problems. Then, offer them the solution on a public forum or through a blog. Make sure your name gets highlighted when you offer this solution. Make it sound like you are helping them without expecting anything in return.

Two things can happen after this endeavor–

  • They will offer you a job themselves (unlikely).
  • They will give you preference when you apply for a position in their workforce.

If you have gotten preference for a job that you always wanted, half of your job-seeking problems are solved.

  1. Contact the top management (wisely)

Why should you wait to be called upon by Human Resources people when you can directly approach the decision-maker? This is possible, but it should be done very carefully. You should not behave like a crazy stalker. Reach out to the higher authorities tactfully and wisely. Platforms like LinkedIn are very useful in this respect. You can also use your contacts and get references. This top to bottom process works wonders if you know how to use it.

  1. Don’t apply for the job

Internet job sites generate huge numbers of applications for a post. You as a job-seeker also keep on applying for jobs. If you are really interested in a job, do not apply for it. Study the work process of the hiring company. Know about its workers. Contact an employee of the company (again, do it wisely) and let them know that you like the working of the company (based on the studied facts). There’s a high chance that they will tell you about the job opening and ensure that your resume and application reach the appropriate authorities. Thus, the chance of your application getting lost among numerous others on the Internet is nullified.

  1. Outline a plan of action for the company in your resume

This is a creative way of telling your prospective employers that you are already focused on this job and want to start as soon as possible. You may write about what you are going to do for the company in 3 or 4 months as their employee. This can be a little risky, but it has worked for some, so why not for you?

  1. Bring in your most brilliantly done pieces of work

This is to be done keeping in mind that you do not violate the ‘no boasting’ thumb rule. You can make a video presentation of the work done and email it to the HR. There had been a case when a candidate brought his own laptop to demonstrate his computer hardware skills. If done well, this will create a lasting impression on the hiring authorities.

  1. Design a creative resume

If you are not getting back calls from the companies that you have applied for, chances are that your resume is too dull. So when there is nothing to lose, design a creative resume using infographics. Highlight your work experience and achievements in creative ways. Use logos of the computer applications that you are proficient in. Visual impact is great when utilized in this form.  But do not use this tactic when applying for a job in conservative areas like hospitals, education etc.

Now that you know of these interesting ways to get hired, it shouldn’t be long before you are on your way to becoming what you were destined to be.

Useful Tip: Do not feel sad or depressed if you are rejected by recruiters initially. You should wait for the right opportunities and work hard on grabbing them using the tips given to you by our expert advisors.

Work your way up to the top. Nobody becomes the chairman right at the beginning. Choose wisely, apply for the right jobs and you will be successful in no time.

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