12 Most Hilarious Dissertation Topics you’ll come Across Today

“A college education shows a man how little other people know.”

Haliburton, Author

It seems people have taken the above quote too seriously and went on a crazy hunt to narrow down some of the weirdest dissertation topics to work on. Dissertation writing has always been associated with research, analysis and accumulation of in-depth data on various topics. But what you’re about to read is going to change your entire perspective on this matter. Students and potential researchers in the recent past have actually ended up working on some of the craziest subject matters.  From putting bees on cocaine to experimenting whether country music creates suicidal thoughts among people, the list is certainly full of amusement. Let us take a close look at some of the most unexpected and perhaps the most hilarious dissertation topics that are about to blow your mind.

12 Most Hilarious Dissertation Topics
  1. Unicorns and their existence

The existence of unicorns has always been a question of concern, but not a major one till the date Rachel Patterson, a philosophy student actually decided to write a dissertation on this. Guess what did she find in her “research”? Unicorns might have an existence! Philosophy at its best!

  1. Do Woodpeckers suffer headaches?

Really? Now this is what the world has come to? However, the paper released on 2002 was supposedly an interesting read, as the student from University of California took a serious dig at the issue and the paper published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology indicated that woodpeckers have a smaller brain compared to their broad skulls, and well-built jaw muscles.

  1. Do Chickens like good-looking humans?

Yes, they like good-looking people! Surprised to know that? The study suggested that chickens prefer good-looking humans. Yes, you’re reading that right. Now, deal with it.

  1. Country music makes people suicidal?

Two students from the Wayne State University and Auburn University made their mind to look into the matter whether country music instills suicidal thoughts among people. The research paper “The Effect of Country Music on Suicide” published in the year 1992 actually established the relation between the number of country music played in radio and the suicide rate among white people of that particular region. Although, the students received mixed reaction and hate mails, the research helped them bag the Ig Nobel Prize (a parody of the Nobel Prize) in the year 2004.

  1. “Jesus Potter Harry Christ”

The title you’ve just read is actually the name of the thesis paper which was prepared by Derek Murphy, a PhD student. If you are still in shock that somebody actually tried to establish a link between J.K. Rowling’s favorite creation and Jesus Christ, then it is to be mentioned that this student from National Cheng Kung University assured the readers that the content added in the book is absolutely academic and intensely researched. So, when are you planning to give it a read?

  1. Farting helps in maintaining sense of identity?

This has to be one hell of a dissertation topic, isn’t it? The paper was based on a young boy named Peter. He had a premature birth, suffered multiple early health issues and had a traumatic life as well. Mara Sidoli, the author of this paper, described the story of Peter and established the fact that farting actually helped the boy create a sense of acquaintance with the ambience, along with a feeling of comfort. Things can’t get any weirder!

  1. The link between navigation and a cabbie’s brain

A research paper on this hilariously interesting topic was published in the year 2000. It showed that taxi drivers had larger posterior hippocampi than the non-cabbies. A follow-up study on this particular topic established the fact further that trained taxi drivers have better brain functionality and they are comparatively better in remembering the landmarks of London.

  1. How to save yourself from a shower attack

Yes this was actually a topic on which 9,900 words of dissertation was written. Nothing on earth is impossible for mankind to achieve. True they say!  Go read through the lines of the paper and who knows things might just come in handy the next time you are going to get attacked in the shower, may be.

  1. Human Skull and Beer Bottles

The team of super enthusiastic researchers from the University of Bern actually came up with an answer to this weird question whether a full or empty beer bottle can make damage as intense as fracturing human skull? A drop tower was used by the team of researchers in order to examine the breaking force of the empty and full beer bottles. According to the test, it was discovered a full beer bottle will have the potential to strike the target with seventy percent more energy than an empty bottle of beer.

  1. Rectal massage cures hiccups?

The paper on this surprisingly interesting theme was published in the year 1900. The research shows the case of an old man whose continuous hiccups were brought to a pause with the help of a rectum massage. A later occurrence of hiccups was cured in the similar way. While you may think this is stupidly weird, there are people who have actually tried and tested the method before drawing a conclusion.

  1. The curious case of navel fluff

On several instances and under various situations, we all have experienced those fluffy stuffs in the navel area. Who thought that an entire dissertation could be framed, based on this issue? A chemist and researcher from Vienna University of Technology published a paper named “The Nature of Navel Fluff”. It was concluded that the main reason behind this occurrence was due to the hair on the abdomen, and its dislodging of small fibers from garments which gets channeled into the belly button. Well, although the topic may seem to be somewhat weird, this can be an interesting read.

  1. Bees on Cocaine

A group of researchers belonging to the Illinois University carried out a study on the effects of cocaine on bees. It was seen that bees on low doses of cocaine were actually 25 percent faster and stayed exuberant for a longer time period. Those creatures really had a great time it seems.

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