10 Easy Steps to Find Your Right Career Path

Too many choices are not always good especially when you are choosing your career. Most of the college students find it difficult to choose the appropriate career after the completion of their education. You will always find people giving you suggestions about your career. Some will say, “Don’t worry about money, follow your dream!” while others will opine, “Always try to make more money”. Both the statements hold importance. But you should choose your career based on your passion, values and abilities.

10 Easy Steps to Find Your Right Career Path

If you are a final year student and still confused with your career choices, remember, you are not alone! Thousands of students like you suffer from indecision and uncertainty with their career. If you are completely puzzled with your career then consider these effective tips. Follow these suggestions with a little more hard work, some planning and self reflection. You will definitely carve a fruitful and defined career direction for yourself.

Some initial thoughts

All the tips provided in this informative article are prepared and developed after consulting experienced career counselors, human resource managers and budding professionals. They have helped to prepare the best set of suggestions for all the students who are suffering from ambivalence.

Other than these suggestions, all the students must provide equal importance to three essential factors:

  1. Job opportunities in the respective field
  2. Starting salary and potential growth
  3. Stability of the job market for the next few years.

The condition of the economy and the usage of technology changes every day. Always ensure that you have positive responses to these three factors.

Effective tips for choosing the right career

  1. Consider your hobbies and interests

We all have heard the word ‘follow your passion’ numerous times in our life. Before you do anything, always consider your hobbies. The hobbies often describe the inner qualities of a person. Like, if you enjoy cooking, it doesn’t mean you need to pursue hotel management. But it shows that you are creative and should take such jobs where you can exploit your innovativeness. When you make your passion your job, the chances of procrastination also gets substantially reduced.

Key Tip: Not only consider your hobbies, but also pay equal attention to all your interests and present profile. Your personal skill inventory will help you to find a way.

  1. Visit a career resource center

Every college and university campus has a career resource center within the premises. It is quite similar to a library which has the latest career magazines, periodicals, books and computers which would allow you to do a comprehensive research on any job or career option. You can use the computers to research about any career of your choice and get all the necessary information. The more information you have, implies more clarity and less confusion!

Key Tip: You can also find various web portals which give advice on resume writing and suggestions on handling interviews.

  1. Speak to career counselors

An experienced career counselor can help and guide you in the right direction. These career counselors are professional practitioners who help the students and aspiring professionals with their career exploration, personal development, career change suggestions and other occupation-related issues. They conduct some practical tests (like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) to identify the key areas of your interest. Their guidance and these tests (make sure they are reliable) will help you to know yourself better.

Key Tip: The counselors may also tell you about such careers which you haven’t heard of, but suitable to your personality.

  1. Take opinion from professionals

It is not unusual to get equally interested into two to three enticing careers at a time. If you are interested in several great career opportunities, interview people who are experienced and working in these fields. They are the ideal source to provide the latest information about the company as well as the industry. Most of these people happily discuss their regular activities in office to an enthusiastic listener! But make sure you call someone who can provide genuine information and have profound knowledge about the field.

Key Tip: While you talk to them, ask for their permission so that you can shadow them for a day. Some offices allow students to shadow experienced people with proper authorization for a day or a week. You can observe people and their respective operations. Nothing is better than practical observation!

  1. Do internship

Internship is referred as one of the best ways to develop skills as well as to determine whether the job suits you or not. Apply for an internship during the summer recess in the field that interests you. Working as an apprentice qualifies you for a broad range of positions and acquire skills that can be used in different other tracks as well. After the internship period, you can conclusively decide about your career prospects in the field.

Key Tip: An internship can run to several months. If you don’t want to commit yourself in an internship, you can volunteer in the same profession. You can explore the field equally and leave easily when you don’t find it interesting.

  1. Go for broad education

When you are not confident about your future, do not choose something very specific in your graduation or post graduation. Do not opt for thermodynamics rather pursue major in Physics. If your inclination towards the subject remains, you can specialize in the field later. By pursuing a general field, you can also learn other subjects that will increase your knowledge comprehensively.

Key Tip: When you are struggling to choose a Major subject in your college think of your school days. There must be at least one subject in which you excelled and love studying it. Take that particular subject as your Major subject in college.

  1. Volunteer in career fair or special classes

There are many institutions which organize special classes for the students. These classes are on different subjects which can promise an amazing career option. So, if you are interested in subjects like ‘Cellular Biology’, make sure that you attend the respective special class. You will easily find out whether you enjoy the subject or not. You can also visit and volunteer different career fairs which are effective to gather information and talk to various professionals.

Key Tip: All the students need to register themselves to attend the special classes. Only attend those classes which are conducted by specialists and experienced professors. So, before registering, always collect info from Google about the addressing professors or experts.

  1. Talk to friends

Definitely, we don’t suggest choosing careers because your best friend has opted for it. But sometimes talking to friends and members of the career networking group benefits you immensely. These career networking groups are managed by senior students or experienced professionals. Other than providing you information about the job opportunities, they also work to develop your interpersonal skills.

Key Tip: There are some questions which we cannot ask to our professors and experts. You can get all your queries resolved by asking them to your seniors. They are always helpful!

  1. Consider your financial situation

Your present financial condition often determines your ability to pursue or change careers. Some career paths require special training which is sometimes expensive. In order to be successful in that particular field, you need to be accomplish these training programs. However, do not think that due to your financial limitations your career will be suffered. There are a variety of affordable government programs, grants and scholarships. These special endowments will help you to complete the necessary training without any anxiety.

Key Tip: Before finalizing your career, explore the field comprehensively. If you find that you may require a special training, apply for the respective scholarships beforehand. These scholarships and educational grant take time to process, so always be an early bird!

  1. Consider your present location

Though not essential in every career option, your location plays an important part in certain jobs. You might need to consider yourself to relocate if your job demands it. If you wish to work in a newspaper or a magazine then you might need to move to a city. If you are an aspiring wildlife photographer then dense forests are your job location. The geographical region cannot be ignored as your career can take you to different locations.

Key Tip: You might need to stay away from your families, friends and even the basic comforts of life when you are relocating. If you are confident, go ahead with your dream.

These 10 effective tips will definitely help you to find the right career for yourself. Always remember, your career is of utmost importance to you and your family. Do not be afraid or hesitant to make phone calls or seek information from different sources. Your little hesitation or delay might cost you a golden opportunity. Lastly, do not forget to consult your parents when it is about choosing careers. You may not always agree with their views and opinion (most students are rebels), but they are always the chief source of inspiration!

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