167 Attention-Grabbing Persuasive Speech Topics to Ensure Academic Success

The quality of your persuasive speech solely depends on the topic you choose. When given a task to come up with an impressive speech, the students in most cases have to select the theme on their own. Among the infinite choices, often they are left with utter confusion. Choosing the right topic or ideas that you are comfortable with is not an easy task to find.

Intelligence lies in opting for a subject that completely relates to you. In that case, dig into the inventory of your personal interests. Discussing something that you love to talk about is not only easy but fun as well. Moreover, ideas constantly poke your stream of thoughts when you have a genuine interest in that field.

Persuasive Speech Topics

What creates a decent persuasive speech topic?

The list of persuasive speech topics is perpetual and ceaseless but, how to identify the better among the best! Numerous reasons can compose this answer in the most decent way but only a few are jotted here for your better understanding. To be more precise, these grounds explain the answer to that question in the most superior way possible.

  • Your choice of topic must tone with your personal interests:

Your speech seems flawless only if you are orating on a topic that never makes you anxious. Once you become apprehensive, your logic and arguments go baseless. You can never again stream your thoughts in the direction you want it to be.

The entire sermon sounds enthusiastic and enjoyable if you speak like a spontaneously without any incoherent discourse. You can also research on the topic thoroughly if it is from your zone of interests or it is something that you like learning about.

  • Your topic needs to connect with the audience:

If your oration does not connect with your listeners, then there is no use of delivering the speech. The main motive is to captivate people so that they pay attention to your words. Being the spokesperson, it is your responsibility to indulge the addresses in your flow of speaking.

Here you need to play the trick! Identify few topics that are trending and people are mostly talking about. Amongst those, choose the one that tunes with your personal choice. Needless to say that, the ideal theme for your persuasive lecture is ready. Research on the topic and prepare your substantial draft for presentation.

  • Make certain your speech topic is not at all cliché:

Holding your audience is the hardest part of any persuasive speech. The moment your topic sounds overdone, people leaves the space. Such a scenario occurs in spite of the topic being pristine and trendy. There is never a lack of potential ideas but if already been said a lot on this subject, better you drop this matter.

After a detailed study on your topic, identify what exactly is people’s idea on this theme. Subsequently, outline your material with all new dimensions and keep a note of the major points so that you can rattle on it anytime in the future.

By the time, probably you know the right way of choosing a suitable topic! Now, look at the persuasive speech catalog – the topics are categorized under distinct sub-divisions.

Persuasive Speech Topics


  1. Pets should be more adopted than bought from a breeder.
  2. Should we execute a dog that has once bitten someone?
  3. Thoughts on banning factory farming
  4. People who adopt pets are good at heart
  5. Cats or dogs: who are the better pets?
  6. Do you snakes are a great pet?
  7. Reasons why pets tune perfectly with kids
  8. What about owning a horse?
  9. We must provide better protection for dolphins
  10. Let the wild animals stay wild
  11. Some endangered animals and ways to save them
  12. What if people are allowed to own exotic animals like lions and tigers?
  13. Have you ever thought of a nutritious vegetarian diet for your pet cats and dogs?
  14. Know about the pros and cons before you bring your pet home
  15. What is the state of circus animals? Are they respected and appreciated?
  16. Animal testing – beneficial or vicious?
  17. Fun elements indulged in rooster fighting
  18. Pigs skin are now used for making cosmetics: lets discuss on the its truth factors
  19. Aquarium of colorful fishes is a great means of relaxation
  20. Should we allow pet birds to fly?
  21. Do you know drugs are now injected to cows for increasing their milk?
  22. Do you have any idea that monkeys are more intelligent than mammals
  23. It is inevitable that selling of rhino horns is the cause for their extinction.
  24. Hybrid animals – natural or not?
  25. Painting on cattle’s body for a trademark should be banned immediately.
  26. Humans are the cause of animal extinction – let’s behave sensibly!
  27. What happens if fishes are kept in goldfish bowls without temperature control or filters?
  28. Hunting seals for fur will soon lead to their extinction
  29. Traders are making chunks of money by trading animal-made products
  30. Are spiders harmless?
  31. Is ‘dog breeding’ ethical to create mixed hybrids?
  32. People suggest to avoid eating pork: Think why!
  33. Should we euthanize a dog if it bites someone?
  34. Poaching should be banned as it affects the economy and the animal’s life
  35. How does animal health get affected due to smog?
  36. Animals are of great demand for future prediction: My take on that
  37. Why should you stop your kids to ride an elephant?
  38. Zoos are necessary and important sources of research and conservation on exotic animals.
  39. Do you think The Animal Welfare Act of 1966 (AWA) is outdated and should be revised?
  40. Do you know your pets hair needs brushing every evening?
  41. Do you know why hamsters are the best pets for the kids?
  42. Why does dove and domestic pigeon make great pets?
  43. Marine mammals needs to be kept in captivity
  44. Animal abuse must immediately be taken care of
  45. What is the idea behind owning a raven as a pet?
  46. Why should you adopt friendly attitude towards your pets while training them?
  47. Polar bears should never be kept in zoo – know why!
  48. Goat milk or cow milk: which one is more preferable?
  49. Is your pet dog the reason behind your bunch of new friends?
  50. Do you know petting and talking to animals acts as stress busters for humans?

Fun and Facts:

  1. Are ghosts real?
  2. Every person must be childish at heart
  3. Smokers have more connections
  4. Living together before marriage is the sign of a healthy relationship
  5. Let your kids believe in Santa
  6. Cake without cream is not a cake
  7. Parents must prepare themselves for ‘birds and bees’ talk
  8. Music has the power to heal people mind
  9. Women are not damsels in pain
  10. People becomes miserable if they are too rich
  11. Becoming obese is like a piece of cake
  12. Every individual with a camera is now a photographer
  13. You know Murphy’s law is real?
  14. At times, mistakes are profitable
  15. One never chase an idle dream
  16. What is the most stressful thing: Family Reunion
  17. People are masked every day and night not just on Halloween
  18. Have you ever made a big mistake like asking a woman her age?
  19. Smarter is the concept of buying house rather than renting it
  20. Contrary to what people say, all is not fair in love and war
  21. Movie ratings are basically misleading
  22. Let me say, “There is no such thing like luck”
  23. Gender wars indicate healthy lifestyle
  24. Do you know aliens are our neighbors
  25. People clean closets whenever they are depressed
  26. Space exploration will destroy mankind
  27. What is your take on electronic dance music?
  28. Tattoos are nothing but a form of art
  29. Roller coaster rides are quite dangerous
  30. The chicken came before egg
  31. Skin care creams are useless
  32. Putting others forward in danger is not a good trait
  33. Artificial intelligence is a perfect stepping stone for mankind
  34. Read the book or watch the movie: what should you do first?
  35. All of us are victims of phantom vibration syndrome
  36. Lone travelling and good music is a great way of refreshing minds
  37. Do you know an app can help you lose weight?
  38. Stop being overly engaged in social media to be happier in life
  39. Comedians must curse for emphasis
  40. Cook together to ensure you are a happy couple
  41. Dropping a year before joining college is essential
  42. Earth has its own hell and heaven
  43. Every seniors say the next generation is immoral
  44. Are you thinking of an online relationship? It’s easier
  45. Humans are getting lazier since robots came into play
  46. Do you know desktop computers are already outdated?
  47. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach
  48. The better the cheese tastes the older it smells
  49. Riding time and travelling is possible
  50. A new league for soccer moms


  1. Owning a business leads to loss of good friends
  2. Business makes every individual a little harder everyday
  3. Only a well-organized personality can be a great business owner
  4. Both short and long-term goals are necessary for business
  5. Just because the purchaser is known to you, they doesn’t owe some discounts
  6. On occasions recall your past clients with thoughtful gifts
  7. You must not forget your position in the industry
  8. Word of cautions uttered is still an appreciated way of getting new clients
  9. Smarter business modules include creation of new blog posts
  10. Customer may not be always right but handle them tactically
  11. You must know how to open new opportunities for your business
  12. Delivering an experience uplifts that person’s trade
  13. Neither be afraid of your competitors nor take them too lightly
  14. Never indulge in a trade you have no interests in
  15. Your instinct is the best guide in your business
  16. Being perseverant and persistent works as an added advantage
  17. Know the precise reasons why you should turn your passion into business
  18. Think marketing as an investment but never let it be an option
  19. Owners who delegate well are immensely successful
  20. In a few days, virtual business will gulp the retail trade
  21. Do you know working for the competitors is supposed to be a good move in business
  22. Experiences matter more than qualifications in a business
  23. An employer has no right to ask for your social media account
  24. A background check of your staff’s potential is mandate before hiring
  25. Your business research must include different cultural aspects
  26. Do you know having a short side business is actually a clever idea
  27. College degrees doesn’t have the power to define business’ success
  28. Modern day business promotions are mostly digital
  29. Corporate business is riding over government firms
  30. Sexual harassment should be punished mercilessly in the workplace
  31. Trainings are an integral part of business
  32. Yearly bonus must fit the appraisals of the staffs
  33. Negative reviews are captivating: learn from them
  34. Job hoppers are a big NO-NO for your business
  35. Your company rules must be same for each of your employees
  36. Food sales are meant for Black Friday sales
  37. Businessman with a good sense of humor builds stronger relationship with the clients
  38. An easy way to keep your employees happy is to offer them free food
  39. Hire fixed drivers for company vehicles
  40. Bankruptcy is the effect of poor leadership
  41. Employees must not be prohibited from dating each other
  42. Location is the key for any physical business
  43. Royalty must be the treatment for loyal customers
  44. Mono-tasking or multi-tasking: what does business like most?
  45. ‘Go Green’ must be the motto of every businessman
  46. Large companies must have the provision for daycare
  47. Hire people who can speak multiple languages: Business is dynamic
  48. Promises must be utterly respected in every business
  49. Asking the staffs to work on lunch breaks is against the business policy
  50. Your business should never diminish on quality standards

Food and Drink:

  1. Your take on: Advertisements of alcohol companies telecasted on TV
  2. Every school curriculum must include cooking as compulsory
  3. What is the history behind added sugar in our food
  4. What if we all grow vegetables by our own
  5. Do you know drinking more orange juice is actually good for health
  6. You can get artificial hormones from your food: Justify the fact
  7. Habit of consuming organic foods is good for our growth
  8. What will happen if we only eat fruits and vegetables
  9. There should be a growth in farmer’s markets
  10. A label must be induced in genetically modified foods


  1. Why should we play French horn more than the other ones?
  2. Do you know listening to good music can improve your day
  3. In what ways music is important to society
  4. Think of MP3 music is free
  5. What are the factors that decides your choice of musicality
  6. Music heals sorrow
  7. Rock or Pop: Which one is more appreciated?

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