Valuable Tips and Topic Suggestions to Get You Started on Your Definition Essay

Definition essay, as the name dictates, is writing that aims to explain the meaning of a particular term. The term can be anything. It can be an action, emotion, a proper noun or lots of other things. While some terms (bricks, building, tree, etc.) may have concrete and definite meaning, there are some terms that are more abstract and require a clearer explanation than just simply defining its conventional meaning. Emotions such as love, passion, envy – the definition of these terms depend on the point of view of the person who is describing. So you can imagine how hard it can be at times, if you are asked to draft a definition essay where the focus is an abstract term.

Tips to Get You Started on Your Definition Essay

Usually, there are three steps to define a term effectively. First, you tell the readers which term is being defined and then present a clear but basic set of details of the term that informs the reader about the term. In the next step, you are required to use facts, instances and anecdotes to help the reader have a better understanding of the term. However, there can be multiple definitions of a term, and you may need to choose the one that can be clearly understood by your readers.

You can refer to the dictionary to know the literal meaning of the term, but you should not just copy the definition when you are writing a definition essay on it. Instead, you should explain them briefly in your own words. It is crucial to realize that there are certain terms on which you can write for eternity. For instance, “affection” is one such term that can be explored as deeply as possible, as long as the paper writer wants. But unfortunately, the structure of an essay does not permit you to write a 200 page-long novel on “affection”.  So you need to know your limit before you start defining the term in your essay.

Here are a few suggestions that can get you started on your due definition essay effectively.

1- Choose a term that can be explored in your essay. If you choose something simple that refer to a concrete word will not provide you with enough scope to write. Choosing an abstract concept is more accepted in the academic domain as an ideal topic for a definition essay. Usually, nouns that refer to a particular person, thing or place are too simple to describe. Perhaps, you won’t need five paragraphs to establish your point in those cases. To create a genuine five-paragraph-long essay, you need work on nouns that refer to an idea or concept instead of a person, place or thing.

2- While choosing the term, make sure it’s disputable. Unless and until you are dealing with a complex and arguable topic, it is difficult to get the attention of your readers with a definition essay. As you may realize, readers won’t be interested in reading a definition essay that talks about a cat. Choosing a topic that means different things to different people can poke the interests of your readers especially if you are writing as a college student or as someone with higher qualification. Through your essay, you need to present your own perspective. Since a definition essay is somewhat subjective by nature, it will require more analysis of the word than just simply explain things that most of the people already know.

3- Choose a term that you are familiar with. If you have written a definition essay before, you must have noticed that writing a definition essay on a topic that you haven’t heard before is quite problematic, given to the fact that you possess a limited amount of knowledge on that topic. Paper writing help on a familiar topic not only helps you write spontaneously but also allows you to provide in-depth details on the topic without taking essay help from anyone else.

4- As mentioned before, there are several ways to define a term. As an essay paper writer, you can either define it by its function or by describing the structure of the particular thing which you are trying to define. So, create a definition before you start working on your essay. You can also define the term by analyzing it. In fact, you can compare the term with others that fall into the same category to define the selected term. Sometimes, discussing what the term does not mean, can also help the readers have an understanding of the term.

5- Research the selected term properly. Look for the origin of the word. That is something which often makes the reader stick to the essay. You can add a few generic perspectives of what people think about that particular word. Also, look for the references to that particular word in crucial pieces of literature. Perhaps, you may find a better interpretation of that term in that literature piece. That’s a better way to improve the quality of the essay while poking the interests of the readers effectively.

6- Use facts, instances and anecdotes that your readers can understand. Make sure that the elements you are using fully explain your definition, not confuse your readers. Ask yourself, “Which example defines the particular term best? Is there any brief story that can help the readers understand the term better?” Steer clear of the examples, facts or anecdotes that will not support your definition. You can always get the necessary custom writing help from professional essay helpers by placing a simple request.

As it happens, choosing a topic or the focus term for the definition essay can be little hectic since you have to consider so many factors during the process. To make the entire process a little simpler for you, we have assembled a number of interesting topics that can help you get started with your definition essay. You can get a clear idea about what to look for while selecting the definition essay writing topic by going through the list, or you can simply pick one from this list and build your content on that topic.

  1. Procrastination: The Root of All Evil
  2. The definition of success
  3. The definition of marriage
  4. What does family mean?
  5. Attitude
  6. Platonic Love
  7. What does Religion stand for?
  8. The definition of infatuation
  9. Reckless love
  10. The definition of endurance
  11. The science of deduction
  12. The meaning of communal harmony
  13. What is an American dream?
  14. The definition of inner beauty
  15. What does loyalty mean in today’s world?
  16. Fashion: It’s true meaning
  17. What does privacy signify
  18. What’s courage like?
  19. The concept of Feminism
  20. Male chauvinism
  21. The underlying meaning of Hypocrisy
  22. Motherhood
  23. What does Fraternity mean?
  24. The definition of Humanity
  25. Corruption of human heart
  26. Peer pressure
  27. Racism: A social evil
  28. Juvenile delinquency
  29. What does Communism mean?
  30. The true meaning of Nationalism
  31. The concept of Capitalism
  32. Terrorism in 21st century
  33. The true meaning of extremism
  34. E-commerce
  35. What does Christianity stand for?
  36. Knowing modern art
  37. Buddhism
  38. A study of Psychology
  39. A study of Sociology
  40. Innocence
  41. What does Globalization mean?
  42. Agriculture
  43. The true meaning of Healthy living
  44. The art of living
  45. The Dictatorship
  46. What is the true meaning of Democracy?
  47. Surrealism
  48. Discipline
  49. Describe Alcoholism
  50. Substance abuse
  51. Autism
  52. Corporate social responsibility
  53. Management
  54. Global economy
  55. Pursuit of happiness
  56. The know-how of Macro-economics
  57. Poverty
  58. Astronomy
  59. Bureaucracy
  60. Persistence
  61. Good parenting
  62. Personality development
  63. Liberalism
  64. The true meaning of Maturity
  65. Environmental conservation
  66. Leadership quality
  67. The definition of Pride
  68. A study of Civil rights
  69. Racial segregation
  70. Trust
  71. Depression
  72. Obsessive compulsive disorder
  73. Sportsman spirit
  74. The true meaning of Honor
  75. Unconditional love
  76. Motherly affection
  77. Repulsive personality
  78. The definition of Sexism
  79. Iron determination
  80. Blind trust
  81. Modesty
  82. A study of Sex education
  83. Teenage pregnancy
  84. Confidence
  85. The definition of Credibility
  86. The true meaning of Humility
  87. Common sense
  88. Inhibition
  89. The definition of Epiphany
  90. Ambition
  91. Birth right
  92. Exploring inner peace
  93. Laziness
  94. Charisma
  95. Generosity
  96. The definition of Peace of mind
  97. The true meaning of Nirvana
  98. Dedication
  99. Dream
  100. Self-assurance
  101. Prosperity
  102. What does integrity signify?
  103. What is a balanced diet
  104. New year resolution
  105. The true meaning of Teamwork
  106. Sense of responsibility
  107. Teenage dream
  108. Upbringing
  109. Moral policing
  110. Indecency
  111. Business ethics
  112. What does inspiration mean?
  113. Devotion
  114. Imagination
  115. A study of Creative Genius
  116. The definition of Sensationalism
  117. Neo-realism
  118. Millennial kids
  119. Technological brilliance
  120. Intelligence
  121. The meaning of sensitivity
  122. The definition of Optimism
  123. Sense of humor
  124. Physical fitness
  125. What does being liberal mean?
  126. Captivity
  127. Progress
  128. A good teacher
  129. Serenity
  130. The true meaning of Friendship
  131. Definition of transparency
  132. Conservative
  133. Tradition
  134. Ignorance
  135. A bad teacher
  136. Bad parenting
  137. The significant other
  138. The definition of Citizenship
  139. Global citizen
  140. A good roommate
  141. Persistence
  142. Sophistication
  143. Virtue
  144. Rat race
  145. Vulgarity
  146. Nuisance
  147. Sloth
  148. Envy
  149. Solitude
  150. Diplomacy
  151. Insanity
  152. Euphemism
  153. Ecstasy
  154. The true meaning of Heroism
  155. Nepotism
  156. Aristocracy
  157. Heritage
  158. Vanity
  159. Gluttony
  160. Leadership quality
  161. The taste of failure
  162. Cleanliness
  163. Wealth
  164. Good music
  165. A study of Liberal arts
  166. The perfect crime
  167. Selflessness
  168. Politeness
  169. Courtesy
  170. Discipline in life
  171. Recreation
  172. Cruelty
  173. Good people
  174. The definition of Strength
  175. Anxiety
  176. Humanity
  177. How do you describe fun
  178. Productivity
  179. The true meaning of Professionalism
  180. Americanization
  181. Power
  182. Home
  183. Dangerous
  184. Romance
  185. Lust
  186. Discrimination
  187. Free speech
  188. Violence
  189. The true meaning of Justice
  190. The emotion called fear
  191. The definition of Elegance
  192. Athletic
  193. Agile
  194. Mischief
  195. Loss
  196. Faith
  197. Domestic violence
  198. Describe spirituality
  199. The true meaning of Hope
  200. Boldness
  201. Bluntness
  202. Lover
  203. How do you describe Job
  204. Brutality
  205. What did Fascism mean?
  206. Mankind
  207. Capital punishment
  208. Social evil
  209. Financial stability
  210. Perversion
  211. Insecurity
  212. Magnetic personality
  213. Trouble seeker
  214. The true meaning of Development
  215. Gambling
  216. Pro-life
  217. Paradigm shift
  218. Euthanasia
  219. Hate crime
  220. Veganism
  221. The definition of Grief
  222. Jealousy
  223. Hatred
  224. Emotional health
  225. Multiculturalism
  226. Honorary position
  227. Minimalistic lifestyle
  228. Charity that begins at home
  229. Decadence
  230. The definition of Pity
  231. Sorrow
  232. Cloning
  233. A study of Morality
  234. Young
  235. Suburban
  236. Law enforcement
  237. Livelihood
  238. Due diligence
  239. Voluptuous
  240. The true meaning of Aesthetics
  241. Egotistical
  242. Transportation
  243. The real meaning of Loneliness
  244. The definition of Sacrifice
  245. Promise
  246. Civility
  247. Manhood
  248. Treasure
  249. The call of duty
  250. Eloquence
  251. Achievement
  252. Acceptance
  253. The true meaning of Chivalry
  254. Gender Equality
  255. Fair play
  256. Urban lifestyle
  257. Idolize
  258. Vandalism
  259. Emotional torture
  260. Pessimism
  261. Excitement
  262. Gift
  263. Surprise
  264. Self-righteousness
  265. Judgment day
  266. Salvation
  267. The definition of Utopia
  268. Genocide
  269. Regicide
  270. Gentrification
  271. Sexual harassment
  272. Clean comedy
  273. Improvisation
  274. Animal rights
  275. Intolerance
  276. Desperation
  277. Anticipation
  278. Meditation: A quest to find the inner peace
  279. Altruism
  280. Visual excellence
  281. Immigration
  282. Learning the meaning of etiquette
  283. Paternal love
  284. The definition of Nihilism
  285. The true meaning of Existentialism
  286. Arrogance
  287. Stupidity
  288. Thoughtfulness
  289. Senioritis
  290. The definition of Masculinity
  291. Curiosity: A gift to mankind
  292. Goodness
  293. The beginning of life
  294. The definition of convergence
  295. Thatcherism
  296. Authenticity
  297. The definition of Ethnicity
  298. Slavery
  299. The true meaning of Individualism
  300. The definition of Dependence

As you can see, most of the topics that are suggested here are basically abstract concepts or emotions. So, when you are engaging yourself in a brainstorming session make try to think of something in the similar line. These abstract terms, as mentioned before, are the ideal topic to get started with your descriptive essay. Also, they offer ample scope to delve deeper in the subject, allowing your essay to have a profundity in the content. Remember, an arguable topic can help you provide some great insights on your topic. So, pick your topic and get started with your essays while complying with the aforementioned tips for definition essay writing.

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