The 10 Most Prestigious Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Australia — since the age of globalization — has always remained among the top three preferred destinations for international students. Most of the international students prefer Australian universities for their independent-minded teaching force, excellent infrastructure and 100 percent campus placement. With the escalating number of students every year, the federal government and the renowned universities have introduced prestigious scholarships for foreign students. Many concerned experts feel that this special grant and an endowment to the aspiring foreign students can make Australia the leading educational hub in the world.

Most Prestigious Scholarships in Australia

If you are looking forward to study in Australia, you must have strong knowledge about the scholarships available in this country. In this blog, we provide the best scholarships options for you.

Australian Government Scholarships

These scholarships and grants are provided by the Government of Australia to the high achieving students who look to pursue their higher education in the country.

  • Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

It was formerly known as Australia Development Scholarship. AAS provides a complete scholarship to the students who wish to study in the renowned institutions of Australia. It is also available for vocational and special training courses under the government-funded programs. The benefits include tuition fees, air travel, establishment allowances, a part of the living expense and complete heath insurance of the respective student.

  • Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards (EPSA)

EPSA grants complete financial assistance to the international students who pursue a post-graduate course in the universities of Australia. The duration of this endowment is about 2 to 3.5 years tallied with the term of the course. The scholarship comprises a monthly stipend, tuition fees exemption and travel allowance. Some special courses also include health allowance.

  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

This IPRS program allows the international students to undertake research studies in Australia. The scholarships are available according to the pursuing course, i.e., two years for the Master’s students and three years to the Doctorate students. This exclusive academic grant includes tuition fees and health cover. This scholarship also signifies the excellent academic record of the respective students who receive special permission to gain experience by working with qualified Australian researchers.

Australian University Scholarships

These are special scholarships awarded to the meritorious students by individual universities or institutions.

  • Sydney Achievers International Scholarships (SAIS)

SAIS is a special grant program for the international students who wish to study in any college under University of Sydney. This distinguished scholarship is provided to the students with commendable results. According to the clauses of this program, the selected students receive an endowment of AUD $10, 000 per annum.

  • Melbourne International Research Scholarships (MIRS)

MIRS are awarded to those students who qualify to study any professional or degree course under University of Melbourne. Since a very limited scholarship seats are available, the students need be meritorious and academically deserving to get selected. Benefits received from MIRS are living allowance, thesis allowance, sick leaves and tuition fees exemption.

  • Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

The students who aspire to study in the celebrated institutions of Adelaide can avail the ASI program. This prominent educational city attracts huge number of students from around the world. The program is specially formulated for the students pursuing post-graduation. This scholarship includes tuition fees, living allowance and health benefits.

  • Monash University International Merit Scholarships (MUIMS)

This reputed university award special scholarships to all the international students who come up with excellent grades. Available for the undergraduate and post-graduate students, the value of the scholarship is AUD $10,000 per year. This MUIMS is also available for the students pursuing professional courses under Monash University.

  • ANU International University Scholarship (AIUS)

It is counted among the most prestigious scholarships in Australia which are available for the undergraduate aspirants. The Australia National University (ANU) scholarship involves complete tuition fee exemption with a student health cover. The applicants must have excellent grades in the high school examination. The AIUS is highly competitive as the students need to qualify in a test to receive this acclaimed grant.

  • Macquarie University International Scholarships (MUIS)

Also known as Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship, the MUIS provides a partial exemption of tuition fees. Generally awarded to the students with marvelous results, this special grant is also available for the professional coursework under this renowned university. The selected students get the opportunity to study in the North Ryde campus of the university.

  • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships for International Students (LTAES)

Generally referred as La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships, it provides a special grant to the meritorious international students. With this prestigious scholarship, the students can study in the different undergraduate and post-graduate programs of the university. The annual endowment of the scholarship ranges from AUD $10000 to AUD $20000. With high-achieving results every year, the amount of the scholarship can increase as sanctioned by the concerned authority.

To know more about the scholarships, you may visit the concerned websites.

There are countless worthy and meritorious students who struggle to fulfill their aspirations to study in the most eminent universities of Australia due to poor financial condition. These exemplary scholarships will make their dream a reality! The efforts of these universities and the federal government are commendable and praiseworthy. The students from Asia, Africa, Pacific and different parts of Europe and America are entitled to these prestigious scholarships.

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