Survival Guide for International Students

Getting a chance to study abroad is itself a gratifying experience for students. The glorious opportunity to study in prestigious colleges and universities of foreign countries affirms the hard work and devoted efforts of the respective students. It also provides the students the opportunity to make new friends, explore new ambience and learn the cosmopolitan culture.

Survival Guide for International Students

But the major reason the aspiring minds plan to study in the renowned institutions of foreign countries, particularly US, UK and Australia, is to make a flourishing career. If you are also one of these students, then remember that this new venture of life will not come only with delightful events. You must be prepared to face unexpected problems too. So here’s a short but concise survival guide for your upcoming endeavor.

Do not get tensed! Every problem that you may face has a comfortable and easy solution. Here we give you five important tips that will make your life in foreign land comfortable and trouble-free.

1. Study English

You are going to pursue your higher studies in an English-speaking country. Most probably, the biggest issue you will face is the language barrier. Even if you know the language, the typical accent of the host country may make you feel bewildered. Therefore, it is important for you to start studying English before you land in the new country. Practicing general conversations, writing lengthy essays and watching English TV shows will boost up your English skills substantially. Use the remaining time as far as you can to improve your command over the language.

2. Interact with the student counselors

It is a very noble idea if you choose to talk with the student counselor while you are in the home country. These student counselors have profound knowledge about the academic system of the first world countries like USA, UK and Australia. They can enlighten you with the valuable information about the class sizes, accommodation, learning styles, tentative schedule for the examinations and many more. Their suggestions will help you cope up with the upcoming challenges better. They can also provide sufficient information about the city where you are going to stay for the next four years.

3. Give yourself some time

Sometimes the international students feel like a fish out of the water in these foreign countries. It is a common problem for all the international students. If you feel the same, be patient and give yourself time. Everybody requires sufficient time to adapt and to fit in the new environment. Gradually, you will make new friends, get accustomed with the social norms, culture and your new academic life. It can be noted that the students who live in a distant country, grows responsible and evolve as a more matured person.

4. Get academic help from native students

In the initial stages, you may find it difficult in understanding lectures, taking down the relevant notes and preparing for the frequent assignment and practical tasks. Why don’t you take the assistance from your fellow classmates? It might be very strenuous to find a suitable tutor in the foreign land. So, your friends can provide you the necessary academic assistance. You can clarify all your doubts from them which you were unable to grasp in those limited period theoretical classes.

5. Have a decent social life

You are going abroad to study but that does not imply you will not have a social life. Socializing with different people is an excellent way to keep yourself rejuvenated in the regular mundane life. The campus life is itself interesting and exciting. You will find people from all the parts of the world engaged in different kinds of activities together. Certainly, the campus of every institution is the confluence of varied cultures of the world. Though you may feel a little awkward in the beginning, you will definitely enjoy the embracing and friendly nature of the people. But try to avoid night life as it may affect your studies. The exorbitant prices of the night clubs can also disturb your monthly budget creating severe crunch in the middle of the month.

These suggestions will definitely minimize your worries and help you to adjust yourself with the new environment. Implementing these steps will further ensure you a complete peace of mind and this way you can fully concentrate on your academics.

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