Stepwise Guidelines For Writing An Impressive Personal Mission Statement

From billboards to promotional brochures, you must have seen mission statements everywhere. For example, consider JetBlue’s mission statement- “To inspire humanity- both in the air and on the ground” or IKEA’s mission statement- “To create a better everyday life for many people.” As you can see, a good mission statement doesn’t state what a company does but what the company hopes to do on a large scale.

Personal Mission Statement

Mission statements aren’t meant to be set by only by companies. Individuals can also create a mission statement which is known as the personal mission statement and reap similar benefits from it. Whether you want to apply for a job after graduation or enrol in a scholarship program, an impressive personal statement is an essential part of the process. So, here are four detailed steps that can help you learn how to write a personal mission statement along with relevant examples.

What Exactly Is A Personal Mission Statement?

This statement is a brief description of what you want to accomplish, what you want to focus on and who you want to become over the next two or three years. This single statement is an excellent way to focus your actions, energy and decisions towards the things that matter to you the most.

How To Write A Precise Personal Mission Statement?

Consider the personal mission statement as a purposeful promise that guides you towards your goals. It is a tightly focused explanation of how to achieve your personal vision. Follow these steps to write a meaningful and radiant, personal mission statement that will never go unnoticed.

Sort out your priorities

As mentioned earlier, a personal mission statement should touch upon what matters to you the most and what you want to focus on. Instead of including any random personal detail, it is better to talk only about the ones that you think would have a significant positive impact on your life. So, find out your priorities in all the key areas of your life using a mind map.

Consider these areas first:

  • Family
  • Education
  • Career
  • Friendships
  • Health
  • Religion
  • Finances

Now think about your aims, beliefs, principles, etc. related to all these areas. You will find three or four core values that remain consistent or common for all the areas mentioned above. Write those down in a journal and craft your personal mission statement based on those common values.

Focus on your inspirations

Now that you know which values drive most of your decisions, it’s time to draw on external resources as well. So, consider what you value in the world. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a list of inspiring leaders or rather the people you would like to emulate to succeed in life. Think about all the teachings and lessons you can learn and apply in your life from those leaders. Also, make a note of the mistakes that your leaders have taught you to avoid.
  • You can also get inspiration from the books you read, conferences you attended and the places you visited. Determine how those experiences shaped your life or have the potential to make your life better in the future.

This step can help you understand the kind of person you want to become and how you can use your inspirations to improve your personal and professional lives. You can write something like this:

“I want to cultivate the qualities of integrity, honesty and loyalty that I admire in my mother and also get inspiration from.”

Confront harsh realities about yourself

It is easy to be tempted to go overboard while writing your personal mission statement. But your statement should be 100% honest. Thus, here are the hard questions you should ask yourself to uncover an honest version of yourself.

  • Where do my natural talents lie?
  • What gets me up in the morning?
  • When am I at my worst and best as a daughter, student or friend?
  • What values guide my studies, work and relationships?
  • What are the principles that I will not violate at any cost?
  • How can I avoid repeating the mistakes I have already made so far?
  • What do I believe in and what are my goals?

The answers to these questions let you identify the skills or resources missing from your personal life or career. It will be easier for you to get clarification about all these questions and hence write an honest personal mission statement.

Think of the bigger picture

Where would you like to be over the next few years? Who you want to become by that time? Consider some long term goals while writing your personal statement. You can include:

  • A list of places you want to visit
  • Dreams you want to live
  • A product you want to develop
  • A course you are going to enrol in.

What would you do if you had unlimited money, time and resources? Think about it and include the answer in your personal mission statement.

Hopefully, now you have got your answer to the question- how to make a personal mission statement? All these steps will impact the overall quality of your personal mission statement. Take your time to identify what you really want and what your beliefs and principles are. There are personal mission statement generators that can help you craft this statement without any hassle.

Personal Mission Statement Examples for Students

  • “To be kind to others and true to me.”
  • “To help as many people as possible.”
  • “To inspire others to achieve greatness.”
  • “To make this world a better place through small acts of kindness.”
  • “To bring joy to others.”
  • “To educate others all over the world with my writing skills.”
  • “To come up with innovative solutions that can improve the health of the lives of others.”
  • “To help people find hope after loss.”

You can get ideas for your statement from these examples. You can also consult with your professors in case you are still confused about how to create a personal mission statement. It is normal to find this task daunting initially. But, readymade personal mission statement templates can make it easier for you. So, you can download a template from a reliable source and write your statement as per the template.

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