15 Ways You Can Fight Senioritis

If you are in your senior year and just can’t will yourself to attend daily classes, then what you are suffering from is a severe case of Senioritis.

Senioritis is a colloquial term that describes the demotivated and lenient behaviour exhibited by final year students in schools and colleges the world over. As seniors come to an end of their school or college life, they start avoiding lectures, develop apathy towards any academic work and want to leave it all behind.

While some describe it as an excuse for not working, many blame it on the fear and anxiety of beginning a new phase in life. Again, others consider it a consequence of years of stress and pressure.

Education counsellors and psychologists have burnt the midnight oil, trying to come up with solutions and remedies for this strange affliction. And, they have come up with some practical strategies to neutralise Senioritis in every way possible. Read on to know what these experts have up their sleeves.

15 Ways You Can Fight Senioritis

How to be proactive in your fight against Senioritis?

Here are five surefire tips that will help you prepare yourself in the battle against this condition.

  1. Setting up some goals

Motivate yourself to make a checklist of the things you wanted to do for a long time and start working on them. Focus on the subject in which you needed to score better, undertake projects that interest you and take part in extra-curricular activities to accomplish self-made goals.  

  1. Keep yourself busy

Try to do something constructive whenever you get the chance. Write a poem, pen a story, do some social work; anything that affects you positively. Senioritis leeches the will to work and urging yourself to work more can be its perfect repellant.

  1. Engage yourself in interesting things

Do things that interest you. It does not always have to be academic; it can be participating in a quiz competition, taking up sports activities, lab experiments – ANYTHING. Not only will these activities help your improve your skills but will also stave off general anxiety.

  1. Build relationships

Connect with the people around you and draw inspiration from them. Make new friends, get involved with someone and participate in group discussions. Having an idea about how others are tackling this indolent condition may help you think out a strategy.

  1. Look up to successful people

Think of the people who strived through the difficult phases of their  lives and came out with flying colours. Read success stories, talk with toppers and locker-room leaders and emulate their ways to becoming a champion.

Prevention is always better than cure. Keep yourself prepared and bring over necessary changes in your work ethic and mindset to prevent the onset of this disorder. To combat a more severe bout of Senioritis, there is more that you can do. Read on.

How to combat Senioritis in college?

The excitement and anxiety of being finally independent, coupled with the fear of the unknown, brings out the mental affliction of Senioritis in its worst form.

Here are five more tips that will give you an edge in the battle against Senioritis.

  1. Take up a challenging course load

The best way to neutralise Senioritis is to immerse yourself in work. Participate in challenging coursework and rigorous training regimens. The workload will keep you busy and prevent any negative thoughts and keep impulses at bay.

  1. Enjoy your senior years

Let your hair down and find some time to enjoy yourself. De-stressing will ease tensed nerves and motivate you for the next day’s work. Take part in positive activities while enjoying responsibly.

  1. Plan towards a career-focused internship or job

Another great way to curb your final year lethargy is by taking up a job of your preference. Set the target of landing a career-enhancing job at any cost. Such aggressive mindset will keep you charged and nip any unproductive behaviour in the bud.

  1. Keep track of all relevant deadlines

Have a calendar of deadlines ready nearby and follow it regularly. It’s an excellent way to keep yourself busy. This way, you will stay on track and be able to ward off procrastination.

  1. Do not worry too much

Whether its college admissions or job interviews, just give your best and stop worrying. Keep a calm nerve, work hard and be optimistic. Avoid obsessing over admission and joining processes, and don’t water negative thoughts.

Keeping the above tips in mind will surely help you when stress and pressure start taking a toll on you. If Senioritis has already got you in its grip, the battle will be a bit tougher. Not to worry, though. Find your strength and minutely go through the points below.

How to get over and get rid of Senioritis completely?

Strength of character and hard work are a must to uproot the sense of purposelessness that creeps in with Senioritis. Chalk out a plan and make each of these five tips an essential part of it.

  1. Think about your parents and your future

Whenever you feel down and out, think of your loved ones. Remember their love for you and the sacrifices they have made to ensure a better future for you. Rise, lace up your boots and do everything to ensure their long-lasting happiness.

  1. Never hesitate to ask for help

If you are unable to feel enthusiastic, then it’s best to talk to someone. It can be a friend, your parent, teacher, and education counsellor – anyone who can guide you through your difficulties. Never be afraid or harbour any prejudices.

  1. Work out

Physical exercises can help build confidence and motivate you to push yourself harder. Work out at home or the school/college gymnasium regularly. You will find all lethargic thoughts vanishing into thin air. What’s more, the confidence boost will help you face challenges without fear.

  1. Appreciate how far you have come

Never think too low of yourself. Appreciate all the hard work and the hardships that have led you to this point. List out all your accomplishments and be proud of them. Always believe in yourself, be positive and look forward to achieving a great future.

  1. Be realistic and challenge yourself

Remember, there is always that person out there who has it worse than you. Never lose touch with the real world and be happy with the things that you have. Keep in mind the success and happiness that awaits you. Challenge yourself to overcome hurdles in your path to glory.

Mental strength and self-motivation are necessary for overcoming Senioritis. Be strong and follow the tips mentioned above to combat this mental disease at every level.

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