The Benefits of Business Blogging

A business blog is a standalone website, or section of an existing business’ domain meant for posting and discussing posts, related to business topics. Businesses around the globe today, use business blogs for the online branding of their services. Business blogging, in a way, has become an inevitable element of web marketing , that is utilized by a every business, no matter what scale or size.

Benefits of Business Blogging

Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE making a purchase with them.”

And what can be a better way of increasing online presence than creating blogs!!

Business Blogging: A Boon For Small Businesses

Business Blogging is an inexpensive method of carrying out an online marketing campaign. Marketers can start a blog under their brand’s paid domain, or opt for launching a free blog. Business Blogs are common online locations that can exclusively be used for brand promotion. They even provide SEO-friendly benefits like showing the brand name in search result pages in the long run. Business blogging benefits a business in a number of ways. Here’s a list of the top ten benefits that businesses using business blogging enjoy:

  1. Build strong relationships with new and existing customers:

It’s a no brainer that customer retention is a lot easier than customer acquisition. For this, it’s really important to connect with your customers and keep them engaged. Customer engagement plays an essential role , when it comes to online marketing and branding. Blogging is one of the most successful methods to connect with your target audience , in a conversational manner. You can gain their trust by providing high-quality content , that they find beneficial. Additionally, if you enable the comments section on your blog, it increases the chances of a two-way conversation, thus, making people believe that their opinions matter.

Lets take the case of a quick service restaurant.

The staff may see that many customers are mixing two kinds of sauces.

If on the blogs section, the blogger posts a blog about different sauces and how to use them. Along with that, they may simply put a question or vote on, whether the two sauces should be mixed to yield greater tastes.

They can also share social media icons like facebook, Linkedin and Instagram and others for people to give feedback on different sauces.

Not only that, they can welcome e-mails from customers on dishes, they like most at the restaurant.

This eventually helps in building strong relationships with new and existing customers.

  1. Boosts lead generation and sales:

Lead generation or the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers is the backbone of any business , no matter what scale or size. So, that’s what you should focus on. When it comes to generating leads using your blog, the best practice is to combine it with effective calls to action buttons. Make it a point to keep your content editorially-focused and surround your blog with CTAs. This would help boost lead generation and eventually sales.

  1. Provides SEO advantage:

Having a business blog provides you with a lot of advantages. As a matter of fact, each blog article you publish is a separate page on your website. Each of these pages can be indexed by search engines, hence, providing a lot of opportunities to reach out to a wider audience. Getting noticed by a larger number of people means more chances of connecting with your prospective customer and eventually a higher chance of building your authority online. So if you can write blogs which are truly valuable or appealing to customers, it can gain popularity and act as a brand statement of the company.

A blog from a reputed business blog writer has been cited below. You can find out the interactive and live way of telling a company story, that only a blog allows.

My friend Andy used to own 3 very successful gyms in London. When he sold them, he’d made enough money to retire to Miami, with financial security for the rest of his life. He was just 42 at the time.

Here’s a tip he gave me, which helped him build his fortune.

Andy told me that when he was hiring a new salesperson, he’d always ask them; “how much do you spend each year on gym membership?”.

Why did he ask that question?

He told me that salespeople who didn’t invest in gym membership, always really struggled to convince other people to become gym members. They couldn’t sell something, which they themselves didn’t value or believe in.”

  1. Drives insane traffic:

Blogging is one of the best ways of content sharing. Especially when you have a business blog, there are a lot of passionate followers who do not hesitate to share your piece of information with their friends if they find it useful. As a matter of fact, when a reader shares your blog post, their friends or our propspective customers will see the post, read it and probably share it further. These blog shares have the potential to drive insane traffic to your site.

It is not just your blog getting shared, it is a good vlaue of the company being shared under its name. As long as the blog is online, it will go on getting distributed.

  1. Gives your company a voice:

A business blog is a place where you can connect with your audience in a conversational manner. It provides you an opportunity to keep your customers informed about your present products and services. It further provides a platform to keep them updated with your upcoming idea and market trends. You can leverage the power of business blogging to let people know who you are and how your business stands out from the crowd.  Below is present a title of an John papa app.

Think of the level of personalisation and socially responsible image that this blog could generate for the company, John Papa, providing this app.

  1. 6. Demonstrates your expertise:

Your blog allows you to share your knowledge with your target audience. You can further share high-quality and relevant information with your readers. This helps establish you as a legitimate resource of information that readers rely upon to learn about new tools and resources, solve tough challenges and advance their own businesses. In other words, you can use business blogging to demonstrate your expertise in various subjects and eventually benefit your business.

A certain blog of an entrepreneurship program showed…

“Costa Vasili is a son of migrant parents. His father, who was born in Cyprus, moved to Australia at 13 years old. It’s where he met Costa’s mother, who is also of Cypriot descent, and where Costa was born.

With no previous experience in owning or running a business and only limited work in the corporate world, he soon realized that the entrepreneur’s path has no roadmap or playbook. He relied mostly on himself to establish and grow his business—until, that is, he met up with EO Melbourne and the EO Accelerator program.”

Here the company is providing live example where a son of migrant with no business experience was turned into an entrepreneur. So it establishes the expertise of the company.

Platforms for Business Blogging

  • An interesting example of Business Blogging is the usage of third party free blogging platforms like Blogger from Google. Most marketers now make business blogs containing their brand details with the help of Blogger under the BlogSpot domain. Being a Google product, setting up this blog is free and marketers even earn some money through display of Google Ads on these blogs.

Other blogging platforms that businesses can use readily are:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Joomla
  • Ghost
  • Tumblr

Just choose the right platform, put relevant and interesting content reflecting your company’s opinion. Garnish your blogs with right designs, images, infographics with proper SEO efforts and relish the huge number of readers, who would pour in.

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