12 Tips to Get Your Video Resume Noticed

The Internet has taken over the modern world. Everything is now being done online. Video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. are gaining prominence as we speak. So, it was only a matter of time before recruiters took to these websites to hire creative and resourceful personnel. A video resume has become vital in a recruitment process. This is due to the fact that recruiters now want to know more about candidates even before the interview stage. There is no better way of letting recruiters know more about you than what your written CV tells them.

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In this article, students will learn about 12 effective ways that can surely help in getting their video resume noticed by recruiters. They may also earn that elusive interview call knowing that they have already impressed their potential employers with the help of a perfectly made video resume.

1. Take it seriously

To make a good video resume, you should take it very seriously and not treat it as a leisure task. Yes, it should be creative and entertaining but it must not exhibit a careless attitude. While creating a video resume, some students do not take the task seriously and end up committing these mistakes –

  • Students appear distracted and disinterested. Recruiters do not accept people who are careless in doing a task that is supposed to help them only and no one else. So if you are not interested in doing what you are, recruiters will not be interested in hiring you.
  • Students just read out parts of their resume without adding the additional features that recruiters look for in a video resume. In fact, if recruiters view this kind of a video, they will not even read the actual resume having a dull image of the student in mind due to the video.

So, make a video resume with all seriousness because if done correctly, this video may well be your winning factor over someone who actually has a better resume.

2. Prepare well

To stay ahead of the competition, you have to prepare and plan well for this video resume but it should be done cleverly. The recruiters should not know that this video has been meticulously prepared. Instead, make them feel that you are being candid and talking about yourself naturally.

Plan your video resume in a manner that includes these components –

  • Know which equipment to use and where they are to be placed.
  • Have the props (if you are using them) ready and in close proximity so that you do not have to go and get them in the middle of the video.
  • Set deadlines for each portion. For example, give yourself a few hours for procuring material that you will need. Then allot 1-2 hours for scripting your speech, gimmick, act, etc.
  • If you are creating an animation video, give yourself ample time to capture clips, edit them and then animate them.

 3. Brand yourself

The best thing that you can achieve by creating a video resume is that you can highlight your best skill and brand yourself. You will then be known, recognized and respected as the person who is a master of that particular skill if you can show it in the video resume.

For example, if you are a cartoonist, you can insert a ‘time-lapse’ video of making a cartoon depicting how you make a cartoon! By doing this, you will be able to project yourself as a brand that can add to the potential employer’s company.

Branding oneself takes a lot of time, patience and hard work, but it is all worth it when you will become a notable authority on a niche.

4. Ensure relevance

If you are working in the banking sector and are making a video resume to add to your CV, you should not focus solely on irrelevant things like your food habits or your choice for president of the country. Sure you can insert these in a humorous way to make the video stand out, but do not focus on them.

Irrelevant information will make the recruiter think that your thought process is wayward. And that is surely not a good sign for your recruitment prospects. For example, if you are applying for a marketing job, script a sales pitch and perform it in the video. You can also ‘sell your services’ by highlighting your skills and show the recruiters why they should ‘buy’ you and invest in you.

Ensure that you provide relevant information and highlight the skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for. You can also talk about your preference for the particular company and how you can add value to it when you will be hired as an employee.

5.  Be creative/make it entertaining

The reason why recruiters will decide to look at your video resume is because they will be expecting something that is not routine. So, do not disappoint them. Go all out in the creativity department.

  • You can use props to highlight your skills and show how you will contribute to the company’s growth.
  • You can sing (or rap) to say how you are the perfect choice for the company in the role that you are applying for.
  • Insert animated infographics to keep the attention of the viewers.
  • You can also animate yourself to describe your eligibility to be part of the company.
  • You can add humor and entertain the recruiters. This will help in breaking the monotony of their schedule and they will feel refreshed. Everyone wants to make their potential employers happy, and there is no better time to do it than when they really need a break from their schedule.

In the process of making your video creative and entertaining, do not forget to maintain professionalism. Wear the kind of clothes that you would wear to an interview with the particular company. Also, communicate in proper language. Remember, they are professionals and even though your motive may be to entertain them, do so with elegance. The fact that you dressed and spoke appropriately, yet managed to make them smile or entertain them, will instantly place you in their good books.

6. Keep it brief

A video resume is all about expressing yourself in a manner that you cannot do in a CV written on paper. Some students, however, express themselves too much and end up making 4-5 minute long videos.

Recruiters will not have that much time and patience to wait for the required skills and personality traits to be shown in the video. Also, even if they want to wait, human tendencies will take over and their attention will be diverted to something else. And when this happens, they may miss the vital part of your video that shows how good you are.

To avoid these mishaps, the only solution is to keep the video resume as short as possible. A time range of about 45 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds is the best duration for a video resume. It will ensure that the recruiters’ attention is retained and your video resume is seen in totality.

7. Express, do not read

The worst mistake that students make while creating a video resume is that they read out their written resume in the entire video. The video resume is rendered worthless if you are just making a video version of your written resume.

The video resume is supposed to enhance your written CV and not replace it. It is supposed to give an insight into your personality and visually demonstrate your skills if possible. A repeat of your written CV does not serve the purpose of the video resume. You may have effectively wasted your time by committing this mistake.

Also, a video resume in which you just read out a script does not seem authentic and may additionally be dull and uninteresting. So put in that extra effort and justify the use of a video resume.

8. Use quality equipment

If you send a video resume that is badly shot and has disturbing noises in the background, recruiters will immediately dismiss it and your chances of landing a job will reduce drastically. To avoid such a disastrous scenario, invest in good equipment to make a clear, precise and understandable video resume.

  • Use a good camera (an obvious fact).
  • Reduce background noise by either shooting in a soundproof room or editing the video appropriately. Recruiters want to listen to you, not what is happening around you.
  • Place the camera in such a way that you are completely visible. Recruiters want to see you, do not hide yourself.

 9. Be yourself

The main objective of any resume or CV is to show the recruiters your original self. It involves telling them about –

  • The kind of person you are.
  • Your achievements.
  • Your skill set.
  • Your interests, hobbies and extracurricular activities.
  • How you fit in as an employee of their company.

If you fake any of these components, they will eventually find out and the consequences will be dire. So why should you risk your career and fake yourself in your resume?

In the video resume, just be yourself. Show your normal self and maybe some candid clips of yourself working (the candidness can be scripted but the situation should be original). Recruiters will be totally interested in you if you do not fake it and are completely honest with them.

10. Share!

When you have painstakingly created a video resume after spending a considerable amount of money and by using all the appropriate tools, you need to promote it. The utility of the video will be zero if it just occupies space in your computer.

The video resume is your opportunity to express yourself and let recruiters know you exist. So, share and promote it as much as possible. Ensure that –

  • You share the video in the relevant industry’s web search.
  • You share it on your social media accounts because these are now evaluated by recruiters to get an insight into a candidate’s nature, character and work ethic.
  • Email the video along with your written resume. This will have the desired impact on recruiters and will let them know that you can work extra to get the job done.

 11. Feedback and edit

Before sharing your video with the world and letting everyone know of your existence, do not forget to show it first to your family, friends and/or teachers and coaches. They will let you know about the negative aspects of the video and this feedback is invaluable to you.

You do not want a negative or bad image of yourself to be projected to the world. If the video is bad and it goes viral, you will have done serious damage to your reputation and employment opportunities.

The feedback from the people whom you trust the most will be of great importance as only they know your true self and whether the video projects a good or bad image of you. Take their recommendations and edit the video appropriately using popular software (like Movie Maker) to ensure that your best possible video resume is posted online.

12. Insert your contact information

The last piece of advice – Do not forget to mention your contact information in your video resume. If you do not give potential recruiters a medium of communication to reach out to you, the whole purpose of making a video ‘resume’ is defeated.

You can insert your contact information in these innovative ways –

  • Hold up a colorful placard at the end with your information on it.
  • Sing the part (the resume should preferably be made for a career in singing or other performing arts).
  • Mimic your favorite movie star (the resume should preferably be made for a career in acting or dramatics).
  • Put your animation and designing skills to the best possible use and create an attractive portion for your contact information.

It is, thus, easy to see why a video resume is so important for impressing recruiters nowadays. The above-mentioned tips compiled by industry experts are sure to help students in creating the best possible video resume that will get them closer to their desired job.

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