18 On-Campus Jobs That Will Remarkably Boost Your Resume

During college life, students have to work part-time to meet their daily expenses and also to save money for special occasions. Nowadays, students not only work for financial purposes but also to get relevant experience in their chosen future careers. No job can be better than an on-campus job for college students because of the short distance from dorm rooms and classrooms to the job location. You will save time in traveling and also your study will not get hampered as your employers are college personnel. They will grant you ample time to complete your coursework and study when required.

Top On-Campus Jobs for College Students

There are regular on-campus jobs like college tour guide and resident assistants, but the following 18 jobs are relatively unconventional and can help you earn a decent amount of money besides giving you beneficial experience that will boost your resume —

1. Gym Trainer or Assistant:

If you are into fitness and love physical training, this is the perfect job for you. You can either assist the gym trainer or become the trainer yourself if you have the necessary qualifications.  You will have to –

  • Manage the gym equipment.
  • Keep track of members coming and leaving.
  • Help the members in their exercises and provide them with daily routine charts.
  • If you have an idea of what constitutes a healthy diet for different body types, you can also provide members with a diet chart.
  • You have to monitor the electricity consumed by the gym and regulate other utilities as used.

The Industry that you can be employed in with the help of this job experience in your resume is Fitness and Physical Training.

2. Website Manager:

Every college has its own website nowadays and managing a website requires a lot of maintenance work. It requires updated content and graphics at regular intervals. As a website manager, you will have to write the content, update the infographics on the website and may have to edit and proofread articles and blogs. You will have to manage the team of content writers and technicians working on the website. You also have to be in contact with representatives of all the college’s departments and update their information on the website. The information may be latest news from the department, updated contact numbers and email addresses, its achievements, seat vacancies, application forms etc.

The Industry that you can be employed in with the help of this job experience in your resume is Web Development/IT Industry.

3. Research Assistant for Professors or Ph.D. Students:

Professors and Ph.D. students require assistants to help them with their research. This job will be funded by the individual hiring you, i.e., the professor or the doctorate student. This job will help you in gaining in-depth knowledge of the subject that you are studying and want to make a career in. Also, you can get a letter of recommendation for the permanent job that you apply after graduating. If the professor is a renowned scholar, you will get a chance to work with one of the best in your chosen field along with earning some money.

This valuable experience will give your resume a huge boost and rapidly increase your chances of getting employed in the industry that you wish to work in.

4. Library Organizer:

If your chosen career is library management, it is an established fact that you have to work in your college’s library first. College libraries are usually very large and require a good number of people to manage them. As a library organizer/assistant, your job tasks will be –

  • Arranging books, magazines and newspapers according to different sorting priorities. Books should be sorted according to their genres/subjects first and then according to the authors’ alphabetical order.
  • Newspapers and magazines should be arranged in alphabetical order with the most recent copies on top or in front.
  • Maintaining the book lending records and keeping track of due dates and subsequent fines.
  • Responsible for asking the readers to maintain silence in the library.
  • Maintaining utility bills.

The Industry that you can be employed in with the help of this job experience in your resume is Library Management.

5. Administrative Office Work:

There is always a requirement for personnel in the administration and management of the college. Clerk tasks, accounting tasks, database management, data entry etc. are just some of the work that is involved in college administrative work. The college gives its students preference for employment in these jobs because nobody knows the college and its requirements better than its own students. This also gives the students a hands-on experience in practical administration. Management students will get a huge boost in their resume with these kinds of jobs.

Management recruiters want students who have had experience of working in an office environment and have taken responsibilities of administration.

6. College’s Daycare Center:

If the college has a daycare center, students can get a job as teachers there. This job requires the student to be able to handle children patiently. As a daycare employee, you are required to –

  • Teach various subjects to children.
  • Engage them in productive activities.

This is a job where students can get practical experience of working with children. Students who have aspirations of becoming a teacher or professor will get a boost in their resume with this job.

7. Tutoring International Students:

Tutoring is a common job for college students, but tutoring International students is a different task altogether. International students often face difficulties in adapting to the academic system of the new country. This is where you can get the opportunity of employing yourself as a teacher and a guide for these students. You will first have to make them acquainted with the native language. Then you will have to tutor them in topics that they have problems in understanding due to new concepts.

You will be a guide for International students in their academic pursuits. This job experience will help you in Teaching and even Consultation work.

8. Managing The College’s Sports Teams:

Students with an inclination towards sports management or sports science can get a job in the management of the college’s sports teams.  You can be an assistant to the team doctor or physiotherapist depending on your chosen field of work. You can also be the coach’s assistant if you have sports team managerial aspirations.

You have to help your superiors in the daily running of the teams –

  • Manage the players and their requirements.
  • Help in setting up training routines.
  • Referee practice matches.
  • Manage the sporting equipment, its maintenance and procurement.
  • If you are tech-savvy, you can even make videos and infographics of the team’s plays and positions. Also, you can monitor the opponents’ tactics to show your team’s players what they are up against.

9. Technological Equipment Personnel:

All colleges are now technologically equipped. Computers, laptops, internet, projectors and other electronic devices are now used in all aspects of college life. As a technological equipment personnel (or IT/Tech support personnel), you have to solve issues related to these devices. You have to –

  • Provide troubleshooting tips for connection and software issues.
  • Repair faulty hardware.
  • Upgrade software.
  • Remove viruses and malware.
  • Set up firewalls for connection safety.

By doing this job, you can earn sufficient money and get practical experience in the IT industry. If you plan to work in this sector, doing this job in college will improve your resume and help you in landing a lucrative job.

10. Newspaper Writer/Editor:

Most colleges have their own weekly, fortnightly or monthly newspapers and they require many people to work on it. They prefer their own students for the simple reason that the students will have first-hand information about the goings-on of the college. As a college newspaper writer, you will have to write articles based on various topics –

  • Academic articles based on the courses available in the college.
  • Blogs about student life and other related college issues.
  • Important notices that are released by college authorities.

The editor is the highest post of this job. It is mostly given to professors or meritorious senior students. So if you have aspirations of becoming the editor of a reputed media house, this is the best position to start with. This job will require you to be responsible for the workings of the newspaper. You have to take care of every process. Copy editing and proofreading are also a part of this job.

11. Tax Consultant for Professors and Fellow Students:

If you are looking for a career in taxation and public accounts, this job is the most suitable option for you to earn money and gain valuable experience for your future career. College students who work part-time and professors often do not get time to calculate and minimize their taxes. They hire other students who specialize in this subject to –

  • Advise them on how to minimize their taxes.
  • Calculate how much tax they are liable to pay.

Along with work experience, you also get recognized by professors as an expert in the field. This increases your chances of getting hired as a tax consultant or in the area of public accounts.

12. Produce a College Play:

There are various job opportunities in a college’s theatrics department. They need stagehands, lighting personnel, prop handlers, musicians, etc. You can help set up a play by assisting in the management of props and lights. This will show that you have skills in working as a team and will also show your time management skills because of the deadlines associated with this kind of work.

Companies of this industry will be interested in people who have had this kind of a job experience. Recruiters always look for people who have practical experience and skills involving teamwork and management of time, so this job is a good platform from which you can launch your career.

13. Organize Events for Various Fraternities and Associations of the College:

There are many events that take place in a college. Seminars, meetings, guest lectures, convocations, fraternity and club events and many more events regularly occur in college. The organization of these events requires impressive management skills. So, if you get a job of organizing events in college, your resume’s value will increase manifold.

If you want to make a career in event planning and organization, this is the job that you should do in college. Start from small events and then slowly go on to bigger ones and watch your reputation as an event organizer reach great heights.  

14. Handle Your College’s Social Media Accounts:

Every college has social media accounts to keep its students and alumni aware of the college’s happenings. They need people who are actively involved in social media to handle these accounts. You can handle the college’s Facebook profile, Twitter account, official email account, Google+ account, etc; use your social media acumen to keep associated people informed and involved with the college.

These accounts regularly need to be updated so that students and alumni networks do not have to go through any trouble to find out how the college is performing and its latest notices. This will help you to gain valuable experience in social media administration. Recruiters will give you preference with this job experience in your resume.

15. Become the College’s Official Photographer:

This is a dream on-campus job for a student who wants to have a career in photography. If you manage to become the college’s official photographer, you will be giving your resume the best possible boost. You will be required to –

  • Cover all of the college’s events.
  • Take topic-based photographs for the college newspaper.
  • Take official group and department photographs.

After doing this job, you will have increased opportunities for working in these areas –

  • Newspaper photographer.
  • Travelogue photographer.
  • Selling stock photos to whosoever requires it.
  • Fashion photography depending on whether you have covered college fashion shows.
  • Wildlife photography depending on whether you have covered the wildlife that is present inside or outside the college campus. 

16. Become a Company’s Brand Ambassador:

During campus placements, some companies often hire current students as their brand ambassadors in the college. These students actively promote the company’s products/services mostly through social media. If you do become the brand ambassador of a company in your college, the company may give you incentives if you get new users to sign up on their website.

By doing this job, you also get inside knowledge of a company’s marketing strategies and principles. This experience and knowledge are a handy addition to your resume and is sure to make recruiters notice you as an experienced social media marketer.

17. Cafeteria Manager:

Students who have ambitions of being restaurateurs and hotel managers should first work in the college cafeteria.

  • You can start by being in charge of the daily menu.
  • You can then move on to supervision of the kitchen.
  • The next and ultimate step will be to manage the cafeteria floor. Everything that involves the cafeteria will be your responsibility. From managing raw materials to checking meals and overseeing the cafeteria during its working hours, everything will have to be done by the cafeteria manager. Even utility bills have to be managed by the manager.

Being the cafeteria manager will prove to be a great component of your resume as it shows you have all the requisite skills and relevant experience to manage a restaurant or hotel.

18. Test Grader:

Some freshman courses may have around 200-300 students enrolled. Professors will not have enough time to grade all the students’ tests. They delegate these grading responsibilities to students who get paid through college funding. The difficulty of grading tasks varies according to the subject. The answer key is provided by the professor concerned, but subjective answers require considerable knowledge and skill of judgment to grade.

This job is a great experience for future teachers and professors as they learn about the intricacies of grading tests.

On-campus jobs are now more than just a source of income. It should be used as a launch pad for your career. It is important for the students to research thoroughly about their career prospects if they take up a particular job in college. They should choose a job that will make their resume unique and will help them in landing a job in the relevant industry. Students should also consult the college’s student advisor. To get an on-campus job, students should contact the student employment office of the college. They can also ask their professors to give relevant recommendations and advice.

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