11 Tips To Prepare For New Classes

With a new semester approaching, you have many things in your mind like how many assignments do you need to finish/how will you keep pace with the lectures/how will you approach new subjects/how will you perform in the test? There is a question mark all over the place. On the brighter side, prior preparation can put you on the front row of the starting point. If you want to have a positive classroom experience, read this article carefully and understand how you need to prepare for your new classes.

11 Tips To Prepare For New Classes

1. Be prepared for the mental adjustments you need to make

It is advisable that you approach each class considering it critical to your success. Make up your mind that you will pay full attention to each of your classes as everything important will be taught there. Consider these classes as the platform to gain knowledge and gather new experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

2. Enter known dates

If you are an avid planner, now is the time to make use of your skills. Use planner or Google Calendar and before the new semester or academic session begins, write down all the dates that you know would be of great significance to you. For instance, the time of your spring break or the date of Memorial Day or the holiday of Martin Luther King Jr. Day or your roommate’s birthday and so on. Take a good time to write all these important dates on your planner. It will help you in coordinating with everything and everyone around you.

3. Get new supplies

This is an exciting part for those who love shopping stationeries. Take a shopping trip to your favorite supply store and stock up all the items that you will need for this semester like notebooks, post-it-notes, pencils, pens, folders, files, clips, board pins etc.

4. Make space for everything

Now that you have bought all the essentials you need for your new classes, you have to find places for those bought items. Organize them at their appropriate places so that you can find them whenever you require them. You can follow any particular way of organizing. But here’s a certain way that will work for you.

How you can organize your stationery items?

Essentials on the top, notebooks not currently in use below it and the last shelf of the drawer can be reserved for the graded papers that you professors will pass you back. You can also use cheap clear plastic organizers to separate small items like washi tape, ribbons, post-it-notes, flash drivers etc.

5. Create an assignment schedule

Sometimes, professors don’t hand your syllabus until the first scheduled class. If you have not got your syllabus yet, you would have to wait until it is handed over to you. In case, you have received it, find all those important dates that you will mark on your planner or make note of them. Now you also know how many assignments you have to submit and when to submit them. You can try something new to organize your tasks and not to miss even a single deadline.

Here’s an effective way to organize your thoughts in the proper manner: assignment planner. Create an assignment schedule by including all those deadlines and subjects of assignments you will be required to complete.

6. Order textbooks

You can order textbooks as soon as you get registered for the classes. But at the same time, it is also advisable that you read the syllabus carefully and consult with the professors before spending any money on books. Sometimes what happens is the books your college tells you to buy is not very accurate or the professor personally decides not to use that book for their course. Either way, your money on the book is wasted.

It is further advised that you avoid buying from your university bookstore. Always rent from another site. It will help you save a big chunk of money in the future. If you are at a loss for ideas, BigWords can be used for renting books because they instantly compare tons of different bookstores to give you the best offer price.

7. Enter class dates

Now that you have organized all important dates and created an assignment schedule, it is time to organize all the important class dates in one spreadsheet. It is incredibly helpful if you have all in one place. The next task is to copy these dates into your day planner and your calendar.

Trust me it will come handy when you are planning an early morning doctor’s appointment or paper due tomorrow morning.

8. Become member of a support network

New classes can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and begin new friendships. A support group cannot be formed without regular and constant contact with a variety of people. A solid networking group can help in exchanging scholarly opportunities that help you in personal growth.

You need to keep your eyes open to develop some connections. Schools have various types of supporting groups like sporting clubs, volunteer at community work, participation in play dates and many more.

9. Always stay alert and be attentive

An 8-hour sleep a day is essential. Proper rest is important to remain attentive in the classes you are about to attend. A healthy state of awareness always pushes you to focus on the lectures. Here are few health tips that you can practice:

  • Always eat breakfast and never skip a meal
  • Snack regularly to avoid hunger
  • Balance your meals with proper amount of fruits vegetables, whole grains, dairy and proteins
  • Do regular exercise (at least 15 minutes)
  • Wash your hands before mealtime
  • Drink lot of water to stay hydrated.

10. Be prepared

While preparing for new classes, tell yourself that you have to complete assignments that you will be assigned. Always have a mind to ask questions and make comments that can stimulate and provoke your thoughts further.

11. Stay positive

One of the most effective ways to stay positive in your life is to improve the outlook of the life. All you need is an attitude. If you are determined to stay positive, you will definitely be one. Here is how you can change the outlook of life and find a better way to approach everything.

  • Develop an optimistic thought in a negative situation
  • Cultivate a positive environment
  • Don’t take impossible jobs
  • Don’t let vague fears hold you back from doing what you want
  • Add value and positivity to someone else’s life
  • Learn to take criticism in a healthy way.

Following the above suggestions will definitely help you to gain control over your upcoming life. There’s nothing that can defeat you if you have positive attitude. It will always lead you to success and happiness.

Best of luck!

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