The 10 Best Side Jobs for College Students

Students eagerly wait for college life where they get the opportunity to explore freedom, make new friends and enjoy the growing responsibilities. Apart from scoring high grades in the college, the students also look for decent part-time jobs. Yes, a side job can make their life a little hectic, but the proud feeling of bearing one’s own expenses makes it worth it!

If you too are looking for a side job, it is indeed a noble idea. The college fees are increasing every year. In addition to it, you have to meet your personal expenses. It ranges from mobile bill, buying books, laundry to arrangement of your friend’s birthday party and many more. The list remains endless! So, it is better to have your own earned fund rather than taking money from your parents. But which side jobs would be the best for you? We give you some options. The side jobs can be differentiated into two types: on-campus and off-campus.

10 Best Side Jobs for College Students

On-campus Jobs

If you select the on-campus jobs, you can work according to the schedule. As a student of the college, you can get different opportunities within your campus.

1. Office Assistant

Have a look at the office of your college. They might need some assistant to manage clerical works. Becoming office assistant is a perfect way to make money. The best part of these jobs is that you do not need to have a lot of experience. The work will be data entry, filing or answering calls. Working as an office assistant also helps to develop a rapport with the college employees!

2. Tour Guide

No one knows the college or university better than you. Most of the colleges of UK, USA and Australia have a lovely campus which attracts numerous tourists. If you need a fun-filled job then you can become a tour guide. Other than tourists, you can also be helpful to the prospective students. Be energetic, informative and maintain a decorous attitude, you will surely taste success!

3. Tutor

If you are very knowledgeable in your subject, you can try your luck as a tutor. Some colleges assign senior students as a guide in the laboratory or a tutor of a specific aspect of the subject. You will be paid according to the service hours or session. You can also assist your juniors by yourself. Other than earning more extra money, it will also help to sharpen your knowledge and expertise.

4. Placement Cell Member

Most of the colleges have a training and placement cell. If you are an upperclassman then you can become a member of this placement cell. The responsibilities include arranging on-campus recruitment by eminent companies, meeting the students and helping the professors. At the end of the day, you can earn a decent amount.

5. Study Participant

It can be fun to earn money by working as a study participant. Many colleges often look for students who can participate voluntarily in studies, researches and surveys. If you want to be a study participant, keep an eye on the notice board of your office. The best part of this side job is you can arrange the schedule according to your choice.

Off- campus Jobs

If you are not interested to work within the campus, you can try different options outside. But be sure that you take manageable part-time jobs.

1. Freelance Writing

Do you have a flair for writing? Then you can opt for freelance writing. It can be the easiest option for the college students who love writing. You will be given certain topics on which you need to write according to the requirements. Other than earning handsome amounts, your writing skills will also improve. You will also have flexible working options.

2. Independent Sales

If you have the ability to impress people with oratory skills then you can try independent sales. You will be assigned to sell a product or a service to a motley group of people. You can also learn marketing by practicing this job which will help you significantly in future. There are countless direct sales companies, choose among them and earn some extra cash.

3. Virtual Assistant

Many students look for such jobs which have flexible working hours. If you are one of them, try virtual assistance jobs. But for this you will require a computer (preferably laptop) with a 24-hour Internet connection. You will be assigned the tasks of managing emails, social media promotions and client works. It does not have regular business hours, so, you can fix it according to your choice.

4. Caregiver

Do you have any family with a pet near your college? Reach out to those families as they might need help taking care of their adoring pet. Being a caregiver is a wonderful way to earn money especially when you have a deep love for domestic darlings. You will also have enough time for classes. If you do not find such families in your locality, then find people who can provide you the contacts of such families in need of a caregiver.

5. Online Dealer

Some people find it really hard to sell their old and used items. You can become a helping hand to these people in your locality. There are various websites which purchase these items. You can become a dealer of these websites and can provide them these items according to their requirement. Your amount of earning will depend on the number of items you can sell.

Whether you choose an on-campus job or an off-campus, they will evoke a sense of responsibility in you. You will learn to manage your own costs and understand the value of budget and experience. So, choose your job from the list and start paying your bills from your pocket!

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