Top 5 Ways to Write a Killer Goal Statement

A goal statement is regarded as the statement of purpose that provides insight knowledge about the educational, personal and career goals of an applicant. A killer goal statement is written with an intention to convince the reader about your achievements and competencies. In addition, a killer goal statement helps to demonstrate the writing skills of the applicants and highlights their personality.

Write a Killer Goal Statement

Importance of killer goal statement in academic writing

The goal statement required by graduate schools is probably the hardest thing one can ever write. Students are required to present their writing skills and represent themselves in the goal statement.

A purpose statement can be framed in any of the following ways:

  • by writing an application essay
  • by framing objectives for graduate study
  • by creating cover letter, personal background etc.

The admission committee considers the goal statement to bean important aspect to determine the abilities of an applicant. The examiners consider the following determinants while deciding the selection process.

  • Whether the goal statement command their attention
  • Does the goal statement demonstrate the kind of person the applicant is
  • Will it encourage them to read rest of the purpose statement after getting caught in a catchy introduction
  • After reading the goal statement, will they remember the application.

Well, a killer goal statement must fulfill all the above determinants successfully.

What are the characteristics of a good ‘goal statement’?

Goals and objectives are judged by theiractions. A goal statement should define decisive and realistic objectives than being illogical and unsound in the process. A good goal statement should have the following characteristics:

  • Specific – A goal statement should specifically indicate what you have accomplished in your personal and educational career, and the significant goals you want to achieve in the coming years.
  • Measurable –The goal statement should precisely depict what are your achievements and when they had been achieved. If your goal is measurable, you can always track your progress towards the final destination.
  • Acceptable- Whether the goal statement expressed by the applicant is acceptable to the admission officers or not? Make sure the objectives presented in the goal statement are desirable and appropriate for the purpose.
  • Realistic– It defines the practicality of your achievements and core competencies presented in your goal statement.
  • Time bound– The purpose of a goal is specified within a deadline or time horizon. From your given goal statement, the examiner should get a clear idea about your efficiency in achieving a particular task without any delay.

Moreover, a killer goal statement should be well-written, precise and concise.

How to write a killer goal statement?

While writing your goal statement, remember that the admission committees are looking forward to know more about you. Make sure to highlight your core competencies and avoid narrating your entire life story. Some of the effective ways to develop an excellent goal statement are listed below:

1. Academic experience gained

  • This should primarily include the demonstration of your educational qualifications, academic achievements and projects that have been accomplished by the applicants etc.
  • Explain the skills and knowledge you have gained while working in the project.
  • Demonstrate how the previous project helps you to advance in the upcoming project plans.
  • Make sure to support your skills and statements with significant examples while documenting your goal statement.

2. Your Research Interest

  • Make sure to demonstrate your research interest especially when you are applying for a research program.
  • Mention your personal qualities that enhance your research skills.
  • Highlight how this particular program fits with your research interest.

3.Experience gained through co-curriculum activities

  • Describe the various co-curricularactivities that you have been a part previously.
  • How do the activities help to improve your talent and abilities?
  • Have you directed your team as a leader? If yes, what are the various qualities and experience acquired by you as a leader?
  • Align these experiences with that of your goal presented in the statement.
  •  Highlight the special experiences that set you apart from rest of the applicants.
  • In reference to the previous context, make sure to relate your statement with adequate examples that would reflect practicality in your appeal.

4. Your career goal

  • This primarily indicate show an applicant plan to utilize his/her experience, knowledge and skills acquired during the graduation program.
  •  This is a section where the applicant does not need to map his/her life in detail, rather delineate the general goals.
  •  Admission committees determine your career prospect by evaluating the career goals presented in your goal statement. Most importantly, it helps the examiner to generate insight knowledge about your ambition and desire to reach the height of success.
  • Explain how the selected program of graduation fits with your career goals.
  • Point out the training aspects of your graduation program that are congruent with your career goals.
  •  Again, examples play a vital role in depicting practicality of your statements in the paper.

5. Individual Attributes

  • This is the place where you can demonstrate your possession of any unique or distinctive characteristics
  • Students can also discuss their status (i.e. non-traditional or minority background)
  • You can throw some light on any special circumstances (i.e. explain the reasons for low GPA in a significant semester etc.)
  • Make sure to advance this section in a non-apologetic and non-defensive manner.

How can help you write a killer goal statement?

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