The Importance of Exocrine And Endocrine Glands In Human Body

Before understanding the endocrine and exocrine definition, you need to know what a gland is and how it is an essential part of the human body. A gland is a group of cells in a body that synthesizes substances to perform specific functions. Hormones and bloodstream are two main substances that glands release.

Exocrine And Endocrine

 There are mainly two types of glands in a
human body, that are, endocrine and exocrine. These two glands have different
and significant roles to play. Keep reading to know how endocrine and exocrine
are essential parts of the human body and how do they help in maintaining the
overall health.

and endocrine gland definition

glands are the cells of the endocrine system. This type of glands secretes
their product hormones directly into the blood rather than through a duct.
Similarly, exocrine glands are the glands of exocrine systems that secrete
substances onto an epithelial surface through a duct.

is the fundamental difference when you study endocrine vs exocrine glands. The
human body is composed of these two glands without which the whole mechanism of
the human body cannot run. Keep reading to know some of the integral glands
that fall under the endocrine and exocrine systems.

vs exocrine-everything you need to know

types of sub-glands come under endocrine and exocrine. Read on to know in

that fall under the endocrine system:-

Pituitary Glands:

gland hangs from the base of the brain to the pituitary stalk. Bones enclose
the gland. This gland has two sections- one is the glandular portion of the
anterior pituitary and a neutral portion of the posterior pituitary. It is also
an extension of the hypothalamus. It regulates the hormonal output of the
anterior pituitary and creates two hormones that it exports to the posterior
pituitary for storage and later release.

Thyroid gland:

This gland is located at the front of the neck beside the thyroid cartilage. It is shaped like a butterfly with two wings connected by a central isthmus. The thyroid hormones are related to the endocrine gland, and it also increases cellular metabolism. Hormone TSH stimulates the secretion of this gland.

Adrenal glands:

adrenal glands are located above the kidneys in humans. This gland produces a
variety of hormones. The hormones include adrenaline and the steroids
aldosterone and cortisol. This gland controls the behaviour during any crisis
and emotional situation.

are the main elements that form the endocrine systems. Apart from that, there
are other glands like the pancreas, pineal gland; Gonads are also a part of endocrine

Glands that fall under exocrine system:-

glands release hormones in the bloodstream. There are different classifications
of exocrine systems. Some of the common components of exocrine glands are as

  •  Serous cells
  •  Mucous cells
  •  Salivary glands
  •  Parotid gland
  •  Sebaceous gland
  • Oesophagal gland

distinction of the gland is according to the type of hormones they secrete.
According to the cells, the exocrine gland definition change.

Difference between exocrine and endocrine glands

exocrine definition says that the glands that secrete the hormone through a
duct are called exocrine gland. For example, sweat, saliva, semen are parts of
exocrine systems. Here are some of the differences between endocrine and
exocrine of the human body.

to many experts, there is a thin line between endocrine and exocrine systems.
Exocrine glands have a duct to let their secretion out, for examples, enzymes
are a part of exocrine glands secretion which lead to the target tissue. Saliva
is another example that leads to mouth.

the other hand, endocrine does not have any gland duct to release the hormone.
It releases the hormone into the bloodstream. Therefore, these glands mostly
face hormonal imbalance problems, and it often leads to serious illness.

of the common endocrine glands also have exocrine components. This type of
glands is called mixocrine glands, for example, the liver and pancreas have
both endocrine and exocrine glands.

two glands play a significant role in keeping your health perfect.

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