Three Strategies to Success for University Freshmen

The freshman year at the university will probably make you feel a little nervous! At the university, all students enjoy a lot of independence but at the same time they also need to take a myriad of critical decisions. These decisions not only evolve them as a person but also have a profound impact on their university and professional life. Hence, the university life is not about only joy, excitement and exploration; it also includes honing your skills, planning the career and surviving the intense competition.
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It is not a three-year party of sheer joy and delight as you are thinking. Academic projects, assignments, weekly tests and practical classes will seem daunting!  When you get hold of the academic schedule you too will realize how overwhelming it can be. But this blog is not meant to scare you but it shares some key advice which would help you to thrive at the university. Note these strategies which would ease your university journey.

  • Strategy 1: Plan your routine

You need to prepare a new routine or else you can get drowned with the varied responsibilities and obligations. In the first few weeks at the university, the students typically try to stay awake till late night, attend parties and explore the surroundings. Again they need to get up early to attend the next day’s classes. This physical and mental exhaustion can lead to mental and physical illness. So when you are at the university, creating a personal routine is the most important.

Make a Study Time Table

Define your objective and accordingly set up your study time table. Make this time table according to your pursuing course and the number of modules you need to accomplish. In this study time table, provide maximum importance to your Major subject but do not ignore the minor subjects. Remember not to follow this time table blindly, allow some flexibility. Following this time table is essential as you need to manage multiple tasks simultaneously at the university life. You can also buy an organizer or use the latest mobile apps which will help you to manage all your tasks!

Have Definite Meal Hours

Skipping breakfast and gorging on food at odd hours is a habit in university students. Most of them give the excuse of unavailability of time while they skip meals. But to remain fit and healthy, you need to have fixed meal hours. Attending classes on an empty stomach will do no good to you! So, remember the following:

  • Start your day with healthy breakfast will help you to remain active and spirited all day
  • Eat plenty of food rich in calcium and protein and limit your sugar intake
  • Keep healthy snacks at hand and munch on it when you can
  • Do not go for fast foods and carbohydrate rich foods often

You can cook food for yourself or visit the campus dining hall. They always provide different healthy options for the students from which you can choose.

Have at least 7 hours of sleep

One of the survey states that university students are one of the most sleep deprived population in the world. They always study at night giving them little time during the whole day to rest and regain energy. Insufficient sleep always affects the health, mood and finally the performance at the exams. If you want to have a good night sleep, you need to do two things:

  • Stop using smartphone or any other gadget at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Instead read a book which will make it easier to fall asleep.
  • Stop taking caffeine after evening. Coffee and even Tea can disturb your normal sleep.

Remember the following:

  • Get at least seven hours of sleep every day which is regarded as the optimal amount of sleep
  • Try to take a power nap for around 20 mins to 30 mins during a break in the afternoon if you are free
  • Try to sleep at least one hour more during the weekend so that you regain more energy during the hectic week days.
  • Strategy 2: Getting Accustomed

The university is a completely new place with new faces all around you. It is quite normal to feel like an alien in an unknown world. In the initial months you may feel a little homesick missing your parents, friends and other companions that you used to have around you. But don’t forget all the other students also feel the same like you. Gradually you will get acquainted with the new world around you.

Tackling Homesickness

One of the most prominent problems which freshmen face is tackling their homesickness. The new world around them not always greets them cordially as the students expect it to be. If you are too feel homesick, then try to redecorate your own room or dorm as it was in your house. Take loads of photos and place them at the front of your desk. Nowadays technology offers you many mediums through which you can get connected to your family and friends. Call your parents frequently and Skype your friends to enliven yourselves. Lastly, try to visit your home whenever you get an opportunity.


The university life will give you many friends. Spend the first few months of your university life interacting with your classmates and roommates with whom you will gradually develop a firm bonding. You will get ample opportunities like freshman orientation program, admission in different in-house clubs and special interactive sessions through which you can get to know each other. Don’t be afraid to start random conversations. Have meals together at the dining hall and study together to increase your bonding. Talk about the course, how you can help each other, about the recent happenings that took place, even about recent films that you watched. Keep a tin of cookies with you which will attract new people at your door every day!

Engage yourself

Every university offers a plethora of opportunities to the students other than usual studies. The students studying at the university can get involved with the student organizations, educational clubs, sports teams and other performing arts according to their interest. When you get pre-occupied by these activities, academic life does not feel monotonous anymore. This engagement also helps to recover from homesickness as you get the chance to hone your skill on your passion. So, when you visit your university, try to look for the extra-curricular opportunities provided by the university.

  • Strategy 3: Managing Studies and Meeting Deadlines

University life means meeting deadlines. From finishing the preparations for the upcoming examinations to completing assignments on time, it has been never more hectic! Almost every student suffers from academic stress due to the intense pressure arising from the monumental duties. It becomes very hard for them to balance their social, personal and academic life. It is also common that many students unable to bear the pressure leave these tasks uncompleted. Managing these academic obligations seems impossible for students. What they need to do?

Find Course Requirements and Due Dates

The first task that you should accomplish after reaching your university campus is meeting your professors. From them you would receive the course requirements and the due dates of the various assignments and other project work of the respective semester. You will also understand what your instructors and other professors expect of you. When you have a clear idea of the course requirements, devise your own plan accordingly so that the deadlines do not trouble you any longer. Also, whenever you are assigned any work, start working on it immediately. Many students have the habit of keeping their work aside till the penultimate day comes. This habit causes unnecessary pressure and worries.

Be regular at classes

Many students have the habit of skipping their regular classes to spend time with their friends. Missing classes without any concrete reason can have a profound effect on your academic career. As a freshman, you should attend all your classes regularly provided you are not ill. When you attend classes and concentrate on your studies, you will develop a strong knowledge of your subject and you also get the chance to clarify your doubts from your professor. The professors too like your diligence and it will help you to create a good impression.

Talk to Academic Advisor

Every university has an academic advisor who assists the students with their course, subject conflicts, adding or dropping courses, scheduling the classes, helping to decide the major and minor subjects. As a university freshman it is important for you to develop an acquaintance with this person. So whenever you face any issue with your studies or deadline, you can resort to this person.

Avail all the study resources

The university campus offers you several study resources which can help you with your learning. Every university has its own library, laboratories and computer labs. Students can take assistance from any of these facilities to make their projects as well as their own studies more worthy. As a student, you should use these utilities and also not hesitate to take assistance from the professors. They will always happily assist you whenever you face any problem with your studies, from understanding intricate concepts of a subject to assisting in assignment preparation.
So, as you pack your bags for university, these helpful tips in the form of quick strategies will help you to survive and reach your objective at the university level. Remember you have worked very hard all these years to reach the university. Continue this hard work to ensure a successful freshman year and beyond.

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