10 Bad Habits To Avoid in College for a Successful Professional Life

Most of the students do not think about their careers till they reach their college level. The intense competition in the tertiary level makes them realize the harsh reality of the professional world. Today, every student aspires to reach on the top. All these young hearts are highly talented and extremely competent. But many of them fail to perform well and do justice to their flair and aptitude. Various eminent academicians reveal that these students trip due to their bad habits that prove detrimental towards their overall growth and performance.

Habits To Avoid in College

As a college student, you should be aware of your weaknesses and habits that can question your credibility. These habits not only affect your grades but also damage your prospective career. But every bad habit can be ameliorated with a little more endeavor and effort. Experts identify that the students in the college level exhibit myriads of issues. From them, they have identified the 10 most common reprehensible college habits that every student should avoid making them. Read on to know more about them.

1. Not responding to emails

With the advance of technology, the academic world has also changed radically. Earlier, the professors use to hand over essential notes to the students. But now they interact with the students through social networking websites and emails. The professors also assign practical coursework by sending directives through emails. It has been noticed that the students especially those who study in the first year do not respond to the emails sent to them. They read the mail, do the requested work, submit them on time, but do not respond to the same mail chain. It is definitely an act of irresponsibility and improper attitude. It is a basic courtesy to acknowledge an email especially when it is sent by the college authority or professors.

You should always respond to every email that is delivered to you. Experts comment that a professional should answer within two hours and if you are engaged to some other work, try to respond within 24 hours. It will reciprocate your professionalism which will help you in the prospective career.

2. Staying up all night

It will not be an exaggeration if any one laments that almost every student studying at the college level have the habit of staying up all night and sleeping in the morning. Due to this habit they reach late for the classes and forget the habit of rising early from bed which they had developed in school life. Students stay awake till late night due to a variety of reasons. Some of them party with the friends, watch movies in their laptop and even complete the pending tasks given by the college professors. But this staying up till late night often makes them tired the next morning. Eventually, they cannot concentrate on the classes and even in the worst situation cannot get up from bed on time and miss the classes.

Yes, definitely there are some work which do not get completed within the evening and you have to stay awake to complete them. But try to avoid staying up till late night without sufficient reasons. Working late in night also does not produce good work. You can obviously plan a whole night-out with your friends in the weekend! Remember your office will not tolerate if you reach late.

3. Poor execution of tasks

All the college goers have promising ideas when they are assigned a task but in the execution they underperform. Proper execution of every task is necessary as within a few years the students turn into budding professionals. In the professional world, a person is judged only with their ability to execute a task rather than their ideas that they provide. There are various reasons why the students fail in the execution process. Some of them do not plan the assignment properly while some start working on it without sufficient research. Sometimes their inexperience in the field also acts as a barrier in front of them.

The professors assign practical coursework to evaluate the knowledge and analytical skills of the students. Hence, it is important that you follow a precise method to accomplish any academic duty. Chalk out your strategy beforehand, talk to the tutors before starting any task. It will definitely boost your chances to succeed in your academic life as well as in the future.

4. Unsubstantiated opinion

It is in the college that the students get interested in different subjects and the issues that the world faces today. It has been widely noticed that the students, from the classroom to the private occasion, throw out random opinions that lacks credibility and backing of facts and data. Stating an opinion with conviction can have an impact in the personal hemisphere but in the professional world organized thoughts with facts and information always win the arguments.

The main reason for this drawback is that the students do not emphasize on going deep into any matter. So try spending more time reading different newspapers, new articles on the internet and take part in different events at the college but do not sit idle in the class. Ask questions to your teacher and clarify all your doubts. Your knowledge carries valuable importance in your future professional life.

5. Ignoring problems

It is obvious that in the class, the students do not understand every concept that is taught by the teacher. The students who are pursuing subjects like mathematics and science face this the most. There are occasions when the students attend classes every day but do not grasp the theories that are being taught. Simply copying or taking running notes do not help them. This is a major problem which they tend to ignore. The situation turns gloomier day by day and they tend to fall back in competition. Students also tend to avoid the chapters that seem to be hard to them. Ignoring the problems or avoiding them does not solve the issue rather it is important to address them immediately as the academic performance is deeply associated with professional life.

You should regularly take part in the discussions in the class and if your concept is not clear, request your professor to provide you some extra time after the class. Stop skipping your classes and attend them regularly. Ask for personal doubt-clearing classes from professors if you have a major problem. If you are eager to resolve the issue, you can always do it. If you keep it unresolved then it may turn out disastrous for you in the future.

6. Overestimating the text book

In the high school, the text book is indispensable for the students. They get the answers of all their questions in that single book. When these students get into the world of college education they seem to follow the same procedure. Workplaces are pretty different from what is explained in the text books. In the college too, the students need to have a better understanding of the real world and a text book would not suffice all the requirements. All the students are required to consult a variety of references and books, for their examinations held at the college as well as to develop comprehensive knowledge for their future professional life.

These days, due to the advancement of the internet, it has become very easy to collect and study about anything according to your wish or need. Do not overestimate your book as the arguments given in it are not sufficient to give you the highest grades. Learn through different channels so that you can impress the examiner as well as your prospective employer.

7. Working in the last minute

It is quite common to hear that students say that they have completed the task just one hour ago of their submission. It can raise eyebrows of the examiners but usually the students work till the last minute. This habit is found in almost every second student. The main reason behind it is the tendency of these young hearts to start late. They are often lazy, disorganized and careless at the beginning where they lose crucial time. They understand the significance of the work only when the deadline is due in few days. When the deadline is near, the students work in a hurry which obviously decreases the quality of the content. Anxiety and tension also increases with the thought of completing the task within the deadline.

Working in last minute often provides no scope for revision when you can rectify all the mistakes. Instances are also common that the students who started working late could not submit the work or submitted the unfinished assignment. Start working on all your tasks as soon as it is assigned to you. It will help you to develop a flawless piece much above the expectations of the professor. Eventually, this habit will help you in your professional life where ‘deadline failure’ is the most hated word.

8. Lack of communication with the teacher

At the school level, the students and their family often develop a personal connection between them and the teachers. It helps to create a sense of familiarity where teachers can identify the students with their names. The situation changes when they are in the college. The professors do not even recognize the faces of all the students attending the class. So, the communication of the teachers with students at school is completely absent between the professors and the tertiary level students. The students need to adjust with this environment as they are going to experience the same in the professional world. As the teachers used to value the opinion of the students, their views will not be appreciated in their professional world.

However, it is not impossible to develop communication with the professors. You can visit them in their free time to ask for their opinion. You can consult them for clarification with your academic doubts, their suggestions of references or simple advice through which you can better yourself. But don’t visit them too frequently as they can get irritated.

9. Spending excessive time at social networking sites

In the last few years, the social networking websites have become a prominent part of human lives. The young generation remains engrossed in these platforms hours after hours where they can connect with their friends and dear ones. It is noticed that the students often open their public profiles even when they are studying or making any project. Studying or making an assignment requires concentration and effort. But it is also important to keep the mind fresh and keep the process ‘fun’ if possible. There are various ways through which the students can keep themselves motivated. But most of the students prefer few minutes chat at social networking website rather than spending the time reading books.

Multi-tasking always deteriorates the quality of the work that you do. Preparing an assignment requires focus, creative thoughts and logical reasoning which gets affected when you try to chat with your friend simultaneously. So, try working without any distractions and you yourself will notice how much better your work has become. It will also help you in your employment where you are not allowed to do anything till you finish your job.

10. Stress out when failed

Even the best minds in the class mess up sometimes. Making mistakes in tests, failing the deadlines, missing classes due to illness are the common problems of academic life. But the worst part of these occasional failures is they affect the confidence level. It doesn’t make them incapable of doing well in the next semester. Though clichéd; the universal phrase, “Failures are the pillar of success” still holds relevance. A bad grade in the essay or assignment does not decide the future but they are small indications that the students need to ruffle themselves and work harder.

The professional world is almost analogous with the academic world in this regard. All forms of work that are completed by you will not receive praise from your prospective employer. In these situations, it is important to keep your morale high. Be it your college or your job, try to learn from your mistakes so that you don’t commit them again. Try to remember any occasion or event where your hard work led you to success. The positive events of life are always helpful to boost yourself when you are suffering from stress or anxiety.

These are the 10 bad habits which can disturb your performance in your college as well as affect your career. Successful students, who have now turned into young and dynamic professionals, have always avoided these habits. If you are a tertiary level student or in your first job, these tips will guide you to become a better person.

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