What Factors May Prevent or Restrict Service Recovery?

For any service sector enterprise, service recovery is extremely important. It may be loosely defined as the process by which actions are taken by the company to bring a customer from a level of dissatisfaction to a level of satisfaction. Service recovery differs from complaint in the sense that while complaint management focuses on customer complaints on service failures, service recovery may focus on solving the issue even before the customer expresses dissatisfaction or leaves the service encounter dissatisfied. In the service sector, service recovery has become extremely important for brand image and customer retention.

Some experts even suggest that high level of service may occur in what is called the ‘service recovery paradox’. It occurs when the customer is satisfied to an extent which exceeds his expectations. Some important areas of service sector are banking, insurance, internet, advertising and media, hospitality, healthcare, online services etc.

Factors May Prevent or Restrict Service Recovery

What are the factors that might prevent service recovery?

Service recovery failure might occur due to various reasons:

  • Many service sector industries have highly labor intensive nature. This may result in more heterogeneous outcomes than those compared to mechanical production processes.
  • Service performance variability also results from the inseparable nature of the processes of service production and consumption, thereby giving the company no chance of quality inspection prior to delivery.
  • Failure of service recovery may also occur due to failure on the part of the company’s staff. The employees of the might be rude, inexperienced or indifferent thereby preventing service recovery.
  • Failure of the infrastructure of the service provider may also result in service failure. There might be power failure or equipment breakdown.

What are the strategies to prevent service failure?

Service failures might be prevented or service recovery might be initiated by adopting some simple strategies on the part of the company.

  • The company should find out the reason for customer dissatisfaction. The service organizations must have customer complaint cells, which may be utilized by the customer.
  • The service provider must be able to anticipate areas of possible service failures. By devising proper procedures to handle these situations and by training employees to respond to these situations, the company can prevent customer dissatisfaction.
  • Companies should train and empower employees thoroughly who are directly involved in dealing with service failure.
  • Finally effective recovery of the service system should be attempted so that future failures do not occur.

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