Writing a Descriptive Essay: Tips and Topics That Will Work without Fail

Unlike a narrative essay that conveys the meaning through a personal story, the focus of a descriptive essay is to describe a subject or a topic through detailed and sensory observation. In its true essence, descriptive essays are used by the writers to establish a clear and vivid picture of a particular thing such as a place, a person or even an incident. Through an essay with a descriptive approach, a writer can actually manipulate human senses and make the readers experience a particular subject as if they are a part of it.

Tips to Write a Descriptive Essay

As an essay writer, your objective is to make the readers feel they have actually met a person, visited a place or experienced a certain incident by going through your essay, even if they haven’t encountered those things for real.  If your readers find an emotional connection and a deep appreciation for the significance of the topic, then you can say you have succeeded as a descriptive essay writer. So, how do you do that? Well, drafting a descriptive essay may not be an easy feat to achieve. There are certain steps that you need to comply with if you are willing to create a compelling descriptive essay.

Before we start discussing the various steps of descriptive essay writing, you need to understand one crucial thing. Writing requires hard work. It is not that one fine morning you wake up with an idea and then create a masterpiece with it. Well, yes; things like that have taken place in the history, but that is not the ideal way to approach a descriptive essay. If you are assigned to write a descriptive essay, make sure you are following the following steps.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, there is a set of crucial factors you need to attend before can start writing the essay. For starters, you need to think of the topic which you are going to describe through your essay. It is perhaps the most important part of the whole process, as the topic often determines the success of the essay. Also, you need to consider the preferences of your readers while choosing a topic. You can’t expect the readers to appreciate the content if your topic does not poke their interests in one way or another.

Well, choosing a topic for your descriptive essay can be a hectic task to perform. So you need to think and brainstorm ideas. That may take some considerable amount of time, but that works. There are some suggestions for the descriptive essay topic which we are going to discuss later on the blog. Once you are done picking an essay topic, you can start working on the details of the topic. As you may realize, your essay needs to describe every minute detail about the topic so that the reader does not have any problem imagining the scenario as the essay progresses. Do your research to gather all the necessary details on the particular topic, and then plan your essay around those specific details.

Whether you are writing a descriptive essay or you are working on a narrative essay, you need to create an initial draft of your intended content, before you can start writing the final document. As you may realize, you aim is to provide the readers with a rich experience on the selected topic. So you need to make sure that everything is at the right place in the essay. Also, it is your job to ensure there’s no room left for further enhancement in the essay.

While drafting the essay, you need to describe the things rather than just stating a mere fact. Instead of stating what has happened, take the readers on a trip to that event by using descriptive and figurative language. The readers should have a clear image of the person, the place or the event in their mind just by reading your description. You need to explain how the songs sound, how the sky looks like during sunset, how a drink tastes and other observation that can only be felt. As you may have noticed, descriptive essays don’t state facts and examples. They create a mental image for the reader by touching the certain human emotions with words.

  • Making the necessary enhancements

When you are done creating the first draft, you need to conduct several revisions where you should review, modify and reassemble the content to ensure it has taken the best shape it could probably take. However, you need to consider certain factors while revising your descriptive essay. Firstly, you need to evaluate whether or not the narrative is unfolding the essay in a way that the readers can appreciate. You need to check if the paragraphs are causing confusion instead of describing the topic well to the readers.

Secondly, ensure the choice of words and the figurative language used in the essay are involving the five senses and conveying certain emotion and meaning to the readers. Also, it is necessary to check whether the readers are provided with enough details to create a mental image of the subject. And finally, you need to make sure that the description has established a connection with its meaning you wanted to convey. Remember, the essay is for the readers. So from the beginning of the essay till the conclusion, you need to keep the reader in mind.

  1. Your first day at a hill station
  2. A memorable incident from your childhood
  3. Your passion
  4. An encounter with a beggar
  5. The person you admire
  6. The world from a 1 BHK flat
  7. The most inspiration figure in your life
  8. How did you meet your best friend?
  9. Most happening event in your school life
  10. You current academic goal
  11. The teacher who brought out your true potential
  12. Your first day in college
  13. The most beautiful face you have seen
  14. The perfect vacation
  15. A book that has influenced you the most
  16. The funniest thing that has happened to you
  17. A day with a stranger
  18. The brightest mind you have encountered
  19. The hardest time of your life
  20. The day before your exam
  21. How a book has made you look at the world with a different perspective
  22. A life-changing event
  23. The family reunion
  24. Meeting with an old friend
  25. Your deepest desire
  26. The room you want to live in
  27. The person you have fancied
  28. The house you grew up in
  29. The preparation for a presentation
  30. Your dream job
  31. The fascinating thing you have seen
  32. The charm of wildlife
  33. The dress you wish to wear on your wedding day
  34. What goes on your mind when you miss a deadline
  35. An animal that you fear the most
  36. The graduation day
  37. The last day of school
  38. Best friend: The brother you never had
  39. What is the most daring thing you have done?
  40. How do you feel about your college?
  41. Your biggest achievement
  42. Your dream car
  43. A trip to abroad
  44. Experience of your first flight
  45. Watching the sunset on a beach
  46. Experiencing the snow for the first time
  47. Video game that you are obsessed with
  48. How would you have wanted a particular movie to end?
  49. The ideal job for you
  50. How is life in the countryside?
  51. How you want your classmates to treat each other?
  52. What if life was a movie?
  53. Your favorite comic book character
  54. What do you do for fun?
  55. Activities you find relaxing
  56. What will you do if you find out you are the last person on earth?
  57. A natural disaster you have experience
  58. Your first encounter with a celebrity
  59. How would you feel if you meet your favorite movie star
  60. The day your favorite team won the final
  61. Watching a rainbow
  62. The best time of the year
  63. Why your town is the best place to live?
  64. Your first day at work
  65. The biggest challenge you have faced in your life
  66. Getting lost in a strange neighborhood
  67. Your fortress of solitude
  68. What makes your angry?
  69. Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?
  70. A place that your want to visit again and again
  71. Which food makes your mouth water?
  72. Your biggest fear
  73. The most insane thing you have done
  74. How does it feel to score for your team?
  75. Your first dance lesson
  76. How would it be to live in a different country?
  77. The person you can trust blindly
  78. A person who has disappointed you
  79. How does it feel to gift a person something they love?
  80. What was the best thing you did for your parents?
  81. What is the biggest surprise you have ever received?
  82. The best way to spend a day off
  83. The toughest homework you have received till date
  84. Playing a crucial character in a play
  85. The weirdest dream you had
  86. How did you feel when you meet a new person?
  87. The scariest person you have met
  88. If you could travel back in time, what would you change?
  89. Things that get your adrenaline rush
  90. How did you learn riding a bike?
  91. Spending a day on the ocean
  92. Taking part in a humanitarian activity
  93. The most memorable thing your pet did for you
  94. A person who has changed your life for better
  95. Most peaceful place you have visited
  96. Building a bonfire for the first time
  97. What would you do if you were omnipotent for one day?
  98. Your favorite holiday destination
  99. What would you do if you acquire a superpower one day?
  100. Going on a jungle safari
  101. Where would you like to work?
  102. Your prom partner
  103. Life at an urban village
  104. The kindest person you know
  105. Your friend’s birthday party
  106. Moving to a different city
  107. A paranormal activity you have encountered
  108. What would you wear to your brother’s wedding?
  109. An ideal vacation according to you
  110. Life inside a beehive
  111. The most dangerous place on earth
  112. The best meal you had till date
  113. Visiting a construction site
  114. Travelling on a city bus
  115. Buying something with your pocket money for the first time
  116. Waiting in a long queue on a hot summer day
  117. How do you want your future life partner to be?
  118. The company you want to join after your graduation
  119. What was your grandpa like when he was of your age?
  120. Rafting on a river for the first time
  121. The best party you have been to
  122. A movie that made you question your existence
  123. What inspires you to do what you do?
  124. Something that you regret doing
  125. Walking through a ghost town
  126. How has life changed since childhood?
  127. Looking at the world from a pet’s point of view
  128. A person with a heart of gold
  129. Life of an aquatic creature
  130. What if you were trapped in an elevator?
  131. A rollercoaster ride
  132. How would you like to presume the afterlife?
  133. Your favorite building in the city
  134. Receiving the highest number for your essay
  135. Something you have done to impress a girl
  136. A day filled with adventures
  137. Your first performance in front of a live audience
  138. What makes your sorrows go away?
  139. Your parents’ reaction when you received poor marks in your exam
  140. Your dream gadget
  141. What would you do if you win a billion dollar lottery?
  142. First day at the gym
  143. An incident that made you believe in miracles
  144. Your first romantic date
  145. Receiving an award from a person you admire
  146. A long drive
  147. Preparing for the Halloween costume party
  148. A painting that your admire
  149. Walking on the road on a rainy evening
  150. First driving lesson
  151. Your first friend from abroad
  152. Visiting a movie theatre for the first time
  153. Things you cannot live without
  154. Visiting a cemetery for the first time
  155. The most embarrassing moment in your life
  156. Things that you are addicted to
  157. Your first road trip
  158. The first pet you ever had
  159. Attending a rock concert
  160. Your first kiss

So, there you go. You can take inspiration from these aforementioned topics and work on your original idea for a descriptive essay or you can simply build your content around one of these topics that you like. Remember, the topic does play a crucial role in grabbing the attention of the reader, but it is the content that makes the reader stick to the essay till the end. So, start practicing and develop your skills because there is no alternative to hard work.

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