Simple Guide for Balancing Chemical Equations

A chemical equation is a symbolic representation of a chemical reaction. The reactant chemicals remain on the left side of the equation, and the product chemicals are on the right side of the equation. The two sides are connected with an arrow leading from the left to the right.

Guide for Balancing Chemical Equations

A balanced chemical equation represents the chemical reaction using
chemical formulae of reactants and products. It indicates the number of
molecules or atoms of each substance.

Let’s have a look at the details of balancing chemical equations:

Rules of Balancing Chemical Equations

Chemical reactions are like recipes. Balancing chemical reactions allows
us to determine the stoichiometry calculations by understanding the ratio
between reactants and products.

Let’s look at the rules of balancing chemical equations:

Rule 1: You can only add coefficients while balancing chemical equations. Always remember, that coefficients come in front of a molecule.

2H2O = 2 molecules of

2(H2) = 4 hydrogen

2(O) = 2 oxygen atoms.

Rule 2:  Coefficients do not come in the middle of a molecule. They must always come in front of a molecule.

Rule 3: You should never use subscripts or parenthesis other than a coefficient to balance the equation.

  If you
mean 2 water molecules, you should always write 2H2O, not H2O2.

Image 1:  Tips to balance chemical equations

Rule 4:  Do not change the numbers that are already a part of the chemical formula.

Let’s balance the equation:

H2 + O2 → H2O

We can
start balancing the oxygen molecules. The only way this can be done is by putting
a coefficient of 2 in front of the product H2O

H2+ O2= 2H2O

But the
problem arises when Hydrogen atoms are no longer balanced.  Just balance it in this way:

2H2+O2 →

Quick method to solve the
hydrobromic acid formula like a chemical equation balancer

This is a
traditional method to solve the chemical equation of hydrobromic acid formula.
Nowadays, you can balance the complex balance chemical equation with the help
of a chemical equation balancer available
online. Let’s look at the steps of a traditional method to balance a chemical

1. Write down the given equation: Let us
take a look at this equation:

HBr +Ca(OH)2 → CaBr2+ H2O

In this
neutralisation reaction, the hydrobromic acid reacts with calcium hydroxide to
yield calcium bromide and water.

2. Write down the number of atoms per element:
Do this for each side of the equation. Look at the equation:

In the right side you have:

                            Hydrogen= 3,
Bromine= 1, Calcium=1, Oxygen=2

In the left side you have:

                             Hydrogen= 2, Bromine=2,
Calcium=1, Oxygen=1

3. Try to fix the bromines first: Let us
fix the bromines first. It will balance the hydrogen as well. Let’s see:

   The given equation is:  HBr +Ca (OH)2 → CaBr2+ H2O

Put a
coefficient of 2 in front of the HBr. The aim is to have two bromines on the
reactants side to balance the bromines of the product side. It leads to 2
Bromines on both sides.

4. Update the hydrogen:

equation now stands: 2HBr + Ca (OH)2→CaBr2+ H2O

So there
are 4 Hydrogen on the reactant side.  To
balance the number of hydrogen atoms, let us put the coefficient 2 in front of
the Hydrogen on the left side. The equation is:

                           2HBr+ Ca (OH)2→
CaBr2 + 2H2O

The hydrogen
atoms are balanced on both sides.

5. Update the oxygen atoms: In the attempt
to balance the hydrogen atoms, the oxygen atoms are balanced in both sides of
the equation:

    Let us check: 

                              2HBr+ Ca (OH)2→
CaBr2 + 2H2O

There are
2 oxygen atoms in the right, as well as there are 2 oxygen atoms in the left.

Thus the
equation of hydrobromic acid formula is now balanced.

Balancing the equation of a
hydrochloric acid formula and calcium carbonate chemical formula

Let us learn
how to balance a hydrochloric acid chemical formula and carbonate chemical
formula. Suppose the equation is,

CaCO3 +
HCL→ CaCl2+ CO2+ H2O

there is one calcium atom on the left and one on the right. Therefore, this is

There is 1
carbon atom on the left and 1 carbon atom on the right, so this is balanced as

There is 1
hydrogen in the left but 2 in the right. This part is unbalanced. We need to
balance it by using 2 molecules of HCL:

2HCL → CaCl2+CO2+ H20

Lastly, see whether chlorine is balanced. There are 2 on each side. Now you have a balanced hydrochloric acid formula and calcium carbonate chemical formula equation. You can also balance a hydrobromic acid formula in the same way.

How to use an online chemical equation
balancer to solve the calcium hydrogen carbonate and hydrogen chloride formula?

Instead of opting for the traditional method,
you can also solve calcium hydrogen carbonate and hydrogen chloride formula with
the help of an online chemical equation balancer. Let’s see how:

  • Enter the equation CaCO3 + HCL→ CaCl2+ CO2+ H2O,
    and click balance.
  • Always use
    upper case for the first character of the element name and the lower case for
    the second character.
  • To enter
    an electron use {-} or e.
  • To enter ion, specify charge after compound in early
    brackets: {+3} or {3+} or {3}.
  • Substitute
    immutable groups to avoid ambiguity.
  • Do not
    provide compound states like (s) or (aq) or (g).
  • Reaction
    stoichiometry could be used to compute a balanced equation. Enter the number of
    moles or weight of one of the compounds to compute the rest in the balancer.

To know more or to balance a chemical equation, you can click here. Balancing a chemical equation is one of the most significant components of the Chemistry curriculum. Understand the rules, comprehend the guidelines, download some worksheets, and start practising them. Become an expert and fetch good grades this semester.

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