The Most In-Demand College Majors That Can Get You On A Roll!

With college education gaining prominence more than ever before, acquiring a mere bachelor’s degree is taken for granted these days! You can study anything under the sun like insect biology or Mozart’s piano performance, but most students will opt for a major that falls into a common category. Let’s burst the bubble for you – earning that college degree may still be an accomplishment but there will be fierce competition if you enter an already-saturated job field. In this tech savvy generation, even the job market is becoming responsive to the major changes taking place.

Top 10 College Degrees

For some it may be the dog days of summer, but for majority of the college students it’s fall term the next month. Now is the time when you have to get serious about which area you want to major in, especially if you want your degree to withstand the changing market. We encourage you to read on to find out the top 10 most in-demand college majors!

Is a College Degree Worth It?

Given the skyrocketing price tag of higher education, the bank accounts of most students are miserably failing to keep up. Many students cannot afford college without taking a loan. A collective of $1.2 trillion are in student loan debt. Millennial are holding off their marriage, home ownership etc. to pay off their debt loads. High school graduates are tempted to skip college altogether just to avoid facing this situation. But here’s the good news – according to a report, the ROI (return on investment) for a mere bachelor’s degree is around 14%-15% which makes it a sound investment. This is because college graduates earn 75% more than what high school graduates would earn – in fact up to $1 million dollars more! Motivating enough?

Top 10 College Degrees which will Always be in Demand

Here is a comprehensive list of the 10 college degrees that will always be in demand:

1. Medical Science

Doctors are usually the highest paid professionals. They deserve every bit of it. You know why? Because only few sane individuals can manage eight years of schooling, dreadfully long hours of study and diligence. Doctors are archangels on earth we literally cannot live without. These facts may seem daunting initially but the rewarding employment is a fundamental security. Apart from money being the driving force, you must have a Hellenic sense of altruism.

2. Business Management

A degree in business sounds so generic. It’s obvious you will be into some kind of business once you get employed! But business degrees in specific fields like management, marketing, accounting are the most coveted. Pursuing business management as a major in graduate school, especially for doing MBA is very popular. The median pay is $62,000 to $80,000 per year.

3. Computer Science

Most college students opt for computer science as their major because they love playing video games and think that making them would be just as much fun. Their idea comes crashing when they realize that it’s a different ball game – complex mathematics that not many can comprehend. This industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two decades. You can choose to create a revolutionary website (with all the Mark Zuckerberg-ish expertise) or develop software. The field is too vast to explore and the income is amazing as well!

4. Law Degree

The legal profession has a bright prospect in every nation. Though it is considered a noble profession – defending an individual from the hands of law via strong grasp on the subject, it can also be a corrupt sector that flourishes on well-choreographed lies. However, a major in law has a lucrative career option. If you cannot find a position at an existing firm, you can always open your own chamber. Whatever your specialty may be (criminal, media, etc.), there is always a pertinent legal fee to keep you going.

5. Education

The world is always in demand of more teachers who will shape the mind of future generations. It’s ironical that someone who endures years of schooling goes right back to school to educate future educators. However, a degree in education will always be in demand because it is a fulfilling career path. You will have the prospective to have a direct impact on the future of so many. Also, having summers off isn’t half bad either! So go grab your degree in education.

6. Psychology

Psychology is the most popular graduate degree that can have limitless possibilities – research studies, psychiatry, social work and much more. For pursuing psychology you need to have a specific career track in mind. A graduate degree in psychology can earn you approximately $65,000 a year. If you work towards a career in psychiatry, you will need much more education and that can bump you up to an average salary of $193,680.

7. Engineering

A degree in engineering will always remain in fashion. An engineer must have integrated knowledge of the various physical sciences and mathematics that go into the designing and construction of a massive landmark. It is the sole responsibility of the engineers to devise a set of blueprints for any new construction and to ensure that it doesn’t become a deathtrap. Engineers also get a handsome paycheck, so a degree in engineering can take you a long way ahead.

8. Political Science

If you have a knack for politics, chances are that you are boring! But chances are this degree is made for you as are the opportunities that come rushing your way. This is a useful degree even for journalists who have a nose for digging through crates and finding controversies. It can land you up a job in the United Nations and then there’s no looking back. A degree in political science can work wonders for you, so think about it!

9. Finance

Pursuing a major in finance can lead you to a very lucrative career. People always have to deal with money for which they need a personal financial advisor. The starting salary for finance majors is above $55,000 and the field is thriving with opportunities – financial advisors, financial analyst, etc. It is one of the most coveted fields of study and you have to be really good with numbers to crack it!

10. English

There is a common misconception that a degree in an artistic field is least likely to land you a job. Honestly, of all the degrees in arts, a degree in English can be immensely beneficial in the long run. English majors who can communicate properly are always in demand and there are endless fields within communication that cherish such a skill. Areas like journalism, public relations, advertising, etc. calls for powerful reverberation.

The major you opt for will have a major impact on your career and will eventually shape up your future. So you should make a wise choice about your college degree that makes financial sense and stays in demand always!

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