11 Habits to Advance Your Career Faster

There is no doubt that we all want to bring A-game at our workplace. You may not be working yet or searching for the ‘right’ job, but you could use all the advices you get when it comes to your career. These nuggets of wisdom you can apply all around. If you want to acquire little professional demeanor before you step into the professional world, you have landed on the right page. Here we have gathered the all-time best career advice for you. We have collected 11 tips to advance your career, no matter at what stage you are in your professional world.

11 Habits to Advance Your Career Faster

1. Set small goals regularly

A year is long enough to set tangible goals. Therefore, it is far wiser to set goals throughout the year. Focus on day-to-day life and think about what you could be doing to elevate the quality of your work. Are there enough skills that can help you to advance?

How to do it?

Make a list of goals that you want to achieve in week or months. Once you have set the goals, give yourself a deadline to achieve those things you have planned. When you hit the deadline, rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10. Grade yourself on how to achieve the goal? Did you achieve it? Did you learn new things while achieving the goal? When you complete, start all over again.

2. Concede your mistake as soon as you realize it

When someone is paying you to get something done, you need to be confident about your doings. Take pride in your work. There is great power in genuineness and truthfulness. Also make sure you have the strength of character to admit having made a mistake.

How to do it?

Admitting mistakes always put you one-step ahead in dealing with the situation. In case, you have made a mistake and failed to keep it up; it is advisable that you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see how things look from there. Recognize the pain you have caused to other people. A little bit of sympathy can be the start to set things right.

3. Never give up

It is easy to give up on a task. On the other hand, it is arduous to finish a job in the first place. We advise you don’t admit your defeat if you have not exhausted your options yet. If you have decided to do something, you will always manage to find a way to do it.

How to do it?

Here are few killer ways to stay motivated and not give up:

  • Watch someone do something impossible
  • Listen to a good pump-up song
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Say no at first
  • Know where to stop/ know your capabilities
  • When you leave something undone, forget about it literally


4. Be willing to step outside your comfort zone

We all know an easy road does not help you in building your character and substance but willing to step outside the comfort zone can bring a versatile character in you. If you want to handle tasks and challenges like a pro, you need to know the boundaries of the comfort zone and how to plunge out of it.

How to do it?

Here are few ways to break out of your comfort zone to expand your personal boundaries:

  • Do everyday work differently: Take a different route to go to college/school. Go vegetarian for a week or month or vice-versa. Look for perspectives that come from change. Don’t get disheartened if things do not come out as planned.
  • Do it in small steps: First identify your fears and attack it step-by-step. It takes a lot of nerve to break out of your comfort zone. So take it slowly, don’t be afraid to start slow.
  • Trust yourself: Trust your judgment; it helps you to move forward easily when you are out of your comfort zone.


5. Learn to say ‘Yes’

Always welcome new opportunities, and be confident in your abilities that you are worthy enough to complete any task in your field. It will ensure that you put your best efforts in the projects you are ready to take up or assigned to.

How to do it?

Sometimes you need to take the initiative before someone asks you to do it. Your efforts will be appreciated. When your boss or supervisor hands in additional job responsibilities to you, have a discussion with them and question how these tasks will help you in near future in this job profile.

6. Get some guidance

If you have a mentor, this could be the time to consult your professional goals with them. You could also try to speak with many people in other industries to get an idea of what you should do next. A well-developed professional network can be built through mentors, friendships and referrals for everything. Remember, job opportunities come at a regular rate, but a solid network of valuable contacts is always helpful no matter what circumstances are.

How to do it?

Trade organizations, alumni associates, friends of friends and continuing education classes offer an excellent source for cultivating and nourishing contacts that can help you advance your career. Moreover, school counselors are the most tangible source that students could get. School counselors are responsible for helping students academically, socially and personally and assisting them in exploring options after school.

7. Give due credit

Don’t forget to praise your mentor and the people who will help you to advance your career or have already done their part to get you moving. Do it loudly and do it often.

How to do it?

Write a thank you note to your professor/instructor who has an indirect influence on your success. If you want to do something more than just say thank you, help someone who is in the same situation. After all, someone did it for you too!

8.Curate your work

Did you count your achievements this year? Probably no! You are not keeping proof of those achievements. There are countless places where you can store your work. When you have produced an excellent piece of assignment, save it and revisit it whenever you can.

How to do it?

There are countless places where you can store your work. Dropbox, CredHive and OneDrive are few of the options. Whenever you doubt your capabilities, go back to these files and review them. It will certainly boost your confidence to finish the undone job. It’s like the annual review at workplace when your manager asks you to demonstrate achievements.

9. Trust your gut

If a situation does not go right, don’t let logic override your intuition. Logic has its own place while making decisions, but listening to your heart along with brains during decision-making always put you in a balanced position in your career advancement.

How to do it?

There are times when your heart is shouting out the undeniable, ‘Yes’ ‘Yes’ ‘Yes, even through your brain is at denial mode. Here’s how you can tackle the situation:

  • Clearly assess exactly what options you have at this moment
  • Determine if there is a really a choice
  • Make the choice that makes most sense at this time
  • Take quick decisions rather than dangling over them for long
  • Ask questions to yourself, and rely on the answer that first comes to your mind
  • Turn off your inner critic
  • Find a solitary place where you can think.


10. Be prompt and proactive

There are two habits that always serve you well in the workplace. To seize the opportunities, you need to be quick with your actions. Do you react to the events happening around you? Do you think in terms of present or look to the future anticipating outcomes and preparing for the consequences? If the answers are yes, you may fall into the category of proactive. If not, follow the instructions below to engage yourself actively in what you are doing.

How to do it?

You can practice 5Ps of behavior to be reactive:

  • Predict: Learn to anticipate problems and events, look for patterns of how things work. Use your imagination to predict future outcomes and come up with different scenarios how events can unfold itself.
  • Prevent: Proactive people anticipate potential obstacles and use their logic to exclude the chances of overcoming them. They prevent problems before they turn into concrete roadblocks. Whenever problems approaches, take control and confront the situation.
  • Plan: You need to think of the ways that you can do to ensure your future success. Be careful that you don’t make any decision in the vacuum; you need to link all those events leading to one conclusion.
  • Participate: You must get involved in the events that are happening around you. Take ownership of your performance and hold yourself accountable for the decision you have made.


11. Get feedback

Take criticism or negative comments as a gift given to you to make you better at what you do or plan to pursue. Don’t bother yourself. Instead squeeze the positivity out of it and move on. You will learn lots of things if you are open to feedback.

How to do it?

After doing every project or assignment on which you will be assessed, consult with your instructor or supervisor to know how you can elevate your learning and knowledge. Discuss with your instructor or professor if it is possible to explain where you are lacking and where proving better. This will certainly fill you with encouragement that you mostly require.

The most important thing is that you need to enjoy what you do. If you are pursuing a career for the sake of it, it will soon become an unbearable burden for you.

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